Post ideas for winter for Instagram, VK and other social networks


We have prepared for you a calendar of infomercials, as well as post ideas for winter 2019-2020 for Instagram, VK, Facebook and Odnoklassniki. The ideas can be used not only to create posts, but also for Stories and videos.

The listed infomercials are perfect for creating entertaining and engaging posts. You just need to choose a newsbreak that resonates with the CA and beat it, taking into account the specifics of a particular business. Ready? Then let’s go!

Post ideas for winter

Content plan for December

Dec. 1: A post about the first day of winter


  • This is a great excuse to launch an entire series of pre-New Year’s Eve posts. Focus on topics relevant to this time of year, “how to make…a Christmas tree/ soft toy – symbol of the year/ Christmas tree toy/ memorable gift,” “how to decorate your home, office, desk,” and “how to have fun celebrating yourself, as a couple, with friends, family.” Try to link the digests to your products or at least add your brand logo to the images.
  • Announce the launch of a holiday-themed contest. You could borrow an idea from Pinterest called #DearTopshop: contestants had to share clothes from Topshop with the above hashtag on their page. At the end of the drawing, the online store chose random winners, gaining additional traffic and new customers.

December 3 3D Designers Day (Computer Graphics Day)

Although not considered an official holiday, it is actively celebrated by giants like Adobe, Wacom and nVidia.


  • Post a card congratulating the professionals;
  • prepare a list of online design courses;
  • make a collection of services for creating graphics;
  • start a themed contest among professional designers or ordinary users;
  • offer a small discount on a suitable range.

December 8 International Artist’s Day

The holiday was established in 2007, with exhibitions, installations and numerous workshops held annually all over the world.


  • Both standard greetings, pranks and stylization of the publicity of the theme of the holiday, as well as original selections in the humorous style of “I am an artist, I see so.” will be suitable.

December 9 Birthday of the computer mouse

In 1968, the first computer mouse was put to the test. Douglas Engelbart, winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious Computer Pioneer Award, should be thanked for inventing the device.

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  • Discounted gadget promotions or “mouse as a gift” to a big purchase;
  • Top of the most unusual or expensive computer mice;
  • interesting facts about common devices.

December 10

1) World Football Day

This date on the calendar represents a tribute to a sport that has become an important part of life for 120 million people from different countries.


  • Release limited edition merchandise to commemorate the holiday, or complement the products with small football-shaped postcards;
  • Change the cover and avatar of the group;
  • organize their own amateur championship in the city;
  • interview famous players.

By showing imagination, you can unite your company with this holiday, even if its activity is not directly related to it. A great example is inviting the Pivnoff Grill Bar to a free aqua makeup workshop.

2) International Animal Rights Day

The date coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights. It is also the basis for the worldwide Declaration of Animal Rights, which aims to end the killing, exploitation and infliction of pain on our lesser brothers.


  • A photo report of your company’s participation in a charity event;
  • images with an appeal to take care of animals;
  • Reporting from a city shelter or exhibit;
  • themed polls and voting.


December 17 On this day exactly 30 years ago, the world saw the first episode of the legendary animated series “The Simpsons.


  • Publication of the “Who are you from the cartoon characters?” test;
  • a Simpsonology quiz;
  • a “Best Series/Best Season/Best Character” poll;
  • limited-edition products with cartoon characters;
  • interesting facts about The Simpsons.

December 28 International Movie Day.


  • make a TOP of movies by different genres, years, countries, moods;
  • make reviews of the anticipated new releases of the year 2020;
  • conduct themed polls (e.g. “The Most Beautiful Actress”, “The Movie That Makes You Cry”).

December 31 Seeing off the old year.


  • recipes for delicious meals;
  • countdown of chimes;
  • Top New Year’s movies and songs;
  • Safety tips for using firecrackers, fireworks and candles;
  • Wishes, cards from company employees;
  • posts about 2019 successes and plans for 2020;
  • New Year’s discounts and gifts.

Content plan for January

January 1 New Year’s Eve.


A holiday of bright hopes with twinkling lights and the smell of tangerines.


