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The profession of an SMM manager was finally formed only by 2010, when social networks took a strong position as a platform for business promotion. SMM specialists are responsible for the promotion of brands, goods and services on social networks, and their range of responsibilities strongly depends on the concept of the project. For example, for one project you can do YouTube channel designand for another setting up targeted advertising on VKontakte

Everything that an SMM manager does is aimed at making a profit from social networks. The specialist attracts traffic, works with the audience, forms their opinion about the brand.

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The main responsibilities of an SMM manager

The main responsibilities of an SMM manager include:

  1. Strategy Development the company’s presence in social networks. A specialist usually forms a clear promotion task: increasing the flow of customers, increasing brand loyalty, detaching from competitors, and so on.
  2. Creation and design thematic communities, groups, pages, publics.
  3. Drawing up media plans and content plans
  4. Content generation – both with the involvement of “contractors” (designers and copywriters), and without it.
  5. Promotion groups, pages, publics and so on. This includes creating and setting up advertisements, running contests and driving traffic by any other available means.
  6. Analysis conversion rates and adjustment of advertising campaigns depending on the result.
  7. Communication – creating responses to negative and positive messages from users.
  8. Making report and analytical work.
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These are the main responsibilities of an SMM manager. Depending on the project, its functions can expand or, vice versa, narrow. For example, groups are often promoted by a team in which one is responsible for the content, the other for advertising, the third for the design, and so on. Many professionals provide additional training to their assistants.

Each project usually has a clear job description for specialists.

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Key skills of an SMM manager

Important skills of an SMM manager, without which his services will not have the desired effect, are:

  • sociability: a specialist must be able to communicate with a different audience in its language;
  • equilibrium: it helps to get out of unpleasant situations with dignity;
  • a responsibility: the specialist is obliged to finish what he started and not to abandon the project halfway through;
  • stress resistance – force majeure situations cannot be solved without it;
  • resistance to criticism – without it, it is difficult to see and correct the mistakes made.

These requirements are often found in vacancies. Some companies are ready to conduct training for beginners, while issuing a minimum wage if they have good personal qualities.

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How to find a job for an SMM manager?

An SMM manager must be able to independently search for orders. Many specialists work on freelance and are looking for new clients with the help of:

  • social networks – you can create a working page and publish there cases, advice, your thoughts and other interesting content for potential clients;
  • mailings CVs for vacancies on various sites such as HeadHunter, Avito, and so on;
  • mailing KP – commercial offers – for different companies in which there are no open vacancies, but their presence in social networks is minimal;
  • publication of resume on special portals like Avito and other well-known resources;
  • freelance exchanges type Kwork,, etc.
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Over time, many specialists come on the recommendation, and then the SMM-manager does not look for a job – she herself “floats” into his hands. True, this applies only to those who really know their business well and increase the profit of companies through their development in social networks.

How much does a specialist earn? The exact amount depends on the scope of responsibilities, the region of promotion, the company’s budget and other factors. For example, the average salary of an experienced specialist in Moscow in May 2016, according to HeadHunter, amounted to 60,000 rubles… Statistics were collected based on 220 vacancies.

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On the Internet, you can find training on work, both with individual social networks, and for complex work. Let’s highlight the main courses worth paying attention to.

1. Skillbox

The course “SMM-marketer from A to Z” will prepare you for self-promotion of goods and services in social networks. Training includes the development of a promotion strategy, the correct setting of goals and objectives, a target on FB, VK and Instagram. Upon completion, you must make a graduation project.

2. Netology

The course “SMM Manager”, which teaches you to work with analytical data, targeted advertising and lead generation, create and promote content. The course includes working with key social networks: Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki.

3. City Business School

The Facebook and Instagram Advertising Specialist course, in which you will learn the general principles and differences of targeted advertising. Learn about all the ways to attract customers. Prepare your first ad campaign and get familiar with advanced ad settings.

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How to work remotely?

The average salary, often offered by large companies, sometimes fails to meet the needs of a professional. Then many switch to remote work so as not to waste time and money on the road, to gain relative freedom and not to be “tied” to one project.

Remote work as an SMM specialist does not require any super complex skills. It is enough to find a suitable vacancy, and for this – send a competent resume with the written benefits of the client from cooperation with you. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect your proposal to resonate immediately. Many submit 10, 20, and 50 resumes before finding a decent job.

Before you agree to a project, ask how much you will earn and find out the clear terms of reference. Keep in mind that working remotely requires self-discipline and time planning, but it also requires more freedom and time for yourself.

An SMM manager is a promising profession that, with proper experience and the desire to improve itself, bears good results. Because there are not so many really competent specialists, and good specialists are always appreciated.

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