Review of Payeer payment system features – reviews

The international payment system Payeer has been successfully operating since 2012. During this time, hundreds of thousands of users have registered in it.

May 31, 2020

The international payment system Payeer has been successfully operating since 2012. During this time, hundreds of thousands of users have registered in it. According to monitoring statistics, the site is visited by more than 4,000,000 people monthly, which indicates its popularity. The review presents the capabilities of the Payeer payment system, as well as the pros and cons according to users.

Review of Payeer payment system features - reviews

Service capabilities

In the Payeer system, you can create an anonymous and verified account. The only difference is in the level of trust in users. In this case, the possibilities are the same:

  • payment for purchases in online stores;

  • transfers within the Russian Federation;

  • making international transfers;

  • currency exchange at the internal rate or on the stock exchange;

  • organization of payment acceptance on your own website (available for Business accounts);

  • earnings on the affiliate program.

Review of Payeer payment system features - reviews

Advantages and disadvantages

Taking into account the reviews about Payeer, the following advantages of the system can be distinguished:

  1. Anonymity. Verification is provided on a voluntary basis. Most users prefer to create anonymous email accounts. Accounts are verified mainly by businessmen who connect Payeer to their website.

  2. Convenient interface. Many services have outdated sites with complex interfaces. You have to search for the information you need for a long time, which does not suit users. The owners of payeer wallets note that the site of the system looks much more presentable compared to others.

  3. Instant international transfers. The payment system is used by people from many countries, since instant transfers are available to them regardless of the time of day and the country of destination of transfers. This is ensured by the use of modern technologies aimed at high speed of data processing.

  4. Extensive functionality. You can not only transfer money. An internal currency and Bitcoin exchanger is provided at a favorable rate, as well as payment for most popular services.

  5. A wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. There are over 100 options available to top up your wallet. A similar number of options are offered for withdrawing money.

  6. Safety. One of the most important points that people pay attention to when choosing a payment system. Everything is in order with security in Payeer: a multi-level data protection system is provided, including a master key.

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Customers consider the only drawback of Payeer to be commissions for replenishing the wallet. The transaction is charged up to 5% of the amount. It should be noted that this shortcoming is compensated by the fact that the commission for internal transfers is reduced to 0.5%.

How to open a wallet

Step-by-step instructions for registering a payeer wallet:

Review of Payeer payment system features - reviews

  • go to the service website;

  • click on the “Create an account” button in the center of the page;

  • specify email in the window that opens;

  • enter the security code;

  • study the rules of the service, since registration confirms the user’s automatic consent to all the conditions;

  • click “Create an account”;

  • in the field that opens, enter the password and duplicate it;

  • specify the code word and account name;

  • click on the inscription “Next”.

When all actions are completed, the password is not sent to the mail for security reasons. After registration, all data is indicated on the page. After that, the data for entering your personal account will be displayed. The system will prompt you to keep them in a safe place. After clicking on the “I saved” button, you can go to your personal account and start using the functionality of the service. You can also change the suggested password and secret word immediately, during registration. The secret word does not need to be entered every time you enter. It is requested only when access to the wallet is restored.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

You can replenish your Payeer wallet using bank cards, e-wallets, mobile transfers and other methods. The commission for transfers varies from 0% to 5% depending on the chosen method. The absence of a commission is provided only when replenishing an account using cryptocurrency. For transfers within the system, a commission of 0.5% is charged. At the same time, the minimum transfer limit is only 0.02 USD. It should be noted that within the framework of the Payeer Merchants service (a service for online stores) it is possible to connect the collection of a commission from the client.

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Review of Payeer payment system features - reviews

In addition, there are limits on transfers:

  • to a Russian bank card – 75,000 RUB per transaction, 525,000 RUB per card number per day

  • for an international card – 1,500 $ / 1,200 € for 1 transaction, 4,800 $ / € for 1 card number per day, 8,400 $ / € for 1 card number per month.

affiliate program

One of the features of Payeer is the ability not only to make transfers and pay for services, but also to receive income through an affiliate program. Earning money from a referral link can make good money in the long run. The fund for payments under the affiliate program consists of commissions for user transfers. Part of the profit is distributed among the owners of the company, and a certain percentage goes towards payments to active wallet owners.

Review of Payeer payment system features - reviews

Newbies get 10%, but over time the amount increases depending on the volume of transactions made by referrals. The maximum partner commission is 25%. To reach this level, the total volume of referral transactions must be over $ 150,000.

In total, the referral system has 6 levels, which allows you to receive income at the expense of newcomers who were invited to the system by referrals. Here deductions are more modest – from 1% to 5%.


Summing up, we can say that the Payeer payment system is really reliable and opens up access to a lot of opportunities. The service is used by businessmen, freelancers, investors and owners of various projects for whom anonymity is important. Users have a wide choice of wallet replenishment and withdrawal options, as well as an affiliate program with a decent percentage for attracting referrals.

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For these reasons, the reviews of are positive. This is partly due to the lack of mandatory verification, as in similar services. For several years, customers have had no problems using Payeer wallet. They note the high speed of transfers within the system, to bank cards of the Russian Federation and international transfers.

There are also negative reviews, but they are related only to the commission for the operations. That being said, most users find the fee reasonable given the high speed of processing transfers. There are few reviews about the referral program. Mostly people write about the low activity of attracted clients. On average, no more than 10% of clients make a profit.

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