Rules for advertising in VKontakte: how to pass moderation without problems


To run targeted ads in VKontakte, you need to follow the rules of this social network, not forgetting about common sense. In this article, we understand what requirements need to be met in order to pass moderation without problems and increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Requirements for the design of ads in VKontakte

The most common reason why your ad may not pass moderation – is the non-compliance with the official requirements for the design of ads. A complete list can be found in the Rules for placing ads (paragraph 2).

Here we will touch on controversial points, because the bans sometimes manage to bypass. In some cases, this is due to the fact that violating the rules will not be harmful to users of the social network. Sometimes the human factor plays its role – the moderator may not notice something or forget about a ban.

Requirements for the content of ads

  • You can not use personal identification in the ad. For example, “You 36?”, “Your child is 5 years?”, “Alina, this offer for you”, “T-shirt for Vladimir. However, ads in the format “For the moms of Zavodskoy area” work well. That is, a less personalized format is allowed.
  • May not pass moderation ads, which uses an improper comparison of the advertised product with the goods and services of competitors. It is not specified by what criteria this “incorrectness” is determined. In such cases, the fate of the ad depends on the moderator who will check it.
  • No profanity, references to any tragic events – death, terrorist attacks, disasters, murders, injuries, funerals – may be used. There may be exceptions for movie trailers if other requirements for this type of advertising are met (age restrictions and targeting the appropriate audience).

Image requirements for the ad

Technical requirements:

  • High resolution (depends on ad formats).
  • If there are captions or text, they must be readable and not take up more than 50%.
  • No erotica, alcohol or tobacco products or scenes of their consumption.
  • No competitor logos or paraphernalia.
  • Images should not contain imitation elements of the interface (e.g., “Order”, “Buy”, “View” buttons, video playback buttons).

But with regard to images in the ads is not all that clear. For example, the rules prohibit the use of images with more than 50% of the text. But sometimes ads are moderated even with screenshots of text.

Requirements for texts in the ad

Technical requirements:

  • Conform to the norms of the language in which the ad is written
  • Use punctuation marks and special symbols only in accordance with the rules of the Russian language, do not forget about the space (“one + one = three” will pass moderation, “+++!!!discounts!!!+++” – no)
  • You can’t write only in uppercase letters, or start each word with a uppercase in the middle of a sentence.

But there is a BUT. In paragraph 2.1.3 of the rules clearly states that the text of advertisements should not be a word written only in capital letters, unless it is an abbreviation or a registered trademark. But in fact, such ads occur quite often in the feed.


The same goes for the presence of mistakes or typos in the text of ads. In theory, they should not pass moderation. But they often do. And what’s interesting, sometimes even convert better than similar ads without mistakes.

Requirements for the advertised sites

While the ad is in moderation, the VKontakte service checks not only the ad, but also the advertising platform and the page in whose name it is posted.

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Requirements for communities advertised in VKontakte

Most advertising formats are shown to the user on behalf of the community. In order for the ad to be moderated, the page on behalf of which the ad is run must comply with the requirements of the official rules.

The community can’t be private, but it can be closed. Keep in mind that if you advertise on behalf of a closed community, users won’t be able to see its content until they subscribe to it. On the one hand, this can help get more subscribers. On the other hand, not everyone likes to subscribe to a closed community because of the unclear quality of the content inside.

The feed should have at least 5 posts published, photos and videos uploaded.


The description and content must match the text of the ad. You can’t run an ad selling mask cutouts on behalf of a community with flower delivery.

Ads on behalf of communities whose content contains profanity, obscene jokes, erotic or pornographic material may not be moderated. This may apply, for example, to photographers who work in the nude genre. In order to run an ad, you’ll have to remove material from the relevant genre.

The name of the user must be real, with no hints of advertising. Thus, a page with the name “Maria Odezhkina” is unlikely to pass moderation.

Content on the page must comply with the general rules for advertising in VKontakte. This means that if your page has, for example, photos from an erotic photo session or posts with profanity, your advertising of a personal page may not pass through moderation.

Requirements for sites that lead to VKontakte ads

Moderators are quite strict about the quality of sites to which users are supposed to go. Therefore, to pass moderation may not pass sites where:

  • have pop-up windows;
  • is redirect to another site.

Also, the ad may not pass moderation if the landing page sells goods and services whose advertising is prohibited by the rules of the social network.

And do not try to first pass moderation, and then add information about banned items, set up pop-ups or redirect. For this you can get blocked advertising account.

What products and services are not allowed to advertise in VK.

A complete list of all that is not allowed to advertise in VKontakte, is in the third paragraph of the official rules. Advertising of such goods and services will not pass moderation:

  • All that is associated with sex: sex toys, pornographic materials, escort services, resources for finding sex partners, training in
  • intimate skills and pickup.
  • Services and sites offering page cracking, all sorts of VKontakte scams and automation of mass actions.
  • Any alcohol and goods related to smoking: cigarettes, tobacco, vapes, electronic cigarettes, papyrus for self-smoking, hookahs and lighters. Recipes and machines for making alcohol are also banned.
  • Online casinos and other cash or risk-based games of chance, gambling.
  • Pregnancy termination services.
  • Websites and groups that promote or encourage the commission of crime, cruelty, violence.
  • Anabolic steroids and other drugs with similar effects.
  • Advertising for anything related to politics, outside of campaigning in the Russian Federation.
  • Weapons and other military items.

