Review of the new VK advertising cabinet

From today on, the new VKontakte advertising account is available to everyone.

Almost two months have passed since the first release, and during this time the social network has been collecting feedback and working on improvements. In this article we will tell you what has changed and what is new.

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What has changed in the VK advertising account

Statistics table

You can customize the table yourself – choose the columns with which data will be displayed, for example, “requests”, CTR, CPC and so on.

The columns are divided into categories – key metrics (clicks, impressions, reach, and so on) and video statistics.

You can select the required number of columns in the table and set their order; for convenience, a horizontal scroll has appeared. New indicators have appeared:

  • eCPM;
  • order price (CPL);
  • date of creation;
  • Ad / campaign ID;
  • number of entries;
  • video metrics.

Now only advertising results are displayed in the record statistics (earlier, not only advertising, but also organic matter was taken into account).

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An example of choosing columns for a table of an advertising cabinet

You can sort by any column – the setting will be saved for all levels of the cabinet. To revert to the default sort, you need to add the column “Created” or “Ad / Campaign ID” and sort by one of them.

Statistics are uploaded for any period in xlsx and csv formats. Added export of all data from the table with statistics – both for ads and campaigns in general.

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Convenient calendar

You can view ad statistics for any period. You can select a range for the year with a breakdown by months in the “Detailing” section.

Convenient calendar
An example of choosing a period for statistics in the “Campaigns” section

The selected period is saved for all ads in the campaign – to compare statistics, you just need to switch between them.

Bulk actions with ads

In just two clicks, you can do the same type of actions with the selected ads and campaigns.

Bulk editing of advertisements in VK
Example of bulk editing ads

For campaigns: stop, start, archive or change the daily and total limit.

For ads: stop, start, archive, change the daily and total limit, and change the bid.

Start and stop buttons

Start, stop and archive buttons have become more convenient and noticeable.

Buttons to start and stop ads
An example of a started and stopped ad

For each ad status, for example, if it is paused or is being reviewed, added hints with explanations.

Cabinet navigation

The new office takes up the entire width of the screen, which means more usable space has appeared.

New advertising account in VK
Advertising cabinet in a new design with an expanded menu

The button “Create an ad” is now on every page of the cabinet. Navigation through the advertisement cabinet and announcements has been simplified:

  • if you have access to several advertising accounts, you can switch between them in the top menu;
  • the left menu collapses and frees up more space;
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The rest of the budget and the “Top up” button are now always in sight – in the upper right corner of the screen. If you see that your budget is running out, you can replenish it in a couple of clicks.

We will remind, earlier VK allowed adding music to Stories.

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