Registration and setup of a group in Odnoklassniki for sales

Odnoklassniki is the most popular social network among the adult Russian-speaking audience (residents of Russia and post-Soviet states). This fact has a positive effect on the possibility of doing business through them, because the adult population is the most solvent. Therefore, creating a group on this social network is very beneficial for many types of businesses aimed at an adult audience. An important role in this is played by competent design and setting up the group in Odnoklassniki. We will talk about this.

How to promote a group on Odnoklassniki

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Setting up and setting up a group in Odnoklassniki

Create a group on Odnoklassniki can be done in just a few minutes, but it is important that it looks presentable and thus attracts the attention of the target audience. It should be attractively designed and interesting to users. Proper group setup will allow you to achieve what you want, attracting exactly those members that you need most. Regardless of the purpose of creating a group in Odnoklassniki, it can be edited in such a way that will set the correct vector for the direction of its development. It is important to understand that the opposite result will be with insufficient attention to the design and customization of the group. Users will simply pass by if the content is not able to interest them.

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How to set up a group in Odnoklassniki correctly

High-quality customization will allow you to create the necessary functionality and provide the desired effect of admitting new members to the group. It is necessary to highlight the main points in the matter of setting up a group in Odnoklassniki.

Closed or open.

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These criteria directly affect the development of the group. In the first case, new members leave applications for membership and await the approval of the group administrator, who accepts those who are needed. In the second, anyone can join the group. It is also worth noting that in a closed group, the content and everything that happens inside it is not visible to those users who are not its members. You can select these parameters both when creating a group, and later in the main settings.

Age restrictions.

This parameter is well suited for creating a group for a specific age category. Here you can configure the minimum and maximum age of the group members – no one younger or older than the specified parameters can join it.

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Block above the tape.

It is a strip with tabs with themes, photos, videos, products and more. The group administrator can customize this block by selecting those positions that are of the highest priority for presentation to their members.

Group discussions.

This setting is one of the additional options for group members. The community administrator determines the ability to create it by discussion participants. In the same way, the permission to leave comments under various posts and in topics is determined. You can find this parameter in the main group settings.


This section will present various products or services provided by the group. Thus, participants can find what they want in the products and purchase through the group. Setting up a section is intuitively simple: you create a new product, write a name, write a description for it and set a price. Also, do not forget to upload an up-to-date photo for it so that participants who wish to purchase it can clearly understand what kind of product they are purchasing.

Sections “Photo” and “Video”.

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Here users will see all the media content in the group. In both sections, the administrator can create thematic albums, each of which will store photos or videos of a certain category. You can also allow or deny group members to add their own photos and videos. This can be done by checking the corresponding line in the group settings relating to these sections.

Group messages.

An important point both in an entertainment or informational, and in a commercial group is the ability of participants to communicate with the community administration on various issues. The best way to do this is to open this feature by allowing group messages. There is a similar item in the general settings, where you just need to make one click. And messages will be available to members. This will allow the second to write on questions of interest to the private messages of the group, where the administrative staff can answer them.

Group administration.

The group manager is appointed by the creator of the group (who is also the administrator). There can be only one administrator in a group, but his assistants stand out:

  • analyst – of the extended powers, he only has the ability to see the statistics of the group (it is best to put in his position the one who will be responsible for the promotion and advertising of the group);
  • editor – publishes posts and can clean comments that do not comply with group rules;
  • moderator – has full access to the ability to manage posts, comments and members, can clean the composition of the group or approve applications for membership (if we are talking about a closed group);
  • supermoderator – he can be called the right hand of the administrator, has extended powers, compared to other members of the group administration, in addition to all of the above capabilities, he is also able to change the group settings, and manage the group leaders (demote and exclude from the administrator’s composition and vice versa – raise and appoint to analysts, editors and moderators of individuals from among the members of the group.

The community administrator himself can change the status of the group (open or closed), the main photo, adjust the administrator’s composition, transfer the administrator’s position to another person, including deleting the group.

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How beautiful to arrange a group in Odnoklassniki

The correct design of the group in Odnoklassniki is no less important than setting it up. Therefore, let’s look at the main ways to visualize it:

Choice of theme.

This moment of registration is quite simple, because the administrator is offered options for ready-made themes that will decorate the background of the group. To do this, go to the community and click the “All Themes” button, select the one you like and install it. Previously, the option was only available to groups with more than 10,000 members – now it is available to everyone.

A cap.

It is an image located at the very top of your group page. To install it, just upload the photo you are interested in.

Pinned post.

It is better to leave something interesting, catchy, important as a fixed post. Try to style it as brightly as possible, using interesting text and catchy images. By creating a post on Odnoklassniki, click on the drop-down tab and click the “Pin” button.


This is the main image of the group, so you should choose something for its quality that very accurately defines the theme of your community, and also try to upload a really high-quality and attractive photo. You can change it by clicking on the avatar itself, where a button will appear that allows you to upload a new image.

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Well, we figured out how to properly set up and beautifully design a group in Odnoklassniki. If you have questions about customization and design – write in the comments.

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