Reach Planner for scheduling YouTube ads

Google is launching a new tool, Reach Planner, for scheduling YouTube ads. The innovation will allow making predictions on the reach and achievement of goals when displaying video ads on YouTube and Google partner sites. At the moment, the functionality is at the beta testing stage and to access it you need to contact your manager Google AdWords

How to create a YouTube channel

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Why Reach Planner is needed and how to use it

The goal of Reach Planner’s launch is to simplify the planning process and provide advertisers with the maximum unique reach to their target audience across all devices. The tool will also provide guidance on how to properly allocate costs between TrueView In-Stream (ads during video) and Bumpers Ads (splash ads).

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Using Reach Planner

We go to the new tool and then in steps:

  1. Select audience – define who you want to show your ad to and set the appropriate targeting settings;
  2. Choose the appropriate combination of products (display options). With your campaign goals in mind, Reach Planner can help you determine the right mix of products based on your ad formats and budget;
  3. Track the result… Using the new tool, advertisers will see reach curves, frequency, and other key metrics for a specific audience. Advertisers can also make adjustments on the fly – targeting or formats.
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Also recently launched extension “Promotions” in Google AdWords and weather-based advertising

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