Overview of the service for integrating Instagram and CRM systems

If you are reading this article, most likely you have a question: why is the system of incoming messages so inconvenient on Instagram? Or how to track all incoming messages if you have 10 or more accounts? From the beginning, there are no problems – and customers like everything and profit grows. But at a certain point, customers begin to get lost, someone starts to complain that they have been waiting for an answer for a long time, or even they are completely out of work. Logging in and checking each account every 5 minutes is not an option at all, even if you have many managers – after all, these are unnecessary expenses. But if you can still figure it out with the direct, then it’s a big problem with tracking comments. Customers can write a comment on last year’s post and wait for a response from you, and no one realizes that such a comment may simply not be seen. Agree this state of affairs is real and requires intervention.

But recently, I found a suitable solution to the problems mentioned above. This is a service called i2crm and is designed to synchronize comments and incoming messages with one of the popular CRM systems. But first things first.

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Registration in i2crm

Registration in the service is a fairly quick procedure, does not require special knowledge and skills. Go to the main page of the service and click the “Try” button. A new page opens where you need to fill in the fields: Name, e-mail, phone number and indicate the CRM system with which you want to link your Instagram. Currently there are 6 options available.

A letter will be sent to the specified email address to confirm registration with a one-time password to enter. Use it and enter the service. Now everything else needs to be configured.

Step 1. We connect our Instagram with the service – we enter the username and password (your data cannot be transferred to third parties and are not available to the service itself, and the login is performed 1 time).

Sometimes, the social network asks for confirmation of the action, and by e-mail or phone number, linked to the Instagram account, you will receive a confirmation code. Enter it to confirm that the account belongs to you.

Here you can also change the settings of the service (the “Advanced settings” field), which add convenience in work. They are quite simple but we recommend using them after a couple of days of testing – to make it clear what’s what. If, nevertheless, something is not clear, then the technical support will always answer quickly and help you figure it out.

  • Active or inactive profile. If you choose “Inactive”, messages from this account will not be collected.
  • Ignore outgoing mailings. If you select this option, the CRM system will not display a chain of letters from one message sent by you.
  • Mark as read – check “Yes” if you want all incoming messages to be immediately marked as read.
  • Approve automatically – put “Yes” if we want to accept all incoming requests for correspondence.
  • Real-time mode – receive messages immediately after receiving them on Instagram.
  • Ignore mentions – by selecting this option, the service will skip messages about mentioning you on Instagram.
  • Sponsored posts – here you need to specify promotional posts from which you also need to collect an incoming stream.

Step 2. Setting up comments. We click to connect comments and confirm authorization in a pop-up window, as shown in the picture. Attention! To connect comments, you must be logged in to Instagram in the browser from which you are configuring.

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Step 3. We establish connection with the CRM system.

Let’s look at an example with Bitrix24 (free version). To communicate with CRM, enter your individual web address in the service. The CRM system must be open, and you must be authorized in it and have administrator rights. You can also choose how to respond – in a chat or in a pop-up window.

This section also contains additional “Advanced settings” that will allow you to “customize” the use of the service. For all possible settings, the service has a full knowledge base, available for any minute – in it you can find answers to all questions.

Everything is ready to go. Now notifications about new messages and comments will come to you to the CRM systemfrom where you can reply to them and they will be posted or posted on behalf of your profile. It is very convenient to receive messages and comments in CRM, they are added to transactions and signed by the nicknames of the pages from which they were received, and also support photos and videos.

A separate profile must be set up for each individual account.

Service cost

For small companies, the minimum rate of 990 rubles per month will be sufficient, which allows you to respond to messages and comments and has restrictions only on the incoming stream – no more than 100 messages and comments per day.

For unlimited communication with your subscribers, choose the “Unlimited” tariff.

There is also a custom package for developing service add-ons that you may need.

In addition, if you pay in advance for 3 or more months, you can get a discount, and promo codes often appear on social networks. For more details about the discount system, see here

In order to understand whether you need the service or not, use the test access, it is free and is given for 7 days. It happens that they do not have time to test the service within a week and here they meet customers and provide additional time, for this you just need to write to the technical support.

Can you make money on the service?

Yes. The service has affiliate program, which gives up to 40% of payments received from people whom you introduced to the service.

Considering that this payment is not a one-time, but a permanent one, your income from the service is unlimited. The main thing is to look for those who really benefit from it, and who will use it. And also to help and support at the very beginning, for example, set up integration.


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In general, the service suits users very much, the price is affordable and pays off quite quickly thanks to the service itself. Many large business accounts already cooperate with i2crm and their number is growing every day. As it turned out, many could not jump over their profit ceiling precisely because of the inability to quickly cover the entire clientele arriving to them. Automation not only saved them from many problems, but also allowed them to reach a new level. As for small businesses, then automation allows you not to pay extra managers – the service is much cheaper, and still more reliable.

The i2crm service is worthy of attention and is worth testing, who knows, maybe this is exactly what your business lacks!

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