Pulse will help VKontakte bloggers automatically publish content and monetize it

Bloggers got new opportunities for content development and monetization. Now, by publishing an article on the Pulse recommendation platform, the author will be able to automatically post it in his VKontakte community. At the same time, the integration will allow you to make money on advertising: ad impressions on both resources will be monetized. VKontakte became the first platform to integrate with the Pulse platform for bloggers.

The synergy of platforms will help bloggers find new subscribers and communicate with the audience in two resources at once – to maintain a channel in Pulse and the VKontakte community. Automatic publication of content will save the author time that can be devoted to creativity, communication with subscribers and the development of VKontakte communities using social network tools.

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To publish articles on two sites by pressing one button, you need to link the VK community to your account in the Pulse account. When posting materials through the Pulse personal account, ad units will be displayed at the end of the publication. Ads will appear on both Pulse and VKontakte: thus, bloggers will be able to receive money for impressions on both resources. You can also withdraw funds to your account through your Pulse account.

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“Automatic posting of VKontakte materials from Pulse is the next step towards building an ecosystem for content creators. With the help of a recommendation system, bloggers will be able to work with more than 90% of the Russian Internet audience and monetize their materials. Integration of Pulse and VKontakte will allow you to instantly place content on several platforms from one interface – and immediately start making money on it “, – comments Sergey Shalaev, director of recommendation systems Mail.ru Group.

VKontakte ad units will be shown only in those articles that were created and published through the Pulse account.

Earlier, for ad entries without links in VK, payment for clicks became available, and online purchases in installments appeared.

Source: Press release Mail.ru Group

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