Promotion of a beauty salon on Instagram

The topic of today’s article is the promotion of a beauty salon on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most optimal platforms for promoting a beauty salon. There are several reasons for this:

  • the popularity of this network – today a huge number of people around the world use this service;
  • most of the audience is female;
  • the ability to post visual content, which is known to be perceived better than text;
  • the ability to use the service from a mobile or tablet.

The promotion of a beauty salon on Instagram contributes to an increase in the client base, loyalty of regular customers and sales growth. But, as you know, every business has its own nuances. So, in order to promote a beauty salon as efficiently as possible, you need to decide on its target audience.

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The target audience

Since a beauty salon offers various services: manicure, pedicure, haircuts, solarium, etc., it would be advisable to divide the target audience into several groups, according to the services that are presented in the salon.

For instance:

  • Pedicure (25 to 40 years old, are going on vacation or have problems with their nails)
  • Manicure (from 17 to 45 years old, girls and women from various social groups, from students to the wealthy)
  • Haircuts, hairstyles, styling (from 25 to 40 years old)
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Target audience will also be those who do not fit into this framework, but are geographically located next to the salon. In addition to the users you need to target, you need to find out other nuances of promotion – the design of photos, the nature of posts, hashtags, contests and promotions. About, how to promote beauty salon on Instagram as efficiently as possible, you will learn below.

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How to take and design photos for Instagram?

How to arrange a photo for Instagram?“- this question occurs quite often. Remember that the photos that you post on the page are the face of the salon and your craftsmen. That is why they must be of high quality. In addition, it is very important to design your photos in a consistent style. The cost of an error in the form of posting a photo of poor quality or falling out of the general rhythm is lost clients.

Therefore, to prepare a photo, it is better to equip a separate place where clients themselves want to take a photo and upload the photo to their Insta.

What to post?

In order to arouse interest among the target audience, you need to choose the right beauty salon promotion content… What exactly is the best way to post to draw attention to your business? First of all, you need to post the work of your masters. Please note that you can tag specific clients in the photographs of such works – this will help increase the credibility of your company.

In addition, in order to attract customers, you can publish some moments from the life of the salon: photos of the workflow, events, training. Please note that you should not clutter the feed of subscribers with a huge number of publications – there should be no more than 3 of them per day.

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What hashtags to use to promote your beauty salon on Instagram?

Hashtags for Instagram promotion Are a kind of tags that can be used to form content on a specific topic. Such labels must be used without fail, but in order to promote beauty salon on Instagram as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to apply them correctly. Of course, hashtags need to be popular so that potential customers can find your salon using them.

You can view the tags from competitors or use Yandex Wordstat, which select the most frequently used hashtags. In addition, when using tags, one must not forget about their number. So, it is better to add the maximum number of tags to one post – 30. You need to place hashtags in the footer of the post after the main text so that they are not visible when scrolling through the feed. In addition, each hashtag should match the image and be read effortlessly. For example, if the photo shows a keratin straightening or haircut, then there is no need to place a tag about manicure. In addition, it is better to come up with your own, original hashtag – for example, the name of a beauty salon, and be sure to accompany every post with it.

What contests and promotions to hold?

Some of the most effective methods used by many SMM managers to promote a beauty salon on Instagram, there are contests and promotions. You can see their ideas from competitors or come up with your own. So, the most popular promotions for a beauty salon – this is a discount for the second service, services as a gift, a discount for repost and others.

Also common beauty salon contests – this is “the best photo in the salon”, “the funniest photo title” and participation in Giveaway.

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