Reducing CPA by half for complex products. Case

The online store has been operating for over 28 years, and is engaged in both retail and wholesale of workwear (with a priority for wholesalers). Previously, I already conducted advertising campaigns with another contractor, and we had to reconfigure and optimize advertising, reducing CPA. It was important not to lose retail sales, and at the same time make a reference point for wholesale.

First of all, it was necessary to structure the advertising campaigns. In order to prioritize the promotion of products for wholesalers, campaigns must be categorized and promoted for individual ad groups increased. This is also important because in the B2B and B2C domains, customers perceive advertising messages differently and give priority to different platforms. We divided ads into groups: by profession, product, season and other categories, and started working with wholesalers and retail clients separately.

After creating the structure, it was extremely important to take care of the analytics. Before starting cooperation with us, the company did not track the conversion from each of the advertisements. We set up the necessary analytical systems (Google.Analytics, Yandex. Metrica), connected the Calltouch call tracking system.

This allowed us to identify ineffective ads:

  • with keywords that are poorly suited for product promotion;

  • with sites that are poorly suited for certain ad groups (for example, we disabled YAN for some ads);

  • with segments of users who are not potential customers.

In addition, we have connected the K50 cost per click reduction system to control effective and ineffective keywords. If a keyword does not bring conversions over the last week, the system sets a minimum bid, and if there is a conversion, but the cost is high, then it reduces bids by 10-15%.

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Then we held a trilateral meeting. It was attended by our specialists, company representatives and Yandex representatives. Yandex specialists analyzed advertising campaigns and gave their recommendations. Many of them have already been implemented, but some recommendations have helped to further reduce the cost of the targeted action.

Every month we tracked the progress of the campaign and optimized it:

  • introduced adjustments to reduce CPA;

  • added a new list of negative keywords;

  • cleaned the grounds;

  • added new keywords (to current campaigns);

  • added new campaigns (Yandex Direct);

  • corrected ad texts.

At the moment when we started cooperation, the CPA of advertisements was 3500-4000 rubles. The client set us the task to reduce this indicator to 2500, but, due to working with analytics, we managed to achieve the CPA value of 1900 rubles and increase the number of orders.

The case was prepared by Tatiana Polovichenko.

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