Overview of Facebook Business Suite and a single center for Instagram and Facebook accounts

We have previously written about the creation of the Facebook Business Suite – what it is, the main features and how to enter it. In short, this is a service that allows you to manage your Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger accounts from a single interface – process messages, run ads, view statistics.

Also, a unified management center for FB and Instagram accounts was created. In this article, we will go through the personal accounts of the new services and tell you more about their capabilities.

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How to use Facebook Business Suite

The service is already operating in Russia and the CIS countries, you can enter it through managing your business page or by going to business.facebook.com. For the first time, you will be prompted to link business accounts on Facebook and Instagram, after which you can start working with the service.

Key features:

  • posting content on social networks;
  • managing messages in a single window;
  • launch of advertising;
  • collection of statistics.

Let’s see what’s in your personal account:


On the dashboard at the very top, we see related pages with an offer to create a publication or start promotion.

If you press the button “Promote”, you can choose one of five options – what and why to promote:

  1. Promote a specific post on Instagram.
  2. Launch an advertising campaign to get more messages.
  3. Promote a Facebook business page.
  4. Get traffic to your website.
  5. Increase the number of leads.

Launching Ads Through Facebook Business Suite

After selecting an ad target, the campaign settings will open in the same window. You don’t need to go to Ads Manager, you can immediately set up your ad and targeting options. In the left column are the settings themselves, in the right – the preview of the ad. Very comfortably.

Chip: when setting up advertising, it became possible to use photos from a free photo bank.

Advertising placement

We return to the dashboard. Brief statistics are displayed in the right column – coverage of the Facebook and Instagram pages, the number of likes on Facebook and the number of subscribers on Instagram. More detailed statistics are in the corresponding section.

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Facebook and Instagram page statistics

Also on the main page, you can see a list of all publications with information about the number of reach, marks / likes and comments. Facebook and Instagram posts are displayed with their own icons, so it is impossible to get confused. You can immediately launch the promotion of publications, without going separately to Instagram and Facebook.

Recent publications

Also in the dashboard you can see recent advertisements and page updates.


The section shows the recent user activity on your pages – comments, likes, reposts.

user activity


This is a kind of omnichannel messenger. The general feed displays all correspondence from FB Messenger, Instagram Direct, comments and reviews from Facebook and Instagram. If you wish, you can filter all messages by specific communication channels – their icons are displayed to the left of the messenger window.

Incoming messages

Conversations can be marked as read, unread and spam. In the future, dialogs can be filtered by these marks. There is a tool for pinning correspondence above others. You can also customize your status – “Online” and “Away”.

How to work with Facebook Business Suite

Business Suite has the ability to set up automatic replies (in the corresponding section of the messenger):

  • Welcome messages: immediate response or response when the status is “Out of the office”.
  • Provision of information: Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Sending confirmations: Receive a job application.

In the same section, you can configure additional notifications: meeting reminders, notifications when a page is recommended or not recommended.

automatic replies

Chip: in each dialog to the right of the correspondence, a “customer card” opens, where you can enter the necessary information about the interlocutor: his contacts, description, add labels (for example, “important customer”), make notes about the interaction. This information is only visible to those who manage the Business Suite account. Basically, it is a free tool for building a customer base. Having opened the correspondence, you will immediately understand what kind of client he is, what question he addressed, what are the alternative ways of contacting him.

client's card


This is a more detailed section with publications than what is displayed in the dashboard. Here you can set the content display period, see the reach, post date, engagement, reactions (comments, reposts, likes), create a new post and start promoting existing ones.

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section with publications

If you click on a specific post, then detailed information about it is displayed – ID, reach, what percentage of people who viewed the publication did not follow you, what interactions with the content were like – likes, comments, saves, what actions were taken in the account (clicking on the link in the profile, clicking on the buttons “Call”, “Send an e-mail”, “How to get there”). A preview of the post opens on the left, you can open it on Instagram / Facebook, view comments and send a comment from the Business Suite.

Publication information

If you click on the “Feed & Grid” viewer, the content will be displayed not as a list, but as two parallel feeds, Facebook and Instagram. In the Instagram window, you can also customize the display of content in the form of a tile.

Feed & Grid


The advertising center displays the results of advertising campaigns; here you can also launch an ad in rotation. Selecting an ad target, setting up and launching ads occurs as we described in the dashboard section. That is, you can run ads from both the “Advertising” section and the “Main” section – there is no difference.

Facebook Advertising Center


There are 4 sections available in statistics:

  1. Overview – general information on coverage, content and audience.
  2. Trends – a more detailed schedule by day.
  3. Content – information on each post – coverage and activity under posts.
  4. The audience – number of subscribers, demographic data (gender, age), top cities and countries.

Important: Demographic data is not available for a Facebook page until the page has more than 100 Likes.


Minus: a short time period is available for analytics – up to one month.

A plus: Reports can be exported in PNG, CSV, PDF formats.

More tools

In this section, you can go to other FB tools:

  • Ads Manager;
  • Events Manager;
  • Audience;
  • Library of media files;
  • Billing settings;
  • Instant forms;
  • Company settings;
  • Advertising account settings;
  • Advertising reports;
  • View business Facebook page.

Facebook Business Suite Tools


The last section of the Business Suite allows you to set up roles on the page (useful if several employees work in the service), connect / disconnect your Instagram account, go to individual settings for the company, advertising account and business page, and set up billing.

Setting up Facebook Business Suite

A single center for Instagram and FB accounts – how to log in, what shows what you need for

The Account Center allows you to manage cross-service functions of your Facebook and Instagram accounts, namely:

  • go to Instagram through a Facebook account and vice versa;
  • share content from Instagram to FB and vice versa;
  • sync the name and profile photo of Instagram and FB (that is, you will have the same name and avatar for both social networks);
  • use the Facebook Pay service on both social networks;
  • receive more accurate content recommendations and advertising on Instagram and Facebook (personalization will be adjusted simultaneously for both accounts).
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Account Center is only available on Android and iOS device apps.

Important: Only one Facebook account and one Instagram account can be added to the new service. If you want to add others, you will need to remove the originally installed ones.

How to access account center

Go to the Instagram profile menu (3 horizontal stripes).

How to log into the Facebook account center

Open “Settings” and find among the sections “Account Center”. Below, you can immediately configure the input from several devices – this is one of the functions of the center. Or we immediately go to the center and set everything up there.

Account Center

In the center are 2 linked accounts. We already have them linked, as we did it through the Facebook Business Suite. If you have not done so, you will first be prompted to link 2 accounts.

Linked accounts

After synchronization, 2 sections become available:

  1. Stories and publications… In the section, you can configure which Instagram account to share content from, which Facebook accounts and what to share (stories and / or posts).
    Stories and publications
  2. Login with multiple accounts… It shows through which accounts you can log into both social networks.
    Login with multiple accounts


The Facebook Business Suite and Instagram Account Center make it much easier to work with both social networks. Now there is no need to jump from one account to another to manage correspondence, no need to separately search for statistics for each social network and go to Ads Manager to launch an ad – everything can be done in a single interface.

If the Business Suite is tailored specifically for business accounts, then the account center will also come in handy for ordinary users – they can easily exchange content between social networks and use other bonuses of the new service.

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