Promotion of brands of children’s products on social networks: learning from examples

We understand how children’s brands in Russia manage accounts and communities in social networks.

Types of child brands social media accounts

After checking the social networks of children’s brands, we identified five types of profile management. The big brands have one thing in common: a lot of slogans, large online and offline advertising campaigns and an abundance of contests with prizes. How to promote – in our separate article “How to properly lead a community for moms.”

Advertising social networks… The audience is still perceived as consumers of advertising. In such communities, almost all posts are selling. Engagement is provided by contests and sweepstakes – promotions in social networks are often associated with federal ones, which are held in stores where goods are sold. A brand that uses social media as an advertising platform is trying to invest in visuals as much as possible. In a separate article, we describe how to natively advertise products on social media.

Accounts with mascots… It is a rare type of community when a brand has its own mascot (character). I use these images on all creatives to create an association in a person – when he looks for a product on the shelf with his eyes, he will pay attention to the familiar mascot from the brand’s social networks.

Creative accounts… The brand creates communities around one conceptual idea. This is how Baikal 430 works, for example. Here, work is often given to a creative agency that develops aesthetics, look, theme, and text on a turnkey basis. Even those who know nothing about the brand or who buy competitor’s products subscribe to such communities.

Thematic communities… The brand creates a theme around the product that brings people together. The content is released on a wide range of topics: games, tests, collections, life hacks. For more information on compiling selections, see the article “Idea for a post. Thematic selection “. The task of such communities is to constantly involve subscribers in the content so that they regularly return to the page.

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How brands of children’s products conduct social networks


Type: thematic community.

Pampers relies heavily on user generated content and subscriber engagement. The brand’s VKontakte page is called “Pampers: VKontakte Mommies” and the wall is open – any subscriber can write a post and receive a response from other subscribers. And it doesn’t matter if he is a buyer or not – this is a public page for all mothers.

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Support content from Pampers

The content on social networks is duplicated, but on Instagram Pampers various activities take place in the Stories: support for mothers with a child, useful posts about caring for babies, and so on. Interestingly, useful posts and (generally useful content) are made by invited experts: psychologists, doctors, fitness trainers.

Sponsored post via user generated content on Pampers Instagram
Sponsored post via user generated content on Pampers Instagram

As for UGC content, posts use subscriber pictures (with mention) and even quotes-words. The brand neatly inscribes its advertisements without selling it head-on. For example, the launch of a new product, coconut-scented napkins, is promoted through stories and the same user-generated content.

What to remember:

  • If a brand’s product unites a wide category of consumers, then you can create a club in social networks, where people do not come to read about the brand, but to communicate with other consumers and exchange experiences.
  • To develop the club, you should create engaging content (asks subscribers for opinion) and publish user-generated content.
  • If the content implies expertise, then you should invite a specialist, and not write on behalf of the brand.


Type: ad account.

The brand of fashionable children’s clothing from St. Petersburg maintains its Instagram account just like any major fashion brand: photo shoots with models, bows and information about discounts. The main type of posts is advertising or presentation of products, and sometimes there are test games in stories. In the comments, they usually ask about product availability or delivery.

Acoola ribbon visual
Acoola ribbon visual

What to remember:

  • If the account is advertising, then the content should be thought out from a visual point of view – for example, high-quality photo shoots with the brand’s products.
  • The advertising account mainly collects buyers, so in the comments, questions about the products. Community managers need to quickly process all requests, just like Acoola does.


Type: Advertising community and mascot community.

Nestle has a separate product line, Nestle Baby & Me, which produces food for children under the Nestle and Gerber brands. Under the Nestle brand, various cereals are usually produced in bright yellow packages with a blue mascot bear. Under Gerber, there is a line of yoghurts, baby food and cereal snacks. VKontakte posts are dedicated to cereals presented by Mishka mascot. The main content is advertising and regular contests with product raffles. The purpose of most posts is to reveal the value and usefulness of the product, therefore content on the composition of children’s cereals and the specifics of their production is often published on social networks. All so that subscribers and consumers do not have doubts about the quality of the product.

Examples of Nestle posts on VKontakte
Examples of Nestle posts on VKontakte

Instagram presents the products of the Geber brand. Like Instagram, Pampers Nestle uses user generated content – photos of followers with brand products. Otherwise, most of the posts are advertising content. If not even Gerber products, then posts with seemingly advice on the topic “How to keep a baby at 6 months old” lead to the manufacturer’s website, where there are interactive games.

