SEO promotion of B2B sites

SEO promotion of B2B sites

Companies in the B2B segment do not work with private clients, but with other companies (business-to-business). This imposes significant amendments in the methods of building the structure of the site and its promotion.

Today we will open the veil of the secret of seo-promotion of sites in the field of “business-to-business”.

Features of the semantic core

This is how the semantics of a b2b site differs from b2c topics:

  1. There are fewer commercial queries in the total mass than for B2C sites, and most of these queries are low-frequency. After all, they are looking for industrial equipment or construction equipment much less often than new laptops or backpacks.

    It is necessary to collect them all to the last. If in b2c you can sometimes neglect low-frequency keys, then low-frequency keywords are your main “bread”.

  2. Most of the requests are informational. The intention to buy goods in them can be weakly expressed: it is important for potential customers to find out more before moving on to a major deal.

  3. Many queries may contain professional terms. This is understandable, because the requests are made by people familiar with professional terminology.

Features of the structure of a B2B site

There are pages and sections common to all B2B sites:

  • A page with a list of suppliers and information about them. It is recommended that you create a separate page for each vendor to give your site more weight and collect search traffic.

  • Create regional pages on separate subdomains – this is necessary if you have representative offices in different cities.

  • Be sure to add a blog to your site. For potential customers, this is a benefit, and for you, it is a good source of SEO traffic for low-frequency queries in your topic. Ideally, this section should be supplemented with new materials at least 2-3 times a month or more often.

    The goal of SEO content in B2B is not to convert cold visitors to buyers – the market has a much longer sales cycle, more stakeholders, and higher prices. The user may not be ready to buy anything at all. He’s just looking for information.

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How to build link mass in b2b

Link building methods also differ in comparison with the b2c sector:

  • Arrangements with dealers and suppliers. A mutually beneficial option is to exchange links with stores that sell your product.

  • Forums – here you can create an official company profile, answer user questions and carefully insert links to your site.

  • Social network. B2B goods and services are difficult to promote on social media due to the high cost. However, targeted advertising on Facebook in such topics generally works with a bang (facebook in Russia is often used as a working tool) – while paid traffic is also counted by the search and improves the ranking.

In the b2b sector, specific sources of links are available – participation in industry seminars and exhibitions, support for other projects as a sponsor, etc.

What else to consider

  • It’s important to always be in front of your potential customers. Your advertising will always be, for the most part, image-based, so do not stop advertising campaigns for the target audience, even if it seems that you have hit the ceiling and everyone is tired of it.

  • Be sure to write down at least the minimum prices for your goods or services. Make life easier for yourself and your potential clients.

  • It makes sense to translate all pages of the site into English or other languages ​​- if you cooperate not only with Russian companies. But in this case, you must also comply with foreign requirements for sites, for example, in the field of personal data protection and copyright.

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Otherwise, the same things are important for promoting a B2B website as for traditional SEO. The site should provide enough information to your potential clients, be user-friendly and not contain technical errors.

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