Pro-account in TikTok: what it gives, how to make and set up


We tell you about connecting and setting up a Pro-account in TikTok, as well as its features.

In this material, we will describe step by step how to make a Pro-account in TikTok, what it means, what you need it for and what benefits it gives.


What is a Pro-Account at Tic-Toc and what it provides

When getting acquainted with TikTok, many people have an involuntary question: what does Pro-account mean and what does it give? From the name it is not difficult to understand that Pro-account means a professional account. But there are two types of pro-accounts: Author and Business. Let’s see their main features and differences.

Business account in Tick-Tock:

  • This is a type of account for companies and brands;
  • Allows you to add a link to the site, even if you have 0 subscribers;
  • Opens the analytics section with full access to all statistics on the account;
  • Allows you to set up an autoresponder for personal messages.


Author Account:

  • This is the type of account for bloggers, celebrities, athletes and more;
  • Opens the analytics section with full access to all statistics on the account;
  • You can use the Q&A function.



That is, the difference in the tools and features available. Choose what is more important and necessary for you. Also, on one and the other type of account, you can choose a profile category and run ads.


How to activate a Pro-account in Tic-Toc: step-by-step instructions

To switch to a Pro account, watch our short video instruction:

Or follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

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Step 1: Open the home page of your profile and go to settings. Press the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2. A menu will open. Select Manage Account.

Step 3. Then scroll down and click “Switch to Pro Account.”

Step 4. Next, choose the type of account – Author or Business (we wrote about their differences above).

Step 5: Enter the account category. Right choice of category will help social network to show your content in recommendations to the most interested audience.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and confirm it with a text message.

Done! If you want to go back to your personal profile, follow the same chain of action and click “Return Personal Account”.


Solutions Overview


After upgrading to a Pro account, you will have an analytics section in your account settings. You can look at data for analysis, either for the account as a whole or for individual publications.


  • Overview: video views, subscribers, profile views. You can see a 7 or 28 day snapshot.
  • Content: video posts, popular clips. Current data for the last 7 days.
  • Subscribers: total number of subscribers, gender, popular places.
  • Analytics on the pro-account.


  • total viewing time;
  • number of views;
  • Average view time;
  • Types of traffic sources (subscriptions, recommendations, hashtags, etc.);
  • The origin of the audience (distribution of the audience by regions).


A pro-account is necessary if you want to promote your company in Tic-Toc or plan to monetize your account in the future. Thanks to analytics, you’ll be able to analyze your content, find successful and unsuccessful clips, and monitor audience growth.

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