Review of the Proxy-seller service + a proxy for buying a proxy Is a site where you can buy inexpensive but high-quality individual proxies without traffic restrictions. If you are looking for reliable proxies that will not fly off at the most inopportune moment, go to Proxy-seller. The service has been operating since 2015 and boasts the largest network of proxy servers.

In the article we will tell you more about – which proxies can be bought, for what purposes, what are the differences between IPv4 proxies and IPv6, what are the advantages of the service in comparison with competitors, and also share a reusable promotional code that you can use when purchasing.

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A brief overview of the Proxy-seller service sells individual IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, as well as mobile proxies.

Immediately about the advantages of the service:

  • proxies can be bought by both registered and unregistered users – there is a convenient order form on the main page, you can make an order in a couple of clicks;
  • the service sells proxies without traffic restrictions;
  • the site sells only individual proxies – you will not share them with other people;
  • you can buy proxies individually and in packages;
  • proxies from Proxy-seller support all the necessary protocols for work: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5;
  • channel capacity – up to 1 Gbps;
  • wide choice – proxies are issued from more than 300 different subnets and 100 networks;
  • the proxy list is frequently updated on the site;
  • there are discounts for proxy packages and for the duration of the lease;
  • if you buy a proxy for more than a month, you can change the addresses once a month upon request, if necessary;
  • it is convenient to pay for a proxy – the site offers several popular payment methods: e-wallets, bank payment, mobile payments. Payment is available in several currencies;
  • the service has round-the-clock technical support;
  • assistance in setting up a proxy is possible – if necessary, specialists can even remotely log into your computer through the TeamViewer program;
  • GEO from over 20 countries;
  • the site has articles with step-by-step instructions on setting up a proxy for different sites and programs.
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How to use Proxy-seller

For what tasks are proxies from Proxy-seller suitable? They are used for web surfing, social networks, online games, parsing search engines, traffic arbitrage, bypassing restrictions when visiting specific sites and other purposes.

Important: Proxy-seller is positioned as a service with high-quality proxies, therefore, in order to avoid their unfair use, a number of restrictions apply to buyers. For example, you cannot use purchased proxies for spamming or hacking websites / programs. A complete list of restrictions can be found on the service website.

Why do businesses need proxies?

Use cases:

– to bypass anti-fraud systems, for example, when massively launching advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords from multiple accounts;

– to work with software where proxies are needed, for example, parsers, services for promotion in social networks;

– to work with marketplaces and message boards (Ebay, Amazon, Avito, OLX) from multiple accounts;

– to manage multiple accounts on sites.

– to protect the network infrastructure of a company or a specific site from potential hackers (external requests will go through a proxy, and not directly go to the company’s servers – it will be difficult for hackers to find out information about the real network device);

– to encrypt passing traffic or to work with already encrypted traffic;

– to restrict access to certain resources on the network. For example, you can block access to social networks for employees so that they do not enter them during working hours.

IPv4 proxy

What is this proxy? In simple terms and not going into technical nuances, IPv4 is the fourth (most common) version of IP. IPv4 provides over 99% of the world’s traffic and works with most sites and services.

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IPv4 uses 32 bits for its addresses and handles over 4 billion addresses. But the number of devices that connect to the internet is growing day by day and IPv4 addresses are running out. This is one of the reasons why IPv4 proxies are more expensive than IPv6.

IPv4 proxies work on any device (computers, tablets, smartphones), in any browser and on any operating system.

PS A wider GEO is available for IPv4 on the Proxy-seller site than for IPv6.

Where it is important to use this type of proxy:

IPv4 is chosen for tasks that require uninterrupted operation of a proxy, good speed and a high degree of anonymity: for creating and maintaining multiple accounts in social networks, online games, securely setting up contextual advertising, comprehensive site analysis, and ensuring personal data protection.

How to buy:

You can register on the website and buy a proxy or use the short order form. We show it on the example of the second method

We open the main page of the site. Select the protocol – IPv4, country, lease term and number of proxies. Click on the “Buy proxy” button.

IPv4 proxy

In the order form, we select the purpose of purchasing a proxy and for which service they will be used – this is very convenient, and you can be sure that the proxies are suitable for your task. Below we select the authorization method, indicate the email, the payment method and click “Pay”. The proxy will be sent to the specified mail.

Buying a proxy

It is better to buy proxies in bulk and for a long time – you can get a good discount and save a lot. Discounts start from packages of 10 proxies and a period of 2 months.

Will there be a replacement if proxies are out of order – yes, if there is something wrong with the proxy or they did not suit you, the service will replace the proxy for free or return the money within 24 hours.

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Important: proxies on are sold only by one person, so to use them you need to pass authorization in one of two ways: by IP or by login and password. This is indicated on the order form.

IPv6 proxy

IPv6 – a relatively new proxy protocol, which so far works with a limited number of sites and has a lower speed compared to IPv4. This is reflected in the price – IPv6 proxies are cheaper than IPv4. At the same time, IPv6 proxies are more secure than IPv4.

Where will IPv6 proxies work?: in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, few sites work with this protocol. Google and Yandex search engines, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram sites will definitely work with IPv6.

How to buy:

The buying process is similar to what we described above.

It is also better to buy IPv6 proxies in bulk and for a long time to get a discount.

Will there be a replacement if proxies are out of order – yes, if something is wrong with the proxy, they will be replaced for free.

Promo code

Promo code: postium20 – 20% discount when buying any proxy, the promo code can be used any number of times. Buy proxies on Proxy-Seller with a discount >>


Proxy-seller proxies are suitable for affiliate marketers, SEO-specialists, internet marketers, targetologists, ordinary people who want to remain anonymous on the network, program users who need proxies to operate, entrepreneurs who have multiple accounts.

Three powerful differences between Proxy-seller and competitors are a wide selection of working proxies, one-handed sale and a ban on using proxies for unethical purposes. That is, you will not share proxies with dubious “neighbors” and take risks due to their actions.

Also, you do not need to worry that the purchased proxies will turn out to be inoperative – the service regularly updates the proxy lists, but even if problems arise, you can contact technical support for a replacement. If you do not know how to configure proxies, our specialists will help. Technical support works around the clock, and this is another plus of the service.

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