Quick replies in Instagram Direct

Do you use quick replies on Instagram to communicate with a client in Direct?

After setting up quick replies, you can select the desired template when replying to private messages on Instagram or when entering a code word, quickly select the desired answer.

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Below we figure out how to work with quick replies on Instagram and how to use them every day to communicate with customers.

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How to make a quick reply on Instagram

In order to create a quick response on Instagram, go to the settings from the main profile page. Next, scroll down and select the “Quick Answers” item. A new tab opens, where we click on the center “New quick response” or click the plus sign in the upper right corner.

Let’s move on to creating a quick response. In the window that opens, type the text of the message and enter its first words for quick selection in Direct. Finally, tap on the checkmark to save.

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Quick response textTo use quick replies in private messages:

  • click on the dialog icon and choose among the created templates;
  • start typing the given word, the dialog icon will be highlighted in blue and when you click on it, a quick answer will be automatically inserted into the message field.

How to use quick replies

Before sending, the quick reply message can be edited.

How to edit quick replies

If you want to change the quick answers you made, just go to the corresponding section in the settings. All the quick answers you made will be visible there. Click on the one that needs to be edited and make the necessary changes to its text.

How to edit quick replies

How to delete quick replies on Instagram

To delete a quick reply, follow the same chain of transitions as when editing “Settings – Quick replies”.

We select the answer that we want to delete and confirm the deletion of the answer.

How to use quick replies on Instagram for work

Typically, customers ask the same questions about price, location, delivery, opening hours and availability of the desired product. Some of these questions can be closed in Pinned Stories… But even if you create the necessary sections in Highlights, template questions will not stop coming. Therefore, it would be logical to create templates for quick responses.

We think you understand the general principle. To make one general answer for different types of messages, analyze all incoming messages and determine what the client wanted to know in each specific case. Then make a universal quick response.

How to set up automatic subscription messages

The main thing here is not to confuse anything. Quick replies are not the same as automatic replies to a subscription. The difference is that quick replies are the official Instagram functionality. Automatic replies are the work of third-party services. Here are several services that have the ability to automatically send a message to those who have just subscribed.

The main thing when setting up an autodirect is to create a list of unique messages that will be sent. This is necessary in order not to receive a block from Instagram for spam.

Recall that recently Instagram added the “Shopping” tab to the recommendedand also launched a new ‘Mention’ sticker in Stories

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