Search by keywords will appear on Instagram

Instagram announced an update to its search engine. It will be possible to search by keywords, and not be limited to profiles, hashtags and locations. And in order not to miss the latest updates of Insta, subscribe to our special Telegram channel:

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Previously, when searching on Instagram, search results were limited to user profiles, locations, and hashtags. Now Instagram will show all posts containing the entered words.

This will make it easier to find content, as well as help companies and authors increase the reach of their posts by converting from search.

Previously, in order to attract users with relevant search queries, you had to choose the right hashtags. Now you have to add all possible hashtags for maximum visibility, because the title and text that are used in the text will be enough.

At the same time, keyword searches will be limited and not all keywords and topics will be available.

Additionally, Instagram will rank search results for keywords based on a number of factors: content type, post text, post time, and more. Also, the social network will generate a personalized issue for each individual user.

Therefore, this is not exactly the search that search engines provide, but still it significantly expands the capabilities of the platform.

The Instagram search update is available in English to all users in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland starting today. When the update will be available in Russia is still unknown.

Previously, Instagram made travel guides available to all users, and also deployed a shared viewing mode.

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