Photo on avu in Tik-Tok: how to make and deliver

TikTok is a popular video community suitable for promoting business and making money. As in other social networks, the profile picture here is your face on the Internet. This is one of the important components of successful page promotion, which means that choosing a photo for ava should be approached with all seriousness.

In today’s article, you will find out what size picture should be posted, how to choose the right photo for your avatar. Get step-by-step instructions on how to install and change your ava.

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Avatar sizes in Tik-Tok and what is better to put

The image chosen for ava should not violate the rules of the social network. The size can be anything. But if the photo is very large, you only have to select part of the image for the avatar.

You can set both a photo and a video on an avatar. Usually, users upload an illustration in the form of an abstraction, an inscription, a photo of a child or an animal, a portrait or background of a person, a landscape, characters from a cartoon / movie / book.

  • For a commercial organization, an avatar in the form of a company logo or the most popular product that it offers is suitable.
  • It is better for a blogger to choose his own photo, preferably one that matches the theme of the blog. For example, you might want to post a shot from a gym if you blog about a healthy lifestyle.
  • Girls should set their own photo on their avatar. Ideally, the picture should have a confident posture, an open gaze directly into the camera and a benevolent smile or flirtatious expression are encouraged.
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General recommendations for choosing ava

An avatar is needed for your recognition on TikTok. It can be called a free promotion tool that can attract the attention of other users to your profile. Including, a memorable ava can help the video get into the recommendations.

Use the following tips to help you choose your ava.

  1. Choose high-quality pictures with clearly visible details.
  2. It is desirable that the avatar emphasize the mood or theme of your account.
  3. Don’t overuse filters and over-retouching.
  4. Be original, try to surprise / hook subscribers.
  5. Shoot in brightly colored clothing, with no more than two colors in the background.

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How to put a photo on avu in Tik-Tok

Launch the TikTok app on your phone and visit your page. Click on the “Change Profile” button.

Then “Photo on avatar”.

Photo on avatar

Then the system will offer you a choice of several options for adding an ava: take a photo and select from the gallery. Let’s say the second option suits you – click on it.

Add photos from the gallery

Select a photo from the gallery. Resize, if necessary, by cutting off excess parts.

Crop a photo to an avatar

After finishing editing, click “Finish”. After a couple of seconds, when the selected photo is uploaded to the place of the avatar, click on “Save changes”.

Save the avatar

That’s it, your ava is installed!

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How to change ava

Let’s consider both methods: changing the avatar through the gallery and using a selfie.

Through the gallery

Log in to the application on your mobile device using your credentials. Click on the little man icon on the bottom toolbar.

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How to change your profile photo in Tik-Tok

Select “Change profile” to enter the settings, then “Photo on avatar”.

How to change ava on TikTok

In the menu that appears, click on the “Select from gallery” section.

Add photos from the gallery

Select “Allow” to access the camera (if you haven’t done so before). This will provide the application with access to media, photos and files on the phone.

Allow access

Select the photo you want from the gallery. Slide the window to change the picture. Click on “Crop” to get rid of unnecessary elements of the picture. In the lower right corner, select Done.

Photo editing

After the photo has finished downloading, click “Save”.

In the application itself

This is an alternative way to change the avatar in Tik-Tok, which allows you to do without downloading a picture from the gallery. Launch the mobile application and click on the little man icon in the lower right corner.

Click on the central button “Change profile”.

After that a menu will open in which you need to select the first item called “Take a photo”.

Allow the Tik-Tok application to access the camera for shooting in the request window.

The camera will boot automatically. Choose the mode you want (main or front), line up the frame and decide on your winning angle. Click on the avatar capture button.

Crop the resulting image and confirm the changes by tapping on “Finish”. After uploading your new avatar, click “Save”.

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A TikTok avatar is just as important a part of an account as a nickname. This is your face on social networks and the ability to draw users’ attention to your profile. The image you choose must be unique and match the theme of your profile.

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