Rating of the most popular Russian bloggers in Tik-Tok

Tik Tok is a world famous platform where anyone can post original content and quickly become popular. This is facilitated by special algorithms for ranking the social network, which provide a real opportunity to quickly go to the “Recommendations”. The result of collecting a subscriber base and displaying their activity in the form of views / likes / comments often becomes effective monetization, as well as cooperation with stars and brands. But first things first.

In today’s article, we will analyze the channels of the most popular TikTokers in Russia and try to reveal the secrets of their relevance. Take on arms!

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Rating of the most popular bloggers

1st place: @thekiryalife

The undisputed winner in the Russian Tik Tok is Kirya Kolesnikov. The guy is a member of Grand_House_Official and the most extreme blogger (as written in the header of his profile).

Most of Tiktoker’s videos get hundreds of thousands and even several million views. In his videos, Kolesnikov demonstrates various tricks, and he also shoots pranks.

At the moment, the number of his subscribers is 21.3 million.

1st place in Russian tik-tok

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2nd place: @dina

Madina Basaeva is in second place with an audience of 18 million. The girl moved to Yekaterinburg, and then to Moscow from Dushanbe.

Initially, Dina became famous in Tik Tok for her dances to national music and collaborations with popular bloggers. Now she is shooting videos about everyday life, vines, lipsticks.

Making money by blogging, Madina Basaeva publishes three to five videos daily. This helps her stay at the top of the Russian TikTok rating.

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2nd place in tik-tok by popularity in russia

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3rd place: @era_ays

Era Ice has exactly 14 million TikTok subscribers at the time of this writing. The girl managed to achieve such an impressive figure due to videos with stylish dances and pranks. The blogger has a lot of content filmed together with friends from the Tiktokers house “XHOUSE”.

A variety of clips, good looks and charisma are the main secrets of the Ice Age’s popularity.

3rd place in tik-tok in russia

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4th place: @margo_flury

Margarita Dyachenkova is in fourth place in our ranking. She started a channel in Tik-Tok, already having a strong background: before that, the girl starred in Russian TV series and advertisements for popular brands, collaborated with fashion houses. Of course, this helped the blogger quickly achieve popularity on the site.

On the social network, Rita calls herself a young actress. Most often, she uploads videos about school friendship and love.

@Margo_flury has 13.4 million followers

4th place in Russian tik-tok

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5th place: @deamontol

The blogger’s audience is 12.4 million subscribers. If on Instagram a guy positions himself as an organizer of contests for stars, then on Tik-Tok he usually publishes touching videos with everyday life situations for many people, funny pranks with blogger friends and just passers-by.

5th place in tik-tok russia

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As you may have noticed, Tik-Tok is the easiest place to achieve popularity for people with charisma, acting skills and good looks. Nowadays it is not enough just to grimace in front of the camera – you need to interest and hook the target audience, and also bypass many competitors.

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In addition to the high quality and variety of content, regularity of publications plays an important role. In order to always adhere to the content plan, thereby maintaining the interest of new and old subscribers, we recommend setting up auto-posting in the ToTop Tool program. So you, regardless of the circumstances, can constantly update the feed and delight your audience with copyright content.

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