Personal messages in Tik-Tok: how to enable, open, write


In Tik-Tok you can not only post your videos and linger over other people’s situs judi slot videos, but also communicate with subscribers thanks to the built-in messenger. The principle of operation is similar to Direct in Instagram. This is not the main function of the application, and not everyone knows how to write messages, as well as where the “Inbox” folder is located.

This article will tell you where to find your inbox, how to reply to subscribers, and how to write to other tiktokers.

How to turn on personal messages in Tick-Tock

You do not need to specially enable the function – it is available by default, but we advise you to adjust who can write to you and who not, so that the personal account is not flooded with spam. To do this, go into the privacy settings and move the sliders.

  • Go to the main profile page, click on the menu (3 dots in the upper right corner).
  • Find the “Privacy” tab and open the “Personal messages” section.


Specify “Who can send you private messages”:

By default, only friends can text you. What’s the setting here:

  • Everyone – any of your subscribers can write to you.
  • Friends – only your subscribers can write to you (i.e. those you’re mutually subscribed with).
  • Nobody – you can turn off the messaging function completely.

If you’re under 16, there will be restrictions on messaging. For example, you will not be able to send messages or open a suspicious incoming message.

How to open private messages in Tik Tok

As soon as a user opens Tick-Tock, he or she sees a recommendation feed. At the very bottom is the “Inbox” section (the icon with the envelope). This section displays all the activity of other users towards you – likes, subscriptions, comments, news from Tic-Toc, hashtags, mentions, and incoming messages.

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If you click on the title “All activity”, you can customize what to display in the inbox section. For example, you can display only likes or only subscriptions. Messages are hidden in the airplane icon (an exact copy of Direct Instagram).

If there is an incoming message, next to the icon there will also be a red circle with a number – this is the number of incoming messages.

Dialogs settings

There are settings for each dialog, just open the desired dialog and set it up (you need to press 3 dots in the top right corner of the open correspondence).

You can pin it above all other dialogs (useful when you don’t want to lose track of important conversations), turn off notifications on it, complain about it, or block a user (for example, if a annoying spammer writes).

You can also anchor a dialog without opening the correspondence – click on the dialogs you want to anchor and click “Attach above” in the pop-up window. There is also an opportunity to delete the dialog.

How to write and send messages in Tic Talk

To reply to a message, click on “Inbox” on the home screen, then on the airplane icon, then open the correspondence and write a reply.

In order to write a message to another user (exactly write again, not reply to their inbox), you must be subscribed to that person. You can’t write to everyone in the TT (and rightly so, otherwise users wouldn’t have time to review dialogs).

4 ways to write a message:

  • Open the correspondence and manually find the dialog you want;
  • click on the plus sign and find it from the list of those with whom you have dialogues;
  • press the plus sign and find the user by nickname;
  • open the profile of the user you are subscribed to and click on the “Message” button.
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Important: If the person you want to write a message to has not changed the default privacy settings and is set to “Friends”, you can write to him only if you have a mutual subscription. This refers to the fourth method, when you just open someone else’s profile and click the “Message” button.



Why you can’t send a message

Here are the most important reasons why you can’t send a message in Tic-Toc:

  • If a user is not subscribed to you and you try to write a message to him, the warning “This user is not subscribed to you and you cannot send him messages” will pop up.
  • The user is not subscribed to you and you cannot send messages to him or her
  • The privacy settings. As we wrote above, any user can limit the circle of people who can write to him. Therefore, even in the case of a mutual subscription, it is not always possible to write a message.
  • Temporary blocking function. This can affect both your account and the recipient’s account. Until the ban is removed, you will not be able to send a message.
  • Message sending limit. Also, after you subscribe to a person and interact with him, you will be able to write him, but no more than 3 messages.
  • Age restriction. You won’t be able to send a message if you’re under 16 in your account.

What features are available for correspondence in the built-in messenger Tic-Toc?

Emoji – you can add an emoji to your correspondence (you can click on the emoji icon on the right side of the message sending window, it’s the only one there, don’t miss it).

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GIF – gifs are uploaded from the free service, you’ll see the trends and you’ll be able to find any of them by searching by keyword.

Links cannot be sent in messages. Or rather, they are not clickable. This will disappoint those who consider Tic Toc as a way to promote affiliate links. While the only clickable link is placed in the profile and that function is not available immediately and not for everyone – first you need to gain 1,000 subscribers or more.

Each tiktoker has an individual number of subscribers which allows you to add the link to your profile – some sites have 1 000 and others have 10 000.

Actions with messages – sent text can be copied, sent to another user or deleted. To make a drop-down window appear, you need to click on the selected message.

Video Repost. Videos from TT can be shared in the app’s personal area, to do this, click on “Share” and select “Message” in the pop-up window.

How to restore messages in Tik Tok

In Tik-Tok it is impossible to restore deleted messages and there is no function of archiving correspondence, so it is better not to delete a dialogue if it is important for you. If you are ever afraid of accidentally deleting your correspondence and losing all its contents, you can make screenshots beforehand or ask your interlocutor to send you his screenshots later, if he has your correspondence.


Personal messages in Tic-Toc do not stand out – minimum features, only the essentials. In principle, this is enough for now, because it is not the main function of TT. Perhaps in the future the developers will reconsider their attitude to the messenger and add new functionality, such as clickable links.

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