Promotion of Instagram in 2021 by yourself: from zero to a million


There are a lot of nuances to Instagram promotion in 2020. Nakrutka no longer works, with the growth of subscribers real reach falls, the competition is higher and higher.

The material is dedicated to how to promote Instagram on your own and almost for free. In this material we will consider in detail all the stages of promotion from A to Z.

  • How to create and design a profile for a business, personal blog or a public folder.
  • How to create content for posts and Stories, as well as write texts.
  • How to use advertising to promote.
  • How to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of promotion.
  • What services and programs for promotion of Instagram to choose.

All you learn by reading the article to the end, also at the end of the article you will get a small bonus.


How to promote Instagram: step by step instructions

In the article we will describe the basic steps to be followed at the very beginning of the work to promote the business in Instagram.

Creating an account and connecting a business profile

If you start promotion from scratch, the first step is the registration of the company page in Instagram. You can do it from your phone and computer.

The next step is to switch to a commercial profile. To do this, create a business page in Facebook, go to “Settings” of the Instagram account and switch to the business profile of the organization. The process is described in more detail in the article: How to connect a business account in Instagram.

So why do you need a business account? Because it has advantages over a normal profile:

  • Availability of statistics (views, likes, comments, engagement, reach and more);
  • Contact buttons (phone number, e-mail and directions);
  • specifying a category (a special block in which you can specify the field of activity);
  • Showing the actual address of the company (by clicking on it, the client goes straight to the page with a map).

Parasite – all for Instagram-accounts: delayed posting, communication in Direct, creation of storis and analytics.


So no matter what you’ll be promoting: a business, personal blog or publick, the first thing to do is go to the company’s account.

Page layout (profile header)

The header is the first thing a user sees when visiting your page. You have to fill in the header properly in order to keep visitors’ attention. There are 6 main sections you should fill in: the username, account name, description, profile picture, actual posts and contact details.

Nickname (username)

This is a unique set of characters in Latin (our nickname in Instagram: postiumru), as well as the url address (, by which you can be found.

In the nickname should use the name of the company, your name or surname, a keyword or a link to the region. In a compound nickname, use underscores to separate words. The use of a dot is allowed. To change your nickname, click “Edit Profile” and change it in the “Username” field. When you’re done, save your changes. If your nickname is taken, you’ll be notified.

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Examples: adidas, design_interiera, sushi_spb, buzova86, stroitelstvo.domov.

Account name

Account name can be written both in Latin and in Russian letters. Here you can also enter the name of the brand, a keyword that you can be searched for by potential customers or the name of the product. For personal blogs, it’s better to use catchy, provocative names or your real name/surname.

When you use a unique name or title, you are working for brand recognition. If you choose a keyword, your profile will be more demand and search oriented.

To change your account name, click “Edit Profile” and enter text in the “Name” field. You can use emoji. The maximum length is 30 characters, you can change the page name no more than 2 times within 14 days.

Description (section about yourself)

The description should contain the basic characteristics of your activities: the types of products you offer, the advantages of cooperation with you, work experience, and so on. You can also provide a link to your website. If you don’t have one, provide links to your community on social media.


Profile picture

There are two things to keep in mind when choosing an image: the first one will be circular, which means the original version will be cropped around the edges; the avatar should always have a strong association with the services you offer (or with your brand in general).

Contact details

Go to your profile settings and include: phone, email, address and website. If you don’t have a site, put a link to your messenger.

You can also duplicate your phone number in your profile description.

An example of how to fill out a profile header

Let’s look at filling out a header for a beauty salon profile as an example. What should we put in the header? What information should be there? It is best to list the main services, phone number (because not everyone pays attention to the “Call” button), a call to action (write to direct for an appointment or go to the site). In addition, fill in the information in the header do from the PC, as this will break down the description on the lines, and to highlight the lines use emoji.


Filling with content

The promotion of Instagram is primarily based on creating attractive visual content. It is what encourages subscribers to get acquainted with the text accompaniment of the sales offer. Non-standard photo work exhaustive sales text first calls, messages from potential customers.