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An example of a useful post for converting traffic to a brand website
An example of a useful post for converting traffic to a brand website

What to remember:

  • If the goal of creating a community is to advertise products, then posts should be mostly about the brand’s product.
  • The posts need to reveal the value and feature of the product, show its quality and overall brand reliability.
  • To increase engagement – regular contests with a drawing of brand products.


Type: An advertising community with a focus on useful content.

FrutoNyanya publishes the same content on VKontakte and Instagram with some differences due to the functionality of social networks (for example, polls are attached to some posts on VKontakte). Unlike Nestle, FrutoNyanya, although it regularly advertises its products, is more about useful content. Here they tell how to dress the baby for a walk in the form of a game, and the mother gives advice from psychologists on how to be happy. The visual is also interesting – FrutoNyany’s social networks are similar to illustrations for children’s books.

An example of useful content on Instagram FrutoNanny
An example of useful content on Instagram FrutoNanny

In the story, FrutoNyanya constantly communicates with subscribers, sometimes in the form of games. For example, they ask if we know the difference between Autobots and Decepticons (Transformers franchise). If so, it means that they have boys growing up. Highlats on Instagram are divided by grocery directions: cereals, drinks, mashed potatoes, and so on. This allows subscribers to immediately find information about the product they are interested in, and in posts – less often mention the brand’s products and focus on useful content.

FrutoNanny's account visual
FrutoNanny’s account visual

What to remember:

  • You should not divert the audience from Instagram to other social networks or brand sites – all useful content should be published immediately on the social network.
  • To create a corporate identity in social networks, you can use the visual of illustrations for children’s books.
  • In Highlights, it is worth using not only as thematic headings for content in stories and releasing information on brand products there. This way, buyers can quickly find the information they are interested in.


Type: ad account.

The manufacturer of children’s and teenage shoes Kapika publishes content on Instagram advertising its products and informs about promotions and discounts. Engaging content is mainly in stories – games and tests. In the posts, in addition to advertising products, there are thematic publications on how to choose the right shoes for a child and broader ones: how to develop writing skills or maintain a child’s immunity. In general, they try to publish in the account not only selling content, but also to respond to consumer requests.

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Kapika ribbon visual
Kapika ribbon visual

What to remember:

  • If the product has a seasonality (for example, shoes), then the tape can be visually decorated in the style of autumn, winter, spring, summer.
  • The same seasonality allows you to publish not only advertising content from the brand book, but also useful posts. For example, how to choose waterproof shoes.


Type: creative community.

Baby food manufacturer Tema in VKontakte and Instagram abandoned the brand name and became simply the “Club of caring mothers”, that is, a community where people talk about healthy and healthy nutrition, childcare and games. The topic positions its social networks as a place where an atmosphere of joy and care reigns, and in the comments you can share your opinions and communicate. As engaging content – tests, games and contests. How to make such posts – in the article “Idea for a post. Puzzles and riddles “.

Visual Ribbon Themes

By the type of content, we classified the Topic as creative, because the brand publishes content that is usually produced by informational social media. Weekend family movie selections, life hacks for new moms that involve posts (eg, “What weird games are your kids playing?”). All this is presented in a unique and recognizable design with its own fonts and identity.

Instagram highlights are not a selection of products, but educational games, recipes, answers to popular questions and other useful content. Interestingly, the Theme releases branded wallpapers to your phone.

What to remember:

  • The interests of the audience are always broader than the queries that the product can solve. A brand on social media can become a curator: publish posts about leisure, recreation or food.
  • If there is a corporate identity in social networks, then you can release your own merch – for example, wallpaper for your phone or wallpaper-calendars.
  • Standard posts (holiday, quotes) can be played up in a new way if there is an artist or designer on the staff. This adds value to the content. For more information on creating postcards, see the article “Idea for a post. Postcard in honor of the holiday.


The general conclusion is that the accounts of children’s brands are maintained for those who make a purchase decision, that is, for the parents of children. Then everything depends on the specifics of the brand. Pampers is centered around babies and very young children, and the brand is aware that this is the hardest time for moms, so all content is supportive. Other brands (Tema, FrutoNyanya) try to reach out to the interests of parents and release helpful posts about children’s health or psychology. Well, manufacturers of clothes or shoes mainly publish bows so that subscribers can immediately appreciate a specific novelty of the next collection.

Chupa-Chups tape visual
Chupa-Chups tape visual

Interestingly, the approach to profile management changes as the child matures. For example, LEGO, Chitos or Chupa-Chupsa are already running social networks for teenagers. Therefore, at this age, the decision to buy is most likely already made by a teenager. Hence, visually striking content, appeals in posts to “you” and games in stories.

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