Post dating on Instagram: how to write + 8 examples

Long gone are the days when Instagram was used only to show off beautifully served food. Today it is a resource with a multimillion audience, where people find almost everything that may interest them. To keep a personal blog on Instagram means to be modern and advanced, to keep up with the times.

Posting an acquaintance will help you get started maintaining your account. In this article, we will analyze what a dating post on Instagram is, why you need it and how to do it.

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Post acquaintance: what it is and what to write about

It’s not enough just to create an account and advertise for it. Potential subscribers and customers need to be interested. This is why they write an acquaintance post, from which it becomes clear what exactly you can offer your readers. There are subtleties to writing a post like this that can really help draw attention to your blog or products.

The first post, like the first impression, sets the mood for your account. And if you give up on this, it’s easy to get lost against the background of more responsible bloggers.

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Examples to look out for

The “few facts about me” approach is doing well. Choose the most interesting events in your life, no need to retell your entire biography.

Can you share your own knowledge and skills? Great, this could be the perfect topic for a dating blog post.

Post an acquaintance for a personal blog

Professionals in their field can easily get started with a post with useful tips. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing renovations, photography or hosting parties.

Post acquaintance artist, illustrator

It is important for a commercial page to stand out from many competitors. Tell us how you can be better than other similar brands. Emphasize the uniqueness of your own store or product.

Clothing store dating post

Use storytelling, tell us about the history of the project. It can be funny, exciting, and with an unexpected ending.

Nice to meet you post example

Not quite a typical, but no less effective post – getting to know the company’s management. If you have a compelling story about the brand’s creator, write it in a post.

How to write an acquaintance post on Instagram

We will help you learn how to write really interesting posts. By following our advice, you can easily attract people to your page. Believe me, even a blog dedicated to simple and all familiar recipes can become interesting if it is correctly designed from the very beginning.

What should I start with

The self-presentation post needs to be bright and interesting, but it is important not to overdo it. Excessive self-promotion will make you show off… To avoid this, follow these guidelines.

  • Before you start writing, think carefully about the topic of the post. Figure out the key points and lead the text logically from one to the second and so on.
  • Write honestly. You don’t need to come up with fables and false facts to improve your impression of yourself. Sooner or later, the truth will surface and you will receive a negative impact on your lies.
  • Select the chip of your account, what exactly people will receive by logging into it. Interesting tips, little-known facts, easy recipes – and focus on this in the post and the interest of the audience is guaranteed to you. If you have a commercial account, broadcast your USP.
  • Invite new subscribers to share a few words about themselves in the comments. People love to talk about themselves, it consoles their inner ego.

How to write an acquaintance post on Instagram

What not to do

It would seem that it can be difficult to write a post for social networks. As it turns out, there are a number of wrong actions that can alienate the audience. Let’s look at a few bad post ideas.

  1. Excessive overload of facts about yourself. Unless you are a screen or pop star, people will not be interested in knowing your entire biography. Filter this piece of information carefully. Pick a couple of really interesting features and limit yourself to them.
  2. Too many jargon and slang expressions. Yes, modern youth almost constantly uses such expressions in colloquial speech. But believe me, read a text consisting of all sorts of “kek”, “azaz”, “eshkere”, etc. extremely unpleasant. By the way, the word “signature”, so beloved by many bloggers, disgusts people over 17 years old.
  3. Love for long words. Try not to use too many words in the text with more than 4 syllables. Otherwise, the post will look abstruse, boring and difficult to understand.

How to post dating on Instagram

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What to write depending on the type of account

Instagram pages can be roughly divided into two types: personal blog and commercial page. And depending on the type, post-acquaintance will differ significantly. What is the difference? A personal blog assumes the interest of subscribers to posts, a call to view pictures, videos, leave likes and comments. Whereas a sales page needs to attract potential buyers.

Let us consider in more detail what techniques should be used for each case in order to achieve the result we need.

Personal blog

Being able to write interestingly about yourself and your hobbies is a whole art. After all, there is a difference between “Hello, my name is Masha, I love horses” and “Hello, I’m Masha, and I can tell you why horses do not like heavy music.” Find interesting facts about your lifestyle and hobbies and use them. It is not necessary to compose complex and long text, it can be tiring.

Decorate the text with emoticons, paragraphs. And the main rule is – write the truth, you don’t need to invent anything. On the Internet, you can find many examples of how bloggers were caught in a lie. Believe me, this is not good at all, and repels subscribers.

Commercial page

Good advertising is the key to high sales. In a post to meet subscribers, spend enough time not only to advertise products, but also to announce future publications. Are you planning to hold promotions and discounts? Write about it, such a mention will already draw attention to the page.

Tell us how your account will be useful to your readers, what are the features of your product. It is worth using the brand name at the beginning of the post so that subscribers understand what is at stake. Also, pay attention to the use of hashtags on Instagram. There shouldn’t be too many of them. The ideal amount is 2-3. Use a picture with your brand name to design your post. Make it bright and clear, avoid low quality.


Maintaining an account on any social network is a fairly large amount of work. Instagram is no exception. Use the dating post on Instagram to chat with your followers, find out their interests and collect feedback. And to write such a post, use the recommendations from this article.

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