Overview of trendHERO: features, free version, how to use


trendHERO is an advanced service that simplifies cooperation with Instagram bloggers. It can select bloggers for advertising, check for cheating, analyze accounts (your own or your competitors’), and monitor other people’s advertising posts.

In this article, we will tell you why trendHERO is useful, what its features are and how it can save your time and budget when launching advertising campaigns.

A brief overview of trendHERO

Tools and features:

Search for bloggers by criteria. Over 12 filters to find the right blogger to run ads for your target audience.

Search for similar bloggers. You’ve found the right blogger to advertise – the service will automatically find 500 more similar bloggers for you.

Checking for additives. The service will provide full information on the quality of the account and its audience: the number of bots and commercial profiles in the subscribers, Geo, engagement level, subscriber growth and subscriber outflow – all information is at your fingertips.

Analysis of Instagram accounts. You can track how your account is developing or follow competitors’ accounts.

Advertising monitoring. A tool that allows you to monitor your competitors’ advertising and track the effectiveness of your own advertising.

Advantages of trendHERO:

  • advanced reporting – more than 90 metrics are available for account and ad analytics;
  • over 45 million accounts in the trendHERO database;
  • there is a tool for selecting similar bloggers, which significantly reduces the time to find Influencers;
  • export list of bloggers to Excel file in a couple of clicks;
  • export reports to PDF – can be used for a portfolio;
  • you can create your own selections of bloggers using “favorites and lists” tools;
  • no need to connect your account to work with the program;
  • the service checks both personal and business accounts;
  • you can get a list of even those bloggers who do not sell ads on exchanges.


How to use trendHERO

Learn more about service features.

Selecting bloggers by criteria

Features: you can search for bloggers by keywords and using 12 filters.

How and why to use: the tool allows you to find bloggers for advertising on the most favorable terms, whose audience most corresponds to your target audience.

Setup. To get started, go to the “Blogger Search” section. As we wrote above, you can search by keywords or set up filters right away.

What filters there are:

  • Category. Allows you to find thematic bloggers, such as those with a profile on cars or business.
  • Location. Set the country or city.
  • Language. The language in which the blogger maintains his page.
  • Gender. If principal. For example, you sell products for styling beards. It is logical if the product will be advertised by a bearded man.
  • The number of subscribers and subscriptions. To find micro and nanoinfluencers and bloggers millionaires.
  • Number of publications. A half-empty profile is not very attractive to advertisers.
  • The last post no later (you have to choose the number of days). If the blogger has not posted anything for more than a month or
  • two, it is unlikely that advertising will be successful.
  • Level of engagement. A blogger can have a lot of subscribers but low engagement and vice versa.
  • The average number of likes and comments. Indicates the level of activity of the audience. Service will help you understand whether it is active or simulated.

The % growth of subscribers for 30 days. If the account is actively developing and interesting for the audience – it will affect the growth of subscribers. But it is important to be able to distinguish organic growth (or growth due to advertising) from click-fraud. Here again, the service trendHERO will help.

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Set up filters and click “Find”. Service gives a list of bloggers. The list can be filtered by number of subscribers, engagement level, average number of likes and comments, the level of audience growth.

Open the desired blogger. On the free plan you can see a brief summary.

On the paid plan a full report is available. What’s available here:

Quality audience size, average number of likes and comments per post, number of video views, new publications in 7 days are added to the free information.

Go down below and take a closer look:

Audience Analysis section.

Audience Availability – shows the percentage of subscribers with less than 1,500 subscriptions.

Why do you need it: if a subscriber has more than 1,500 subscriptions his/her feed is overloaded with posts and he/she is unlikely to see your ad post. Accordingly, the higher the percentage of the blogger’s available audience, the better for the advertiser.

Audience Genuineness – shows the percentage of the real audience (personal and commercial). This does not include massfollowers and suspicious accounts.

Why: Only a live audience is of value to the advertiser.

Average number of likes per post – shows how active the audience is under the posts.

Why it’s needed: If the posts are responded to, it means the audience is interested in them. It’s more likely that a promotional post will have at least the same response rate as a regular post.

Then there are reports on audience location.

You can look at the sex of the audience – in general and by likes.

