Scraping on Instagram: collecting audience, numbers, likes and comments

Most services for working with Instagram can only collect an audience by geo, hashtags and competitors. Moreover, many of them do not allow unloading the assembled audience, and collecting an audience is possible only within the framework of tasks for massliking, mass following or other masses of something.

At the same time, a huge layer of data that can be pulled from Instagram remains hidden. For example, phone numbers, email, comments, and more. Accordingly, there is a need for a good scraper for Instagram.

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This service will be discussed. The service is called Export Ninja… In the article we will figure out how to work with it and what data can be collected with it.

Parsing Instagram with Export Ninja

To get started, go to the PRO version of the service:… A significant plus is that you don’t need to add your Instagram account.

Gathering a competitor’s audience

Consider an example where we need to parse a competitor’s Instagram followers. Enter the nickname or the full URL of the profile in the input field. Click “Start”.

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A page opens where you need to choose what we will parse: subscribers, subscriptions or interested (users who left comments or likes on posts). Click “Start” again.

How to unload the list of accounts with id

The result can be opened in Google Sheets or downloaded as a file. You can download a list of users with data for 20 accounts for free. To download a spreadsheet with an audience of up to 10,000 subscribers, you need to pay $ 19.

Uploading data from Instagram

The table will contain a link to the profile, nickname, user id and other information.

It is also possible to collect an audience through a bot in Facebook Messenger or Telegram. This parsing option is more economical. For the same 10,000 accounts, you will need to pay only $ 9.99. At the same time, the data on the audience will be limited.

Export ninja bot

You can connect to the Export Ninja bot on the page:

Parsing phone numbers and email

Back to the PRO version page and specify an account for collecting data from Instagram.

Collecting phone numbers on Instagram

Then we choose who we need to unload and in what quantity. You can unload subscribers, subscriptions and active users. We click “Start”.

Parsing Instagram followers

As in the previous case, we receive a table with data for 20 accounts for free.

Unloading subscribers

If the account contains a phone number and email, it will be displayed in the corresponding field. notethat the service does not collect confidential information from profile settings, but only public information specified by the account owner.

Parsing phones and email

Also, in the table you can find additional information about the number of subscribers and subscriptions, links in the profile, in the description, and so on.

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What to do with this data?

  1. You can upload email addresses and phone numbers to your Facebook ad account for a look-a-like audience. By the same principle, you can upload audiences to Google Ads, Yandex.Direct and even VKontakte.
  2. Make a newsletter in messengers or by mail to contact about cooperation. Or even give the base to a cold calling service.
  3. Use the audience in any service to launch mass activities.

To collect enough audience, you need to select and pay for a package for more data.

Export ninja tariffs

These are basic tariffs, there is also a PRO. For example, if you want to parse data from more than 1,500,000 accounts, then it will cost $ 499.

In addition to the audience of accounts, the parser Export Ninja can collect an audience by hashtags, unload comments and active users under any post.

Usage example

Collecting contact information of influencers for an online bank. The goal is to order promotion from opinion leaders. To do this, in the Pro Export Ninja parser:

  1. Spars all the geolocations in the country that are on Instagram. This is ~ 110 thousand locations.
  2. We collected from them more than 740 thousand unique profiles, of which about 382 thousand with phone numbers or e-mail.
  3. Then all users were sorted by the number of subscribers. Only those who have more than 9 thousand followers were left. Received 24 thousand accounts.
  4. We unloaded the last 50 posts to analyze the average number of likes and comments per post, in order to understand how active the audience is.

This was done in order to find influencers, contact them and promote the bank and its services through them.

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What else can Export Ninja do

  • Collection of any data… The service can also collect likes, comments and active audience of any account.
  • Instagram spy… Allows you to anonymously watch other people’s Stories and track publications. The functionality is implemented using a bot in Telegram.
  • Save media… Can save stories, videos, photos and videos from IGTV by link. Links for saving the desired media are located in the footer on the main page.
    Saving media from Instagram
  • Other social networks. Export Ninja also allows you to collect data from other social networks: Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

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