Questions for Instagram Stories: how to ask a question and how to answer

Finally, the update of questions for Stories on Instagram has reached the majority of Russian users. This update adds an additional way to interact with your followers and more. Now you can collect questions in the format Instagram Stories and answer them there. It turned out to be something like the once popular services of anonymous questions.

Let’s try to figure out how to ask questions in Instagram Stories, give answers to them and use this trick to engage the audience. Let’s go!

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Questions for Instagram Stories

How to ask a question

To ask a question in Stories, you first need to prepare what you want to publish (photo, video or text), and then click on the sticker at the top of the screen.

Then, in the pop-up tab, find the “Question” sticker and tap on it.

Attaching a sticker Questions

A form will appear through which users can ask questions and enter the text that they see. It should be a call to ask you questions.

We write the text of the question

To enhance the effect and attract more attention, you can add a gif with a pointer and also add geolocation and hashtagsto get additional coverage.

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At the end, we press “Submit” and wait for the publication. People who have seen your Story will be able to ask an unlimited number of questions. As a rule, the bulk of questions, if any, will come in the first 2 hours after publication. After waiting for the questions, you can start answering them.

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How to answer questions in Stories

We go into our stories and go to the one where we created the form for questions. Swipe up to go to statistics.

Viewing questions on Instagram

In the statistics on views, you can see the received questions. To answer, click on a question and select an answer option:

  • share an answer – to post a new story with an answer to a question;
  • send message – to reply to direct;
  • delete – if you don’t like the question and you are not going to answer it.

Answer options

How to make a Story with an answer to a question

To make a story with an answer to a question, select the first item – “Share the answer” and proceed to creation.

Share the answer to this question on Stories

We choose the background and positioning of objects on the screen: the place where the question and the answer to it are located. The question will be shown as a form with the question asked. In this case, the author of the question will remain anonymous. The answer can be made in any form – in text or, for example, by recording a short video.

Writing an answer

If necessary, you can add other elements, for example emoji slider or any other sticker.

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Background of the answer to the question in stories on Android and on iPhones

From the moment of launch until today, as a background for answering a question in Stories, you can use:

  • on Android: a gradient color from the standard set, as in the Story formatting as text;
  • on iPhone: you can choose any background – picture or video.

Why there are no questions on Instagram

What if there is still no question sticker for Instagram Stories? For those who have problems, here is a list of the main problems and how to solve them.

  • Application version… Go to Instagram settings and check which version of the application you have installed. There must be a version no less than 52nd, for both iOs and Android. Refresh yourself.
  • If updating the application does not help, try to demolish it, clear the cache and reinstall it.
  • Didn’t appear? Once again, carefully review the content of this article – are you doing everything right?
  • I do everything according to the instructions, but nothing helps – write to technical support.

What Interesting Questions You Can Ask in Instagram Stories – Ideas Pack

The Questions sticker will help engage your audience in brand communication and work on getting feedback. Here are some ideas for interesting questions and what questions to ask on Instagram Stories.

1. Get feedback.

Submit a “Leave your review” sticker to collect feedback on your work, product or service. You can also ask to leave your wishes: what can be improved, what you liked and disliked. Thus, those who did not even think about evaluating your company will be involved in the interaction.

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2. Collecting questions.

Find out what your target audience cares about – ask them. For example: “What else would you like to know about our product” or “What can I tell you about our service”. Substitute your names for “product” and “service”. It would seem that hardly anyone can be interested in this, but in fact, you will be surprised how many questions your potential customers have.

3. Form of record.

Let your customers sign up with a question sticker. Write a call to action: “Leave your phone number and we will call you back to record” or “Do you want to book an item in the warehouse? Just write your answer here. ” Only in this case, you need to quickly track incoming requests.

4. Competitions.

Create a competition using question forms. Ask a question and give a prize to the first one to answer or arrange a quiz of many questions, where the winner is the one who answers the most correctly or answers the fastest.

5. Get to know your subscribers better.

Forget about sales and show genuine interest in your followers. Find out how they live, how they spend their free time, what they prefer for breakfast, or what book they are reading right now.


We hope this post was useful to you and you have 100% figured out how to ask questions in Instagram Stories and how to answer them. Recall that recently for some countries there was an opportunity add music to storiesand it was also launched IGTV app

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