Then comes the most interesting part – the type of audience. It shows what percentage of the blogger’s audience are real people, how many are commercial, massfollower, Influencer and suspicious. Suspicious accounts are bots, inactive and empty profiles.

Why: Advertisers want as many real people as possible to see ads and interact with them. If the blogger has a lot of massfollower and suspicious accounts, such ads will be of no use.

You can look at the interests of the audience – this is very important for hitting the CA.

  • There is a standard metric for growth in subscriptions and subscribers.
  • The distribution of posts and the percentage of likes from subscribers.
  • Comments by type. Shows the percentage of comments from the author, the number of real, short and suspicious comments.
  • Distribution of the number of likes and comments by the number of subscribers and subscriptions.
  • Next comes the distribution of likes by post and the top hashtags.
  • Then there’s information on mentions.
  • And a summary of the posts.

сводка по постам

Отчет можно скачать в PDF. Предложенных отчетов достаточно, чтобы понять, с кем вы имеете дело и есть ли смысл сотрудничать с выбранным блогером.

Подбор похожих блогеров

Когда вы выбрали идеального блогера для сотрудничества, можно подобрать еще 500 похожих на него при помощи умных алгоритмов сервиса. Так вы получите готовый пул инфлюенсеров для запуска рекламы.

Как и зачем использовать: функция позволяет сократить время на поиск блогеров. Достаточно найти одного, все остальное сделает сервис.

Настройка. В кратком или полном отчете нажимаем на кнопку «Собрать 500 похожих блогеров». Кнопка есть в начале и середине отчета.

Сбор похожих блогеров может занять несколько часов. После завершения сбора вы получаете готовый список. По каждому блогеру также можно посмотреть краткую сводку.

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Проверка блогера перед размещением рекламы

Блогера можно проверить тремя способами:

  1. Посмотреть отчеты через инструмент «Подбор блогеров».
  2. Посмотреть отчеты через инструмент «Трекинг».
  3. Посмотреть, как реагирует аудитория на его рекламные публикации через раздел «Рекламные посты».

На какие метрики стоит обращать особое внимание:

Тип аудитории. Много подозрительных или массфолловеров может говорить о накрутках. Даже если блогер сам ничего не накручивался, а вся эти люди добавились сами — зачем вам реклама на некачественную аудиторию?

Прирост подписчиков. Если есть резкие скачки, то либо блогер запускал рекламу или конкурс, либо накрутки.

Прирост подписчиков от упоминаний. Можно увидеть реальные цифры — сколько подписчиков приносит реклама у выбранного блогера.

Уровень вовлеченности и активность под постами. Если у блогера много подписчиков, но низкий уровень вовлеченности, мало лайков и комментов, значит, либо контент не интересен аудитории, либо это накрутки.

Распределение постов и процент лайков от подписчиков. Если много лайков от аккаунтов, не являющихся подписчиками блогера, это может говорить о накрутке лайков (либо, опять таки, о конкурсе).

Комментарии по типу. Если много коротких и подозрительных комментариев — стоит задуматься. Также нужно обратить на количество комментов от автора — это говорит о том, взаимодействует ли блогер со своей аудиторией (участвует ли в диалогах, отвечает ли на вопросы).

Отслеживание своего аккаунта, блогера или конкурентов


Аналитика аудитории. Позволяет узнать тип аудитории (количество реальных и коммерческих аккаунтов, массфолловеров, подозрительных аккаунтов), ГЕО и демографические данные, интересы аудитории, прирост подписчиков в динамике.

Как и зачем использовать: вы получаете максимум информации об аудитории блогера и можете понять, совпадает ли она с вашей ЦА. Также можно понять, как и за счет чего растет аудитория блогера. 

Проверка комментариев. Показывает количество комментариев от автора, количество коротких, реальных и подозрительных комментов.

Как и зачем использовать: можно узнать, как блогер контактирует с аудиторией и выявить подставные комменты. Например, большое количество коротких комментариев под постом может говорить о том, что аудитория не вовлечена в контент, либо пост конкурсный, либо имела место накрутка комментариев.

Разбор постов. Сервис показывает распределение лайков, процент лайков от подписчиков, топ хэштеги, топ постов.

