Promoting with Flavor. The 22 best Instagram accounts about pastry art


Today, going into the pastry business and not having your own Instagram is just unseemly. Examples of delicious pages from popular pastry chefs and everyday moms on the maternity ward who sometimes give them a head start.


Multistory and unrealistically stylish cakes to order from Moscow confectionery studio Cake Annushka. The number of sweet “exhibits” strikes the imagination. The portfolio of masters of the studio includes everything from photo cakes to skyscrapers, from conceptual cakes in the form of gifts from the world of high fashion to children’s cartoons. In a word, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.


A Mexican chocolatier named Jose Ramon Castillo is an American TV star and a contestant on various cooking shows. In addition to himself, Castillo posts his products, which feature bright colors and positive shapes. Apparently, the Mexican really enjoys dabbling with frosting and dabbling in chocolate ladies’ shoes.


The author of the Ivcakes account, Victoria Sagirova, loves flowers, greenery and minimalism and does not work with mastic on principle, making the design of cakes exclusively from cream. According to the creator, the project was originally born as a “cake for yourself and your loved ones,” but over time has grown into something more. Now anyone can order the cakes Victoria, being confident in the naturalness and freshness of products.


Creativity Dinara Kasko from Kharkov is not just confectionary art, but also confectionary architecture. By education she is a designer-architect, and her confectionery products she creates using 3D-modeling and 3D-printing technologies. Dinara’s talent has been repeatedly appreciated at international competitions.

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Anastasia Zurabova is a journalist, food photographer and the author of several books on culinary topics. Anastasia is the ideal of many women who have time to raise children and self-actualize, tirelessly doing what they love.


A beautiful and delicious account that sells cake makers, photophones and wooden decor for flowers and pastries.


Instagram of a charming pastry chef from Milan, Gianluca Fusto, who consults restaurants and pastry shops and gives master classes around the world. There are so many fans of the Italian’s work that the account has fakes every now and then.


An account with a huge amount of desserts from food blogger and traveler Andrei Rudkov. The photos are brought to the highest degree of appetite, and many items are specially presented in the cut or in the process of eating to make the watchers’ drools flow.


A great example of self-branding is the page of pastry consultant Nina Tarasova, who travels around the world with master classes. In her blog she shares not only beautiful photos of products, but also an equally interesting process of creating them.


Darina Kossar is a food photographer and food art specialist who creates amazing creations from fruits, berries, chocolate, whipped cream and other products. In her hands, tasty things turn into edible pictures of animals, landscapes, portraits of stars and famous places of different countries.


When Lilia Vasilyeva draws on her cookies and gingerbread, time stands still for her. For five years now, Lilia has been in her business and creates unique sand and chocolate cookies, gingerbread, meringues and other gift sweets, sometimes putting predictions into them.

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High pastry art from French pastry chef Cédric Grolet, who works at Le Meurice in Paris. This master’s filigree technique and ability to create confectionery fruits that are indistinguishable from the real thing have brought the Frenchman an army of fans. The account has almost a million subscribers, and each post gets tens of thousands of likes.


Page of Moscow cafe YUMBAKER | Cafe with an emphasis on “expensive” black. The project was initially started as an online café by a Moscow mother Yulia Maryukha who baked her first cake for her daughter’s birthday in 2010 and then got so involved in it that she would be the envy of many a pastry chef.


Weddings, cakes, donuts and cupcakes from HOORAY Magazine! An account where you can find not only goodies, but lots of inspirational ideas for wedding planners and decorators.


A bright and positive account of home baking from an American woman named Ruth, who married a Canadian, moved to live in Toronto, and started doing what she loves. The blog’s author is raising children and runs her own cooking blog, Cook Til Delicious.


Another Instagram account from a representative of the “old guard” – chocolatier Philippe Bertrand. The “chef” had his titles back in the 90s. Bertrand is among the people who today define global trends and guidelines for the professional activity of confectioners.


Bright page of a young happy mother Larissa, who raises two daughters, travels the world and pleases her subscribers with colorful cakes, pastries and other sweets.

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An example of an inspiring pastry-themed page from Natalie Eng from Singapore. The girl’s photos are permeated with her love for France, where she often visits, and the inimitable Parisian spirit.


Yann Duytsche makes Spain’s best panettone pie, owns his own bakery, conducts pastry art workshops and writes books. A true expert in his craft, whose talent attracts people from all over the world.


If you’re looking for inspiration for creating eclairs, then it’s best to take a look at the ingenious creations of Joaquim Prat. Prat owns Maitre Choux confectionery in London and is considered one of the creators and trendsetters of “eclair” fashion.


Pastry chef Ekaterina Shulzhenko draws her inspiration from nature. In the confectionary art the author gives preference to cream cakes, which are beautifully decorated with berries.


Michel Bartocetti works as a chef at the fashionable five-star Shangri La Hotel in Paris. His page is a great way to find out if your level of pastry-making reaches the level of the famous hotel guests or if you need to grow a little more.


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