Proxies for Instagram: what are they for, which ones are better and where to buy

A proxy is an intermediary between you and a web resource; it hides the user’s actual IP address. For example, you may be in Russia, but the site recognizes your geolocation as if you are abroad or in other cities.

In the article we will tell you why you need proxies for Instagram, what they are and where to buy them.

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What are proxies for Instagram for?

Proxies on Instagram are usually used by owners of several accounts to protect themselves from blocking social networks – Instagram is suspicious of frequent requests from the same IP, but from different accounts.

Let’s consider the main reasons for using a proxy for Instagram.

For traffic arbitrage… The scheme for making money on affiliate programs is as follows:

  1. Selecting an offer or several offers to which we will drive traffic from Instagram. This is one of the most important stages, as you need to select a product that will be in demand among the public.
  2. Buying a package of Instagram accounts.
  3. Preparation of pictures / product descriptions and profiles.
  4. Buying a proxy, setting up accounts.
  5. Promotion of accounts, for example, through mass activities – massliking, massfollowing.

For mass activities and cheats… In addition to the previous point. Mass activities may be needed not only for making money on affiliate programs, but also for promoting basic goods and services or making money on advertising.

For mailings… You can send bulk mailings to subscribers in Direct. You can find services for mailing lists in our article.

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For audience scraping… Collection of contacts through services. The collected database can be used for advertising.

To change geolocation… For example, the owner of a business account lives in one country, and the employee responsible for filling and promoting them in another. To prevent Instagram from suspecting accounts of suspicious activity, they use a proxy.

For auto-posting through services… Especially if it is used in conjunction with mass-following, mass-liking services. Read our review of auto-posting services.

To promote multiple accounts at once… Let’s say you have multiple business accounts – primary and secondary. An example is the restaurant chain @orion__group. In addition to him, the network has 7 more regional accounts that exchange traffic with each other. To promote business accounts without fear of their existence, we recommend using a proxy.

Important: stick to the rule – 1 proxy for 1 account. If you buy an individual one, then you can use 2-3 accounts.

Types of proxies and which ones are better to choose

We understand what proxies are.

Free… Their main advantage is that you don’t have to pay for them. But it is also the only one. Free proxies are used by all and sundry. For a serious business, it is better not to take them, as there is a high risk of blocking or data leakage. Moreover, such proxies quickly become outdated and have a speed limit.

Paid… The price depends on the degree of security. It is best to use individual proxies when you are assigned a unique IP and no one else can use it. Suitable for promoting 2-3 Instagram accounts. These proxies are usually expensive, but well worth it.

Batch… These are paid, but cheap proxies, which is why a large number of users use them. As you can imagine, this affects security. It is better not to use them for business accounts, but they are suitable for traffic arbitrage.

Mobile proxies… Proxies that work through the network of mobile operators whose IP is constantly changing. Such proxies are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they are rarely blocked. The reason is that mobile operators have few proxies per capita (several thousand per million users). Web resources do not run the risk of blocking them, as ordinary users may suffer. Mobile proxies are suitable for working with social networks, they help bypass blocking actions. But they are not suitable for all tasks, for example, when parsing an audience or mass registration of accounts, there may be malfunctions.

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It is also customary to divide proxies into public and private.

1. Public – are in the public domain, in fact, these are free proxies.

2. Private – paid, differ in the level of anonymity:

  • low level of anonymity (transparent proxies) – the system sees the use of proxies, they have a high risk of blocking;
  • medium (anonymous) – the use of a proxy is also visible, but the IP is not recognized, since it is replaced by another, the risk of blocking is much lower;
  • high (elite) – the system does not see the fact of using a proxy, IP is reliably hidden, such proxies are the most reliable.

Output: It is better not to take free proxies – there is a high risk of blocking, batch (paid, but inexpensive) can be used to arbitrate traffic on Instagram, the most reliable are individual proxies with a unique IP. For social media, it is good to use mobile proxies.

Where to buy a proxy for Instagram

Proxies are sold on the site… Advantages – one-handed sale (no one shares IP with you), unlimited addresses and volume discounts.

Where to buy a proxy for Instagram

You can buy a proxy per piece or in a package. If by the piece – select the country, indicate the number of proxies and the validity period, and then click “Buy”.

Where to get a proxy for Instagram

To pay, we check the proxy country, social network (you must have a proxy for Instagram) and the number. We indicate the email and the method of authorization – by login / password or by IP. And also the payment method. If there is a promotional code for a discount, add it there. When everything is ready, click “Buy”, registration data will be sent to the mail after payment.

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Proxy server rental

There are 16 ways to pay for the order, you can also choose a currency other than the ruble.

How to pay for a proxy

It is more profitable to buy a proxy in a package – select the country, quantity and validity period, click “Buy”. Packs of 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 are available.

Geo proxy: Russia, Ukraine, USA, Kazakhstan

Before buying a proxy, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Geo… Choose a single proxy location, if there are many requests from different countries, Instagram will block accounts.
  • Reliability… Look at the anonymity level of the proxy. Elite proxies with a high level of anonymity are the most reliable, but also the most expensive.
  • Traffic… It is better not to use proxies with unlimited traffic, as this usually affects the quality and speed of their work.
  • Protocol version… There are proxies with IPv6 and IPv4 protocols. For Instagram it is better to use an IPv6 proxy. It offers more security than IPv4 and processes data faster. But you also need to consider what protocol the service supports through which you use the proxy. For example, SMMplanner only works with IPv4 proxies.
  • HTTP (s) and Socks5 support… Quality proxies support all three protocols.
  • Response time (performance)… You can test proxies and find out the exact ping time for a web resource through proxy checkers. For example, on the service.
  • No blocking by Instagram. Choose reliable proxy providers. It’s good if the site is offered separately proxies for Instagram, such can be bought on proxy-sale


If you are promoting professionally, be sure to use a proxy for Instagram. This will help avoid blocking and deleting accounts. Choose the proxy type according to your goals, but remember that it is safer to use individual proxies.

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