Opinions sticker in VK Stories: how to use and what questions to ask

Now it will be even more convenient to receive feedback from customers – a new sticker “Opinions” has appeared in Stories. Users can reply publicly or anonymously – all reactions will be included in notifications.

Let’s figure out how to use a sticker when creating a story, come up with a theme and a name for the button.

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How to ask a question in VK Stories using the “Opinions” sticker

To ask questions in VK Stories using a new sticker, go to the social network from your mobile device and start adding stories.

Select an image to be the background and click the stickers icon at the top.

Next, tap on the “Opinions” sticker in the window that appears.

Opinion sticker

The sticker will appear on the screen. Now you need to edit the text of the question and the label on the button. To do this, just click on the text and enter yours.

How to change the text of the question and the label on the button

Finally, select the location of the question sticker and click Publish Now. Before that, you can add other elements such as labels, hashtags or links.

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We publish a story with a question

When your subscribers see the Story with a question, they can leave an answer on their own behalf or anonymously. And as you managed to replace it, this is almost a complete analogue of the Questions for Stories stickers on Instagram.

How to reply in VKontakte history anonymously or on your own behalf

New replies will appear in notifications.

Also, recently there was a new sticker “Product”which allows you to tag products in Stories.

What interesting questions can you ask your subscribers in VK Stories

Here’s a list of ideas that you can use instead of the Opinions sticker.

  1. Continue the phrase … Write the beginning of the sentence and ask subscribers to continue it. For example, “If you had $ 1 million, then …”
  2. What time would you go if you had a time machine.
  3. As an original gift to make your boyfriend / girlfriend.
  4. Your favorite song / book / movie.
  5. What is the best place to walk in our city.
  6. You go to a desert island. Name three things you will take with you
  7. Why did you follow me. Honestly and just ask for feedback.
  8. You would fly on an expedition to Mars with Elon Musk.
  9. You praise or scold yourself more often.
  10. You are late for work / school for an hour. How will it be justified?

We will remind, earlier in VK there was a new group menu.

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