Popular Tik Tok challenges in 2021

Challenges TikTok continue to conquer the world while other users are still desperate to make their Instagram profile attractive to brands. Tik Tok won first place in the top of the most popular social platforms and became the leader in downloads. Challenges brought the app and its users mad fame.

What are Tik Tok Challenges?

The TikTok Challenge is a kind of challenge, calls for repeating the ideas of bloggers, this is the main content of the platform. The viral content using trending songs, which is filmed by bloggers, is becoming so famous that platform users want to repeat the plot of the videos and get into Tik Tok’s recommendations.

In Tik Tok, you can shoot videos directly in the application or download a ready-made one and add masks, effects, filters, etc. to them. The choice of masks in the application is varied, so, using the Tik Tok effects, you can become an elf or try on a luxurious evening make-up. Likes under all posts are summarized and displayed in the profile. To collect as many likes as possible and reach the top, you need to know which challenges to take part in.

Popular Tik Tok Challenges

When you enter the Interesting tab, you can see trending content that influencers are filming in 2021. Although the plots of the videos are different, they always have one thing in common – in almost all the materials, streamers and their fans perform movements, sing songs and reincarnate to the music. To understand this system, let’s turn to examples.

  1. Reincarnation to the song “Absolutely anything”. The heroes of the filming for this song change their images after performing simple hand movements. The dynamic track, the effect of transformation, which the functionality of the application makes possible, made this challenge popular all over the world.challenge Absolutely anythingAbsolutely anything
  2. “Try me”. Another sensational wave of videos with reincarnation and use of a famous song. Only in this competition there is already an attribute – a chain that the characters twist around their necks and thus change their images.Challenge Try meTry me
  3. # Nadisko. The history of the hashtag began with videos where guys and girls showed types of people in discos. Following the funny videos of bloggers, platform users began to repeat the idea, but use different music and descriptions.Challenge NadiskoNadisko
  4. Lipsing. This is not just another challenge, but a whole area that made the application so discussed. The main task in lipsing is to open your mouth to the words of the song. On the Internet, you can find hundreds of different content, where bloggers, schoolchildren and even the performers of the songs themselves play up the text of the track and open their mouths to words.Lipsing challengeLipsing
  5. Adele challenge. Videos for Adele’s song “Someone like you” went viral and went beyond one app. The Challenge was launched after the singer’s announcement of the end of her musical career. After that, videos for one of her most popular hits appeared on the platform.Adele challengeAdele challenge
  6. Raise the chair. The bottom line is for the person to stand 3 steps from the wall, bend forward at 90 degrees and try to lift the chair.lift the chair
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Tik Tok is a rapidly developing platform, where new trends and tendencies appear every day, and users participate in battles for a place in recommendations. What is the secret of these challenges?

How are challenges arranged and how to arrange them?

Challenges on the social network are satisfied with opinion leaders or the administration of the application facilitates their launch. These viral videos not only make the app popular, but also help brands create ad campaigns that the whole world knows about.

The process of creating video calls is quite simple – bloggers create a trend and invite their subscribers to repeat the story. In the description under the video, hashtags and the track itself are used, by which you can then find the video. In this way, people generate content themselves and become popular. To meet your challenges, you need:

  • actively participate in influencer contests – shoot and upload videos using popular music and hashtags;
  • participate in hashtag contests from the platform. We won the #oboxTikTok contest and received a trip abroad as a gift, which made them much more popular;
  • promote your profile thanks to other more famous bloggers, while the platform has not yet secured stable positions, and users have not yet determined their prices and conditions for advertising, you should take advantage of this and find out with which blogger you can integrate or take advertising;
  • release videos regularly and worry about the quality of your videos, this platform is for entertaining, funny content, so your videos should be shot in the spirit of the platform, using original movements and music.
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If the content is filmed with high quality and contains an original idea, they will want to repost and repeat it. To meet your challenges, you need to get the attention of a user audience that wants to follow you. So far, we can only guess what the actual algorithm for entering the Olympus of a new social network is, but using already proven methods, you can get into the “Interesting” tab and already throw challenges to other users of the platform.

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