Pros of delayed posting for Tik Tok

Maintaining an account on TikTok takes a lot of time. The user must at least draw up a content plan, shoot and process videos, regularly publish new clips. To automate the workflow, experienced SMM specialists use deferred posting, which can significantly save time and effort.

In this article, you will learn about the features and benefits of the post planner, get recommendations for using this tool.

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What is the essence of deferred posting

Business-specific, it is extremely important for companies to be present at TikTok. This allows you to build a positive reputation, expand your customer base and increase sales.

The more often the products and the brand itself appear on social networks, the higher their recognition will become. To warm up the interest of the target audience, you need to constantly publish content that is relevant to it. Desirable – 1-3 times a day. Moreover, it is important to do this during the hours of activity of your subscribers. Don’t want to be online all the time, but are afraid to miss the right time? Then use delayed posting.

Autoposting is the automatic publication of content at a specified time. You just need to prepare materials in advance, load them into the planner and indicate the date / time of publication. Also, some programs allow you to duplicate content on different sites, for example, on Instagram and VKontakte.

Thanks to deferred posting, you can:

  • plan the release of content months in advance by adding tasks to the queue;
  • make out materials from a laptop and a computer, which is especially important when working with a large amount of data;
  • engage in more thorough preparation of further videos, without fear of being late for the right time;
  • quickly and easily manage multiple accounts at the same time;
  • create an accurate publication schedule – it’s easier to hook the audience on your content if it comes out at the same time;
  • always adhere to a content plan, even if the Internet is suddenly lost or you are not at work.
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However, such an effective tool has its drawbacks. These include work on a paid basis and the ability to get a shadow ban. We’ll talk a little later about how to smooth out these disadvantages, where to find an inexpensive but reliable service.

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How to use auto-posting correctly

To maximize efficiency and minimize the risk of blocking, it is important to adhere to certain rules.

  1. Don’t set up delayed posting on young accounts with little content and no more than a thousand subscribers. If your profile is less than three months old, there is a high probability of getting banned from TikTok. An old account can also be subject to sanctions, but it is much easier to unblock it.
  2. At the time of publication, you should not show suspicious activity: put likes, conduct a live broadcast. It is better not to log into your account at this time, otherwise the system may recognize logins from different IP addresses.
  3. We’ve already covered when to post new content. It is important to take into account the hours of activity not only of the target audience, but also of your competitors. Here, every minute counts. For example, it is usually more appropriate to post a video at 6:03 pm, rather than at 6 pm like everyone else. This will reduce the level of competition and will be able to get the most views.
  4. Use only a proven post planner. Experienced social media administrators advise giving preference to a well-established program. The use of new services increases the risk of getting blocked and losing your profile. In most cases, they don’t work correctly. In addition, it can be scammers who want to find out your username and password.
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Reliable auto-posting from ToTop Tool

TikTok does not have built-in functions for setting up auto-posting, you cannot postpone publication in the application and on the web version. You can only first upload the video to a draft and keep it there to publish at the right time.

For more convenient work with the video community and save time, we recommend using the ToTop Tool. It is a well-known comprehensive tool with hundreds of positive reviews. For just 47 rubles a day, you will have at your disposal a multifunctional full-cycle software: from registering a profile to auto-posting, gathering an audience according to specified criteria, mass-liking and mass-following. And this is without restrictions on the number of accounts!

As for the auto-posting itself, the ToTop Tool program allows you not only to set the date and time of publication, but also to add a description, hashtags and mentions, as well as set a timeout and privacy settings.

Autoposting in the Tik Tok Tool program

You can find step-by-step instructions on setting up deferred posting in the ToTop Tool here.


Autoposting will be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save time and effort while promoting on TikTok. The main thing is to take into account all the tips voiced in this article and choose a reliable publication planner.

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