Personal brand on Instagram: creation, development and promotion

A personal brand is an image that associates your name with a specific activity. An example of a personal brand is designer Artemy Lebedev or Elon Musk. An entrepreneur, blogger, expert, athlete or company representative can develop their brand.

Why promote a personal brand on Instagram and other social networks, what should be done to promote an I-brand, and what difficulties may arise? The answers to these questions are in the article.

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What is a personal brand and what is it for

A personal brand is an image and reputation, a clear connection between the name of a famous person and his activities. This is a powerful competitive advantage – the brand increases target audience loyalty and helps sell.

Your brand is needed for those who are in business or want to promote themselves as a blogger, expert, to become an opinion leader or a media personality.

Personal brand examples:

Timati – first promoted as a hip-hop performer, now he is the founder and co-founder of the Black Star group of companies – a music label, a clothing brand, a restaurant chain, a tattoo parlor, an e-sports club, a car wash.

Michael Jordan Is a famous basketball player. For his jumping ability he was nicknamed “Air Jordan” (Air Jordan) and “His Air”. At the start of his career, Michael signed a contract with the Nike brand, which specifically released Air Jordan sneakers for him. The project was a success, the sneaker name became a brand in its own right, allowing Jordan to monetize his name. In 1996, the basketball player played himself in the movie “Space Jam”.

Conor McGregor Is an Irish mixed martial artist and professional boxer. In 2018 he founded the production of his own whiskey.

An important plus: a personal brand created once automatically affects all your subsequent products / services / projects. In fact, this is an investment in your future.

What determines the success of a personal brand

The success of a self-brand depends on a person’s charisma, his uniqueness, reputation and the correct presentation of himself. Even if the product is not perfect, the person associated with it has created a competent image – they will buy it. A typical example is Artemy Lebedev, would his work cost so much money if he were a simple and unknown Vasya Pupkin? Here is the obvious answer to the question – why promote your personal brand.

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Examples of personal brand on Instagram

Igor Budnikov is the author of self-development techniques.

Alexander Rogov is a stylist and TV presenter.

What is a personal brand on Instagram and what is it for?

As you understand, a personal brand is an investment in yourself that will help promote products, projects and services through your own name. The main problem is that not everyone understands what needs to be done and how to present oneself in order to become a human brand. Anyway, where to start.

Instagram is the perfect social network for developing your brand:

  • you have access to several formats for presenting yourself – photo, text, video, story and live broadcasts;
  • on Instagram, the emphasis is on visual content, it is easier to reach subscribers through it than just through texts;
  • this social network has all the tools to get feedback from the audience;
  • Instagram helps to promote content if its algorithms like it;

Below are some tips for creating and promoting a personal brand on Instagram.

Creation and promotion of a personal brand on Instagram

To create the desired image on Instagram, you need to work with the profile – it depends on how subscribers will perceive you:

Now, let’s see what to do next.


Start with good positioning – tell us who you are, what you do, and what you can do for your subscribers. Ideal if you have your own USP. Ask yourself the question “Why should you follow me?” Tell us about your achievements and experiences, share interesting facts about yourself.

Personal brand positioning on Instagram

Purpose and target audience

Set clear goals for yourself and define your target audience. What level of fame and income do you want to achieve?

Example: you are an expert psychologist in the field of personal growth, your target audience is men and women 25-35 years old. Your goal is to earn 100,000 rubles a month from personal consultations and 150,000 rubles from selling books. One consultation costs 5,000 rubles, which means you need 20 clients per month. The book costs 500 rubles, 300 sales are needed per month. Think how many active subscribers will be able to bring you that amount.

Myth: a personal brand on Instagram implies a huge number of followers on social networks. Not. You can have 7 or 10 thousand subscribers, but the main thing is that these people are your target audience and lead to the achievement of the goal.

Matching appearance to the image

Your outer image should not be at odds with what you do. If you are a fitness trainer, then outwardly you should have a fit athletic figure, motivating your subscribers to look the same.

How to promote your personal brand on Instagram


A unique feature will help promote your personal brand – something that will distinguish you among hundreds of other bloggers. It can be style in appearance, your greeting, slogan, colors, manner of speech.

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Ivan Chuikov – presenter, a certain contribution to the success brought a striking resemblance to Enrique Iglesias.

