Priority ranking of articles in Yandex.Zen has been launched

The system of priority ranking of content begins to work in Yandex.Zen. Ranking articles in Yandex.Zen in order to determine quality criteria for materials that will begin to be applied in the affiliate program.

Zen developers reported that at the moment the 1st stage of the program has started, as a result of which the materials of the authors creating unique and high-quality content will receive priority in showing over other publications. At this stage, an expert assessment of posts by publishers, editors and service authors will be carried out.

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How the ranking of posts in Yandex Zen will work

As we wrote above, publishers, together with authors, will determine quality parameters for all materials on the site. Based on these principles, inclusion in the affiliate program will take place.

Only select publishers and authors will be invited to participate in the affiliate program. Moreover, their composition may vary, depending on the adherence to the established rules. For example, a violation may be followed by an exclusion from the program. The quality of the publisher’s content will be determined not only based on the content on the channel, but also on the site.

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How to create a channel in Yandex.Zen

There are no exact conditions for participation in the partnership program, as they are under development and will be formulated by September 2018. But it is already known for sure that each participant of the program will have the opportunity to participate in educational events and he will have an appropriate public status.

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