Outside optimization in white: how to get quality backlinks

External optimization is a set of works that boil down to building and increasing the link mass by obtaining backlinks to the site. The more high-quality backlinks, the more authoritative the site becomes in the eyes of search engines and users.

Not all backlinks guarantee an increase in authority, but only high-quality ones that lead from relevant and trusted domains with a low spam rate. How to get them, we understand in this article.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a way not only to get a backlink, but also to drive traffic, increase lead generation, and improve a site’s reputation. Guest posting is a completely safe method of getting backlinks.

Its essence is quite simple and consists in placing a post on a relevant site with a backlink to your website / blog / product.

To avoid difficulties with finding these sites, you can use search results, as well as special services and programs.

Let’s take a look at each method.

Search results

Use the search operator: intitle to find sites of the subject you want that accept guest posts.

Parsing search results

Also, sites will help you search for parsing search results. I will show you how this is done in the “Parser PS” tool of the Netpeak Checker program.

  1. Go to the tool window.

  2. Enter the required queries.

2. Enter the requests you want.png

3. Go to the settings and select the search engines from which the data will be parsed, as well as the number of results.

3. Parsing data.png

4. Click Start.

5. Examine the results.

4. Results.png

Analysis of competitors’ backlinks

You can find out from which sites your competitors received backlinks, and write your offer to them. To get a list of these links, use the service

  1. Go to the Backlink Analysis module, open the Referring Domains section, then enter the competitor’s website address in the address bar and click Find.

  2. After the end of the analysis, you will see a list of sites.

  3. To export the results, use the “Export” function.

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5. Export.png

After the list of sites is collected, do not rush to immediately send letters. Check the quality of the domains to make sure that links from them will not lead to penalties from the search engines. The main criteria by which you need to evaluate a domain:

  • domain rating (according to services such as Ahrefs, Serpstat, Moz, Majestic, etc.);

  • traffic;

  • ICS Yandex;

  • number of external links;

  • domain age.

To collect this data quickly and in one table, use the program mentioned above.
Netpeak Checker, which has integrations with all the services you need to check domains.

For this:

  1. In the tool, mark the metrics you want on the Options tab of the sidebar.

6. Parameters.png

2. Paste the list of URLs in one of the ways: manually, download from a file, or paste from the clipboard. All these methods are implemented through the “URL List” menu.

7. List of url.png

3. Press the “Start” button to start the analysis.

4. You can find these indicators in the table “All results”.

8. User data.png

You can also collect email addresses, and save time searching for them.

To do this, check the “Email addresses” item on the “Parameters” sidebar and start scanning. As a result, you should get something like the following:

9. Collection of addresses.png

So, when you have collected a list of relevant sites and their email addresses, write offer letters with an offer to publish your material.

Example of a letter:

10. Sample letter.png

After agreeing on the topic, think over exactly where you will place the link to your site. There are several options:

  1. Link in the preamble of the article. For example: “Ivan Ivanov, SEO specialist at Example, shared some useful tips for optimizing your site.”

  2. Link to product / service. If your company develops a product or provides services, you can mention them in the post, but in a way that looks natural (not too advertising) and does not get out of context. For example: “Service will allow you to quickly find cheap air tickets.”

  3. Link as confirmation. If you’ve done any research and wrote about it on your site, you can link to it in the guest post.

  4. Link as an addition to the material. For example: “Learn more about how to do this from the post [Название]”.

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Adding to lists

Surely on the Internet you have come across articles-lists like “Top 10 best sites for designers”, “A selection of blogs for creative inspiration” and the like.

The essence of this method is that you contact the owner of the site or the author of the article and ask to add your site / product to the list. If this is a rating where voting is provided, then you need to register your blog / product on the rating site in order for it to be included in the general list.

Supplement to materials on external sites

A post published on your blog can be an addition to other material posted on an external resource.

Write to the author of the article with a proposal to put a link to your material as a supplement. If you offer a post that is helpful and relevant, the chances of getting a positive response are very high.

Therefore, initially making quality content is already a great way to attract external links to your site.

Posting on forums, Q&A services, review sites

Mentioning your site with a link in the forums gives you the opportunity to get a backlink and increase brand awareness. However, this should be done as natively as possible and not spam, otherwise you can get a fine from search engines and a ban from the forum administrators.

Leave comments in topic threads and when it really makes sense. Search for branches of your topic by keywords.

Q&A services are also an effective tool for building links and building awareness. The same scheme works here as on the forums: post without spam and to the point. The most popular Q&A sites in the western segment are Reddit and Quora, in the Russian-speaking segment – the Mail service, Yandex. Experts.

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Product and service companies can also be posted on review sites.

Social media connection

Posting links to a website on social media is another good link building method. True, there is an opinion about its inefficiency and uselessness due to the fact that in many social networks links are closed with the nofollow tag.

But closed links don’t mean useless. They can be taken into account when ranking and bring traffic. Plus, nofollow links provide a natural link profile.

So feel free to post links both in your own accounts and in thematic communities. And do not limit yourself to a few platforms, try to be present and be active on various social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, VKontakte, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Don’t forget about regular link analysis.

Outside SEO is an important part of website promotion and is all about building your link mass. For it to be as effective and safe as possible, you only need to get natural, high-quality backlinks. This can be done in the following ways:

  • engage in guest posting;

  • be added to lists and ratings;

  • supplement materials with posts from your own blog;

  • be posted on forums, Q&A services, review sites;

  • connect social networks.

Also, do not forget that a mandatory stage of external SEO is regular analysis of the link mass.

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