  • Ideas for interesting leisure and outdoor activities in winter;
  • Announcement of festive events in your city;
  • competition for the best Christmas tree or carnival costume (let the winner be the subscriber with the most number of likes);
  • options for winter makeup and looka;
  • horoscopes for all zodiac signs;
  • humorous polls, e.g. “Tangerines vs.
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January 11 International “thank you” day.


  • Take the opportunity to thank customers and readers for their attention, feedback, and sympathy. That way you’ll make a positive impression on your audience and increase their loyalty.

January 15 Birthday of Wikipedia.

Its official launch dates back to 2001. Wikipedia is popular and in demand for a simple reason: you can find an answer to almost any question, you’re sure to find the information about a significant person, a term, an event



  • Make a business-specific analog of Wikipedia on the social network itself or on the website (advertise and provide a link to your project);
  • publish a FAQ;
  • declare a Day of Attention to users – start a chat, for 5 minutes answer the new questions and wishes under the post.

January 21 Hug Day.


  • Invite followers to warm their loved ones with their warmth and love on this cold day.
  • You can have a contest among subscribers for a picture with the strongest hugs. For such an event, create a special hashtag, and let the winner be determined by the number of likes under the photo.

January 27 is International Day Without Internet.

Always celebrated on the last Sunday of the first month of winter.


  • The day before, talk about the holiday itself and the great importance of life’s joys away from the computer;
  • Suggest your subscribers to spend a day without the Internet, suggest ways to spend interesting time – a relaxing evening with friends, visiting your club or cafe, volunteering to help a shelter, a winter picnic in the countryside will do.

Content plan for February

February 5 Erudite Day

This is an unofficial holiday whose purpose is to raise the moral and intellectual level of all people.


  • Conduct a quiz on your company’s history and the assortment represented;
  • Publish posts with interesting facts;
  • congratulate the erudite people on the holiday by giving them a discount on goods;
  • add an IQ test and offer to share the results in the comments;
  • tell about world-famous polymaths (writer Thomas Brown, ancient Roman scholar Marcus Varrone, and poet Giacomo Leopardi).
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February 6 International Bartender’s Day.


  • is a great excuse to invite subscribers to your bar or club for a cocktail or to give all bartenders a discount in honor of the
  • professional holiday;
  • you can publish instructions on how to make delicious drinks;
  • an original but not obvious option is to create your own recipe for the perfect holiday, holiday or image (using your brand’s products, of course).


Feb. 9 World Pizza Day


  • Style your band cover and ava for the holiday;
  • Make your TOP unusual pizza;
  • Make a survey with several toppings;
  • Run a pizza giveaway like New York Pizza did.

February 13 World Radio Day.


  • Congratulate radio station employees on their professional holiday;
  • tell about popular professions in radio (engineers, presenters, announcers, equipment developers);
  • tell readers the history of radio broadcasting.

February 14

1) Computer Worker’s Day

This is a professional holiday for people directly related to IT technology.


  • discounts on themed products;
  • congratulations to the heroes of the occasion;
  • professional humor displayed in comics, infographics and gifs;
  • a selection of textbooks and online courses for those who want to become an IT specialist.

2) Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day.


  • Congratulate all the lucky ones who have found their soulmate, and wish good luck in their search to those who have yet to do so;
  • Pre-create a contest for the best couple among your subscribers, and award the winners with mementos on February 14;
  • work out special offers for two couples (so-called couples kit at a bargain price);
  • organize a party for your subscribers or become a co-organizer of a town event or an interesting action.


February 21 International Mother Language Day


  • Post spelling tests;
  • Do your own “almost total” dictation;
  • tell about common mistakes in the spelling or pronunciation of words;
  • pick up interesting facts about the holiday theme;
  • give a discount to teachers of Russian language and literature.


February 24 Lottery Birthday.


  • Hold your own raffle for prizes. Have the lucky ones randomly determined by a service or a special app.


February 27 Optimist’s Day.


  • A selection of motivators;
  • Posts with anecdotes and funny situations;
  • tips for a good mood;
  • theme songs, movies and clips.

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