Как и зачем использовать: инструмент позволяет определить, насколько аудитория вовлечена контентом, а также выявить конкурсные посты и накрутки. Можно посмотреть, какие публикации самые топовые и использовать это при создании медиа и текста для рекламы.

Анализ упоминаний. Показывает рекламные посты с упоминаниями.

Как и зачем использовать: можно узнать, кого и как часто рекламировал блогер.

Настройка. Аналитика аккаунтов делается через раздел «Трекинг». Открываем и вводим в строке поиска название Инстаграм аккаунта.

Можно посмотреть краткий отчет с количеством подписчиков, подписок, публикаций и уровнем вовлеченности. Но, конечно, полный отчет намного круче.


Динамику изменения количества подписчиков. Можно посмотреть по каждому дню — сколько всего подписчиков и сколько новых.

Динамику изменения количества подписок.

Прирост подписчиков от упоминаний. Так можно отследить, сколько всего подписчиков и в какие дни пришло по рекламе с упоминанием вашего аккаунта.

Количество лайков и комментариев по постам. Можно выявить, какие публикации блогера вызывают наибольшую активность аудитории.

Динамика постов. Можно проследить, как часто блогер выкладывает новые публикации.


Publication time and average number of likes. Shows which hours and days the audience is most active. It comes in handy when planning the timing of advertising.

Top Hashtags. In addition to the hashtags themselves, the service shows the number of posts with them, the number of likes and comments to the posts with these hashtags, and the level of audience engagement.

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The effectiveness of advertising. The service recognizes promotional posts and shows how many subscribers each post brought. The information allows you to understand how often the blogger posts ads and how much the audience trusts him to click on the ads? If the blogger’s advertising posts bring a lot of subscribers, it means he has a loyal audience + he knows how to intelligently present the object of advertising. Such a blogger can be trusted to compose advertising creative, because he knows how to communicate in the language of his target audience.

Эффективность рекламы

Ad Ratio. Gives an idea of how often the blogger posts ads on his Instagram. For example, in this example you can see that 44% of Nastia Ivleyeva’s posts are advertising. That is, almost half of all publications. But she is allowed (she is Ivleeva), but if you plan to order ads from microinfluencers, then you should think about it – too much advertising irritates subscribers, and this can affect the promotion of your brand.

Database of ad posts


monitoring other people’s advertising creatives;
Tracking of the number of likes, comments, views and the level of engagement by ads;
Mentions tracking: see who, how and when your competitors are advertising;
Possibility to view all your advertising publications in one window.

How and why to use: the tool allows you to monitor your competitors’ or your own ads to evaluate their effectiveness. You can find your own ads through account mentions and links.

Customization. Advertising posts are tracked in the relevant section.

Posts can be found by keywords or filters:

  • posts of a particular blogger;
  • mentions of an account;
  • link in the story;
  • location;
  • language;
  • number of subscribers, comments and likes;
  • number of views;
  • type and date of the post.

The service shows a short list of posts with a brief description, information about the number of likes, comments, mentions.

You can open an Instagram post or see all the promotional posts of the selected account.

P.S. There is also a dashboard in your personal cabinet that displays a list of bloggers whose accounts you have analyzed.




Feedback on the service

trendHERO is suitable for business owners, SMM specialists, bloggers and digital agencies. There is a free rate. The service is pleased with the large number of metrics in the reports – you will get all the information you need to work and even more. You do not even need to request statistics from bloggers – trendHERO already has everything. A separate feature that makes trendHERO stand out among the competition – selecting 500 similar bloggers in a couple of clicks (saves a lot of time).

What real users say about the service:

Customers note the ease of use and the ability to get information about the blogger even in the free version. The service helps you avoid working with “mega-bloggers” who inflate your ad budget and waste your money on gullible advertisers.

Users write about detailed reports that allow you to get the most useful information about the blogger. We made sure of that, preparing this review – indeed in trendHERO a lot of metrics and filters that can help you find influencers for any business tasks and budget. In this respect, trendHERO is much more profitable than competitors and advertising exchangers.

Clients also note the high accuracy of the data compared to competitors.


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