Personal brand uniqueness


Showcase your expertise. You should really be a pro in your niche, but you also need to be able to present information in an interesting way so that subscribers are not bored. For example, you are a French tutor. Tell a funny story from practice, interesting facts about France, make lexical selections, for example, “These 5 French words cannot be pronounced by Russians”, “Popular French jokes”, “These words are absent in French.”

Expert blog on Instagram

Uniform design style and quality of publications

Successful bloggers are distinguished by bright and colorful publications made in the same style.

Uniform design style and quality of publications


Post photos from events, meetings, work trips, photos from the office (or any other workplace), backstages from photo shoots. Show corporate events or how you spend your free time, for example, post photos / videos of leisure time with your family. Subscribers on Instagram love to follow someone else’s life, show your real self – this inspires trust on the part of followers.

Example businessman Dmitry Ivanov – uploads photos of business meetings, travel, photos with his family.

How to promote your personal brand on Instagram

Fighting fears

Let’s be honest – not everyone is psychologically ready to immediately film themselves, conduct webinars, or be called an expert. At first it can be scary, and you will have to fight these fears. But as the account grows, many actions will become familiar – the voice on camera will stop shaking, you will feel more confident during live broadcasts, you will understand how to better interact with your audience and will begin to calmly accept criticism.

The main thing is to step over your fears and take action.

Useful and engaging content

To keep subscribers interested, you need to be useful – share cases, life hacks, guides. Showing the subscriber the solution to his problem is an ideal tool for increasing loyalty.

Posts to promote your personal brand

Useful content needs to be diluted with engaging content – ask questions, create games, raise trending topics, run challenges (or participate in other people’s).

Useful content for a personal blog

Separate promotion strategy for stories

Treat stories as a separate type of video content. Daily communication with the audience in the format of stories will help to keep the attention of subscribers.

What to shoot: interesting moments from life, polls, travel stories, jokes, life hacks, question-answer, announcement of events.

More story ideas are in our article.

Video publishing, live broadcasts

Make the most of your video. Visual information is easier to perceive than text, which is why users are so fond of stories, live broadcasts and regular videos – this should be used. We have already written about stories, and live broadcasts are needed to increase user loyalty – for them it is a way to communicate with their idol, get answers to questions, and find out exclusive information. Live broadcasts can be saved and shared on different resources, for example, in social networks or on a personal website.

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We give step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a live broadcast on Instagram.

Regular publications

Make a content plan for 2 weeks or a month and try to stick to it. Subscribers love regularity and wait for posts from their favorite bloggers, getting used to a certain schedule. A lull for a week or a month is fraught with the fact that followers will lose interest and leave for other bloggers.

PS This does not mean that you need to post posts every day – choose the most convenient schedule for yourself, when you can create high-quality posts, for example, 2-3 times a week. If you “squeeze” texts out of yourself or shoot a video about anything for the sake of daily posting, this will affect the quality of the content.

Communication with subscribers

Respond to comments, check Direct, enter dialogs, post answers to the most interesting questions from subscribers. At a minimum, this should be done the first time in order to establish contact with subscribers and gain the first audience. As you develop yourself as a brand, your subscribers will become more, and they will have less time for replies, but this is not a reason to completely ignore followers – for some of them, silence can become a reason for unsubscribing.

Communication with subscribers

Analysis of statistics

Make it a rule to regularly analyze the statistics of your page – this way you will understand which publications have the most response, which content should be directed your efforts, what subscribers like and what not.

How to properly analyze statistics, and what conclusions can be drawn with its help – read in our material. Separately, we wrote about the analysis of story statistics.

Collaborations with other bloggers / experts

Competitors are not always your rivals. With some of them, you can participate in joint projects, conduct live broadcasts together, promote each other on Instagram (make mentions in posts, mark posts). For bloggers, this has long been one of the ways to gain an additional audience.

Personal brand development on Instagram

Developing your brand

Grow as a brand – expand your competencies, study your competitors, speak out, follow trends, create new projects, expand your product line (for example, release a new book or host a webinar). In general, do what regular brands do to stay heard.


Promotion of a personal brand on Instagram is an investment in the future, which will allow you to earn on your image and fame for many years. For an expert, a promoted personal brand is an opportunity to increase the cost of their services or sell expert content; for a blogger, it is a factor in attracting advertisers and a path to fame outside of Instagram; for an entrepreneur, it is an opportunity to increase business sales.

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