Promotion of the group in Odnoklassniki

The social network Odnoklassniki is an excellent base for your business: there are a lot of people, easy accessibility of information, the product can be shown “face”. Therefore, the promotion of a group in Odnoklassniki is a good way to attract your target audience.

What can be done social media manager, in order to quickly promote the group, now let’s try to tell.

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Publishing Posts

To attract to the group use a wall with posts in Odnoklassnikiwhich may contain different information. For a more successful product promotion, place 70% of the information about the product on the wall, and the rest is popular posts and advertisements of other groups. You need to establish contact with other groups for your advertising.

At first, you need to find and post from 10 different posts, preferably at different times. Agree, laborious and not very convenient. But there is a delayed posting function. It makes filling the group much easier.

Click create new theme – a new window will appear.

Here, click the “time of publication” and set the date and time of posting.

Publishing PostsIn the settings, define a theme or put a Promo, remove comments.

Publishing Posts

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Sending invitations to a group

Also, more members are important for the group. It is especially important for business that these are real people interested in products. In this case, there will be activity in the group, and it will develop.

Inviting to the community is quite time consuming work. And the restrictions do not quite help this. For example, an invitation to a group can only be sent to friends. And then you first need to invite to the page, and then to the group. And the invitations are limited, and it’s not a fact that they will agree to join. And Odnoklassniki can block you.

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Promotion of the group in Odnoklassniki in other ways

Better to create contests, promotions. In this case, people themselves will be added to your friends.

Sharing posts with other groups is a free way to advertise. But it will not bring a large influx of participants.

You can pay to place your ad on more visited groups. But it is better to select them similar in subject matter.

You shouldn’t save on advertising. If you do not know how to create advertising posts, then contact the specialists.

Do not publish to one group, but several. And let you have a few more advertising posts to replace, so that you don’t get bored.

It is better to negotiate with several groups with an average number of participants than with one, but with a large number of friends. It’s just that more people will see your ad this way. And perhaps the cost of placement will not be so high.

There is also a fixed placement. Where they stipulate when placing your advertisement in another group, up to how many members your post will hang on the community wall.

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