Reviews on Instagram – how to collect and publish reviews from real people

Everyone who has logged into a commercial account on Instagram at least once has seen that every 10-15 publications there are posts with product reviews. As you might guess, they are posted for a reason. They are attract attention public and push everyone to make a new purchase. There is an unspoken rule: the higher and more obvious the feedback from subscribers, the more likely it is that the offer will be interesting to other people. In addition, reviews on Instagram are left by users, whose page is easy to go to and make sure of their reality.

Reviews are positive and negative… If you go through popular online stores, you will notice that consumers are equally disposed to praise and criticize. Online business owners are actively using this and monetizing public opinion. This move really works. The people are very warm to the words of their own kind. Let’s see how this happens.

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Why post reviews on Instagram?

The importance of testimonials is intuitive for any aspiring startup, but we won’t rely on chance. Here are some real proofs of their effectiveness.

1. Testimonials build trust.

Our contemporaries are not inclined to fall for sugary advertisements, unsubstantiated statements, as well as all sorts of manipulative techniques. People have become so well versed in marketing that even a convincing presentation can be viewed with skepticism. Honest reviews are another matter. Sometimes the opinion of an ordinary person, expressed albeit in a clumsy language with errors and misprints, carries more weight than an expensive video or text written by a team of professional copywriters. Take care of yourself: you, too, look at the comments under any product before placing an order. Trust me, your customers don’t want a pig in a poke either.

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2. Reviews help keep you active.

It’s great if you have prepared a ton of diverse content for the year ahead. But most often it happens that there are no ideas for publications left: endless photos of the product are already tired, there are too many offtopics with cute cats, there is no news on the topic yet, and the account cannot be left for a single day – readers will begin to unsubscribe. This is where reviews come to the rescue. Thanks to them, you can dilute the base material. They arouse genuine interest and do not overload a person with new information. People are happy to read other people’s comments, especially if they are short and to the point.

3. Reviews indicate the presence of feedback.

The modern economy is built on customer care. It is insanely important for everyone not only to receive quality service and courteous treatment, but also to become, to some extent, unique for the seller. The publication of reviews is another confirmation that you are not just selling the product, but also know the buyers by sight. Listen to their voices and demonstrate it subtly – such openness is captivating.

I think these three points are enough to understand how important reviews are. Get ready to collect screenshots with other people’s statements throughout the entire existence of the project – you will definitely need them.

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How do I collect reviews?

Now is the time to talk about how to get enough responses to post with them. It should be borne in mind that people are usually reluctant to take the initiative. Unsurprisingly, for many people, posting comments is off their daily schedule. And if it is morally easier to criticize a poor-quality product or to be indignant at poor service, then there is often no time to write pleasant platitudes. Therefore, you will have to slightly nudge your customers to this step. Use the following methods.

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Instagram reviews contest

1. Submit a post asking for feedback.

This is not to say that this option is 100% effective. Alas, we do not look very closely at the news feeds, so the picture with the words “Leave reviews!” may simply not be noticed. Or a person will see her, think that it would be nice to write a few words, and after five minutes he will forget about his decision. However, such publications will not be superfluous. Even if literally a couple of buyers respond to them, this is already good, especially if the account is at the stage of formation.

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2. Write to the client in Direct.

Contacting the customer directly is a more effective option, but it also does not guarantee full feedback. Although a personal appeal, written in a respectful manner, is perceived a little differently than an abstract post for everyone, many Instagram users ignore such messages. They can be understood: you also rarely read standard letters from commercial organizations. However, there will be a reaction. If you speak politely to a customer, chances are that they will want to please you in return.

3. Offer a bonus for the review.

People are arranged in such a way that they do not like to strain even in small things without benefit for themselves. Take advantage of this feature. Get shoppers to get active by promising them a surprise. It can be anything that doesn’t hit your budget: a small discount on a single purchase, a discount card, a card, a set of stickers, etc. Don’t be greedy. Over time, you will see for yourself that your expenses will pay off in full.

Perhaps this is enough to motivate people to leave opinions on Instagram. Don’t worry if there are few comments at first. Even the stars of sales do not have a 100% return on customers. But you don’t need thousands of reviews to post. For a start, a dozen is more than enough.

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How to prepare reviews before posting on your Instagram profile?

A thorough collection of reviews is not all. It is important to design your collection beautifully. Instagram users are used to nifty feed photos – try not to hurt their sense of beauty. Here’s how to avoid mistakes.

1. Do not post a cropped screenshot. It’s not aesthetically pleasing. Instead, make yourself a branded review frame with your store name or your own hashtag, and put a message from the customer inside it.

2. If the comment is too long, don’t try to squeeze it into one image. No one will peer into tiny, unreadable letters. It is better to put a picture with the inscription “Customer Review”, and put the review itself in the description for it.

3. Don’t make a lot of posts with reviews at the same time. If you have been written a lot of niceties in the last few days and you want to share them, create a neat collage.

4. Preparing the frame for screenshots, try to choose calm and pleasant colors. Bed tones look much better than contrasting pink or light green. Also, do not overuse emoticons and stickers – a comment surrounded by them risks getting lost.

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Now you have all the knowledge you need to post your first review post on Instagram. Finally, I would like to give the main advice: you do not need false modesty. Feel free to praise yourself with the help of your customers and present your products in a beneficial way. Laying out a comment with another gratitude, know – you have something to be proud of. Readers will see that others recognize you – and they themselves will want to place an order with you.

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