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Characteristics of graphic content for Instagram:

  • high quality (apply the rule of daylight (natural) light: the light should fall on the subject of the photo (result: images are sharper, brighter; when you process the photo, use the built-in Instagram filters, they will help to eliminate the existing flaws))
  • A captivating storyline (make each photo into a short story about the production of the product, the life of your team outside of the work process;
  • You can also share thematic statements and quotes);
  • different formats of visual content (publish on your profile not only pictures, but also short videos (2017 is the year of video marketing), photo collages)
  • stylistic integrity (a single color scheme, repeating stories or visual components all contribute to the designation of your identity, independence (result: attracting the attention of a diverse target audience))


Texts for posts

In order for the visual content to be delivered to the end consumer, care must be taken to form an appropriate textual explanation. This can be done by posting hashtags.

Hashtags greatly simplify the process of finding the desired product. Recommendations for their use are outlined below: do not connect the most popular hashtags to the promotion algorithm, because they will be lost in the general flow of distribution tags (solution:

  • develop your own structure of tags (for example, create your own branded hashtag), so you can not only increase brand
  • recognition, but also influence the promotion of the product as a whole);
  • do not place too many words (no more than 3) in the hashtags;
  • separate elements in the tags with an underscore (alternative: block writing).


How to use geolocation for posts

Geolocation is a tool that allows you to mark the location where a photo was taken. To “enable” the feature in a post, you need to click the “Add Location” button in the caption block and then enter the required geolocation data.

As a geolocation you can use not only the place where your organization is located, but also popular places of your city (shopping and entertainment centers, places of cultural rest, parks and squares, museums, etc.), which will allow you to reach an even larger audience. If the search does not give the right geo-location, you can add your geolocation through Facebook.

Services for promotion on Instagram

Instagram refers negatively to most services with which you can run automatic actions, such as masliking, masluking, massfolloving, mailing list and others. However, if you do not abuse them and use them competently (connect proxies, observe the limits), then they are very good helpers in promotion. Consider several useful services:

  • is a multifunctional service. You can run as a mass activity, set up auto-posting or do direct mailing.
  • Leadfeed – a service that specializes only in direct mailing to Instagram. There is an autoresponder, multi-account mode, but the main feature is sending messages to open conversations.
  • Zengram – automated promotion service in Instagram: likes, followers, comments. Plus there is a set of additional services: parser, bot cleanup, instatracker and spy.
  • is another online service focused on automating the promotion of an Instagram account.
  • Tooligram is a versatile service with which you can make a newsletter, run activities, set up auto-posting and track comments. Free analytics on the account are shown and multilinks are available.
  • Parasite is an online service whose main specialty is delayed posting. It is possible to set up scheduled postings, videos and even storis.
  • Hipolink is a multilink service. In the free version, you can add one link, one social network and one messenger. On paid plans, the number of links, social networks and messengers is unlimited.
  • Livedune – the service allows you to collect important information about an account and check bloggers for tampering.
  • Monitors over 40 parameters.
  • Trandhero – allows you to deeply analyze your profile and other people’s accounts, checks Instagram-bloggers for tampering.
  • Scooping subscribers.
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One of the easiest ways to get your first 100-1,000 subscribers is simply to scoop them up. Here are a few services that allow you to do this:

  • Fastpromo is an audience engagement service. With its help you will get activity from real people who are really interested in your project.
  • Bosslike – one of the most functional sites for exchanging likes and add subscribers to Instagram.
  • LikeInsta is a site where you can boost Instagram followers without tasks or registration.


How to quickly promote Instagram from scratch

By saying this, we mean the starting point – 0, and 100 – reaching the maximum you can get from Instagram. And the effect, given that it is a social network can be viral and easily scalable, which is very important for business. And here’s a list of additional recommendations that you can use to take your maximum and more.

  • Keep track of all the latest changes and trends.
  • Keep an eye out for updates – some may only be cosmetic additions, others may have a serious impact on the entire operation.
  • Experiment – make different hypotheses and test them for viability.
  • Do end-to-end analytics – count how much profit you’ve made from the customers you’ve attracted through Instagram.
  • Don’t do everything by hand – use special programs and services, delegate routine tasks to your subordinates.

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