Replies to customers on WhatsApp will be paid

Facebook is initiating monetization of the messenger. The first step is paid messaging in response to customer inquiries.

WhatsApp launches its first commercial product. Companies using the new WhatsApp Business API will pay for messages sent to customers.

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How WhatsApp Business works

The cost of one message will be from 0.5 to 9 cents, depending on the country. Moreover, if the response from the business account is received within 24 hours, it will be free.

The WhatsApp Business API will allow companies to send automated messages about the delivery of goods, reminders of an upcoming event or purchase. Also, business chats allow you to use third-party messaging services.

Thus, business owners will have an incentive to have their managers respond to clients as soon as possible. in the first 24 hours after receiving the request, messages are free.

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What requests can customers make

Customers can contact WhatsApp support, request information of interest (time, place, prices), receive boarding passes, and more.

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By starting a chat with the company, the client can control the incoming messages. All correspondence will be protected with end-to-end encryption.

New Facebook ad placement

Facebook will add a new ad format with WhatsApp chat button. By clicking on the button, the user can immediately send a message. You can also add a button to create a chat in WhatsApp to your website.

In 2019, another ad format will be launched in WhatsApp Status (analog Instagram Stories).

Recall that earlier Facebook launched stories for business pages, and Yandex allowed all companies to add a “Chat with company” button to snippets in search results.

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