Accordingly, those communities or sites that advertise goods and services from this list will not pass moderation.

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Advertising of what goods and services in Vkontakte is restricted

In most cases, it is allowed to advertise some goods or services only if the advertiser can provide some supporting documents and add warning disclaimers to your ads.

This applies to the advertising of baby food, any goods and services related to medicine (except contraception) – medical equipment, drugs, dietary supplements, medical services. By the way, the services of cosmetologists and massage therapists are equated with medical services.

With age restrictions must be advertised dating sites, incentives, lotteries. Targeting an 18+ audience is mandatory for these categories. This is not the only restriction for dating services; a full list of requirements for the site can be found on a separate page.

For advertising of books, films, games, and other information products, it is essential to indicate the age category for which they are intended in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation (0+, 6+, 12+, or 18+).

What happens if you try to bypass the bans and restrictions on advertising in VK

Often “craftsmen” try to bypass direct bans on advertising in VKontakte. For example, to run ads for hardware massage without providing a license for the relevant activity to the moderators.

If you try to run an advertisement for forbidden products or services “directly,” you simply won’t make it through moderation. If you try to circumvent the ban, for example, by changing the content of the advertised site at the time of moderation, in the best case, a spin-off of such an ad will simply be stopped. At worst, you’ll get your ad account blocked or fined up to 100,000 rubles.

Rules for advertising in VK – don’t forget about common sense

To target advertising not only complies with the rules of the social network, but also effective, pay attention to a number of points.

Segment the target audience and for each segment prepare your ads

It is impossible to sell everything and everything at the same time. Even the same product different people perceive differently.

Example. You run an ad for an offline makeup course for teens and their moms. If you show the same ad to moms and daughters, the results will be so-so. And you can show different ads to different segments: moms can be told to save their makeup from experimentation, and girls can be offered the chance to learn how to make themselves beautiful. This approach will have a greater effect.

Use bright and memorable pictures

It doesn’t have to be refined pictures from the first pages of photostocks: users have already seen similar pictures a million times, so they are inherently banner blind.

Alena Mumladze, traffic specialist, told at the conference “Find Your Traffic” in April 2020 that ads with non-ideal pictures have the best results. Dmitry Rumyantsev also talks about this in his book “Promotion of business in VKontakte.

Except that there is one “but”. Still, it is important not to overdo it with vividness of images. Selfies in front of someone else’s car in combination with a successful story is fed up even with those who are far from business and digital-environment.

The collages made of a framed photo in an obscure pose on a strange background with photoshopped smoke and flying banknotes can also be sent there.

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But collages can also be different: eye-catching in a common ribbon, high-quality and interesting.

Another option for a good targeting picture: make it unexpected and crazy. Or stylize the caption with a recognizable brand.

Come up with catchy headlines.

The second thing a user pays attention to after the illustration when they see your ad in the news feed is the headline. And for sidebar ads, it’s the only information that can basically encourage a user to click on the ad.

It’s important for the headline to be intriguing, titillating and interesting, but also informative enough to make the user want to continue reading the ad or click on it. But here it’s important not to slip into clickbait, so as not to drain the budget on untargeted clicks.


“Do you have a coffee shop? Buy chips!”
“There’s a huge change going on in the world right now with the virus and the economic crisis.”


“Do you want an entire niche associated with your name?”
“There aren’t enough Internet marketers in the marketplace!”
“Running VK ads?”
Don’t forget the motivation to click the ad

For your ads to be effective and for people to click on them, they need to understand why they need to do so. Motivation can be positive (to get, learn, become better) and negative (not to lose, not to be worse than others). And it may not only be a classic call to action: you can write that a person will receive in the end, or even show in a picture.

One of the strongest motivations – money (lose, earn, save, increase, teach how to earn). It does not work for all products, it’s boring and annoying, but it works.

Another strong motivation is to play on the desire for vanity and to belong to a social group. “Successful entrepreneurs subscribe to this group,” “Caring moms go to this psychologist’s webinar” is also a kind of motivation to click on the ad.

Test everything you can test

If you want to get maximum results on your ad budget, test different audience segments, illustrations, headlines, ad texts, calls to action. Anything you can change and test.

This is to leave only those options that give you the lowest cost per result and to turn off ineffective ads.

If traffic from targeted ads is supposed to go to the site, it’s worth checking additionally:

  • The relevance of the information on the site.
  • The quality of the landing pages where the ads will be served.
  • Availability and relevance of contact information.
  • Whether the site is displayed correctly on mobile – sometimes it happens that mobile might not be able to see some buttons. Or
  • the text moved beyond the boundaries of the screen. Which ultimately has a negative impact on the number of conversions.
  • Site load speed – if the site is slow to load, some users may leave the page. And for the click you have already paid.
  • Notifications from the hosting of preventive maintenance on the server – during maintenance work, there may be problems with access to the site. This means that some clicks may go to the disabled site.

Follow the rules of VKontakte – and all will be well. If you run ads in VKontakte through, you don’t have to worry about moderation and the risk of blocking your main account.

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