Selling text. How to write to get people to buy products


If you’re selling products/services on social media or running targeted ads, you can’t do without text that grabs the reader by the throat and makes them reach for their credit card. How do you build one? Let’s take a look at the most popular structure and a few secrets that complement it.

There are many formulas for building selling texts, the most popular and working is AIDA, the name: an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (Action).

“Attention”: title.

Something intriguing and concise. Preferably, the headline should contain a verb. Ideal if it promises a benefit:

“How to clean an apartment in 20 minutes.”

Or hit the client’s pain:

“Want more Instargam clients?”

“Interest”: the first paragraph.

This is where you describe a problem or promise a benefit. The word interest can be replaced with pain.

Remember, if you read the first paragraph, the likelihood of reading the whole text increases many times over. So don’t leave the tastiest stuff for dessert. Serve it up in the first paragraph. And use short sentences of 3-5 words. To make it as easy to read as possible.


Details of your offer, served in such a way that interest turns into desire. Evoke a desire to buy with recommendations, facts, statistics, reviews-everything that reinforces your claims.

A good way to convince that your product is the right thing: link it to something the reader already knows.

For example:

“If you like Napoleon, you’ll like our Venus cake, too.”

“Looking for something to replace your boring morning exercise routine? Our “Become a Schwartz in Five Days” set of exercises is just right for you.

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“Action”: direct request for immediate response

Explain clearly and simply to the potential customer what he must do to get your product: “Call now”, “Click the link”, “Sign up”.

Sample AIDA formula text:

Start earning more from your blog.

Running your blog, but no subscribers or income is growing? Then there’s something you’re doing wrong. Instagram today is a great place to make money. Yes, the competition is also off the charts, but that’s no reason to go into the shadows. It’s an excuse to build off of them, to assert your uniqueness. In order to be bought, you just need to market yourself properly.

Do you want to? Come see me for a consultation. We’ll strip your blog for letters and meanings, find mistakes, unpack your personality, fix your visuals, outline your product line and content plan. Usually, it takes a week to get the consultation off the ground. And then the revenue only grows. Follow my recommendations, but you will not get a return, you will get your money back.

Ready for rapid growth? Send me a direct message.

It is worth adding one more element to this formula – the time limit.

The buyer may doubt your offer, postpone the purchase, be lazy, or distracted by something. You need to push him to make an immediate decision – set the deadline.

Promise a discount for the first 10 customers or until the end of the day. Or a price increase after 24 hours.

Or that the sales will be closed at a pinch. Many bloggers use this trick. Like, buy now, or sales will close in two days. Next time I will open in a month.

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There is no necessity for this. Just a position that creates an artificial frenzy. Everyone understands that it’s artificial, but it still works.

Throughout the text, it would be good to scatter the triggers. There are many of them, I will not dwell on them in detail. If interested, you can read about them in my blog .

And now it’s better a few more useful chips.

Very well in the sales text works specifics. This is literally a magic wand, but for some reason many neglect it. In vain.

Being specific in the text – a win-win way to win an audience and turn readers into buyers.

In most cases, the more specific you are about a product or service, the greater the response. General statements and vague phrases “roll off” the human mind with no impact on the consumer.

All those “we have the best service”, “unique offer”, “best quality” – an empty phrase. The more specific, the more persuasive.


“Buy this fitness program and you’ll lose excess weight fast.”


“Buy this program and you’ll lose at least 15 pounds in two months.”

Of course, you may not always know the exact numbers. But use as many exact facts as you can.

Instead – I’ll write a gorgeous sales pitch for you.

I’ve been a copywriter for 10 years. I have 5,000 satisfied clients. I’ve written for radio shows and television commercials. Sales texts are my specialty.

One more tricky thing. For sales texts are dangerous statements that can be perceived as exaggerations. Such as: every second user of Vkontakte has already bought our application or our cream is created using a unique technology. It sounds loud, so it’s alarming and reduces credibility. Either avoid that, or back it up with facts.

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“Our cream is created using a unique technology. Twelve chemists in Iowa worked on its formulation for seven months.

And finally, about size. Many people think that people don’t read long sales pitches. They don’t. Experiments with media advertising have shown that long text sells more than short text.

The text should give comprehensive information about the purchase. If a person is not interested enough to read the text to the end, much less will he be interested in buying or making the next step – go to the site, click a button, etc.

You have to give as much information as possible, to hook as tightly as possible. The main thing is that everything was on the point, no need to pour tubs of water on the reader.

Just do not cheapen the text with caps and exclamation points. Like ONLY NOW!!! It’s too blatant a manipulation, it’s annoying. It’s a clumsy attempt to get attention. You need to get attention with talking points, not shouting.

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