SEO what it is

SEO what it is


How can businesses get customers from the Internet? Contextual advertising, social media targeting, partnerships with bloggers, and other ways. They work well when you have a budget and very little time to attract the first customers. But, there is a drawback. These methods will work and bring clients as long as you pay for the tool to work. When you run out of money on your account – advertising will stop.

In reverse, when you have a lot of time, but no budget, it makes sense to use budget methods. As the first of these can be called SEO. And under the word budget does not hide the lack of efficiency.

What is seo in simple words

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization) is a comprehensive development and promotion of the site in order to get to the top of the search engine results (SERPs).

There is another definition: SEO is a channel to attract traffic to the site and a tool to influence the search engine robots to achieve the highest position in SERPs.

Why is it so important for you to be at the top of search results? The fact that search engine statistics for commercial queries (queries in which the context says you want to buy something), approximately 95% of traffic settled on the first page of results, and 60-80% in the first three lines.

And this piece of the pie is tasty and coveted by any entrepreneur, which is why it is so important to take the time to get to the top of search results.

What is included in the seo

Today SEO is no longer stuffing keywords into the text and buying external links, as it was ten years ago, but a much more subtle and painstaking work.

The system of seo promotion at the moment includes the following main points:

  • Constant work on tracking updates of search engine ranking algorithms and adjusting to them.
  • Monitoring of search queries. It is important to keep track of the relevance of your search queries in time and adjust your work based on the data obtained.
  • Collection and actualization of the semantic core.
  • Work on the optimization and improvement of the site code, download speed, content quality and ease of navigation on the resource. All this combines the concept of “internal optimization”.
  • The citation of the site. Still conducting the purchase of links to resources, raising the interest of search engines to your site. This is a work on “external optimization”.
  • Determining the behavior of users on your site and responding quickly to any negative factors.
  • Analysis and correction of the results.


To be fair, it is worth noting that seo experts are not known for the exact formulas that the system uses to determine the place of the site in extradition. But, they know the most important factors. Interface usability, user activity on the website, website load speed and optimization for mobile devices (we single out this criterion because of the steady prevalence of mobile traffic over desktop traffic) determine the final place in search results.

By optimizing these parameters, the webmaster can achieve a high position in search results. Total accounted for about 800 parameters.

Evolution of SEO

You can clearly see how this technique evolved from clumsy tool SEO turned into a precise and high-tech. There are the following significant stages:

  • The beginning – until 1998. This promotion of spam keys. From the height of the years, this technique can be called “dirty”, because the search results were something like “Buy jeans Peter” or “chicken to buy Voronezh. Today you can’t even find that at a vegetable market, but it used to be the norm for the Russian Internet.
  •  From 1998 to 2009 – the era of PageRank. It was an algorithm introduced by Google. It counted the place in the search results based on the number of links to it on the World Wide Web. The method is also not sufficiently clean. The winners in it was the one who had more money to buy links.
  • Since 2009, SEO requires a careful attitude. Ranking factors are introduced, and the fight against links begins. According to the new algorithms, it’s not enough to buy links and get leads, now you need to devote time to the structure and content of the site.
  • In 2016, the major search engines rolled out a series of search ranking algorithms and webmasters finally realized that the best solution is to continually identify relevant keys, improve the site’s usability, content, design and optimize the code
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The main conclusion to be drawn from such rapid changeability – it is necessary to monitor the actual seo – news. The effectiveness of your promotion depends on it.


How SEO works

We have already mentioned that seo site is composed of two parts – “internal” and “external” optimization. You can not devote time to only one – such promotion will not be effective.

Internal optimization

A set of actions aimed at internal optimization, includes improving the site, and thus contributes to the promotion to the top in search results. Includes the following work:

  • Collection of semantics and compilation of the core (selection of keywords to promote your site. Read more about this in the section chips ceo.
  • Elimination of technical errors in the code, dead pages, optimizing the loading speed of the site.
  • Optimizing images on the site, which helps to reduce the time it takes to load pages.
  • Improving usability (usability of the site). Most webmasters undeservedly overlooked this issue. Now it is not enough to collapse on the knee landing on the site, it is necessary to devote time to the convenience of the user and site design. Studies have shown that people are several times more likely to click on rounded buttons on the site, rather than angular. This fact has a positive effect on the conversions.
  • Improving the internal structure of the resource (a map of the site).
  • Linking pages with each other by cross-links (cross-linking).
  • Working through titles, description, titles h1-h6.


Give a little advice. Means graphic editor Photoshop you can optimize images for the website – publications. To do this, when saving images, select the item “Save for Web”. So you solve two problems:

  • The image is compressed in volume and does not weigh as much.
  • Changed the color scheme on the image that can adequately display the computer monitor (ie picked up as similar to your shades).

External optimization

If ten years ago, external optimization was only a link building, then today it is much more subtle and painstaking work. The ultimate goal remains the same – building link mass, but the methods have changed. And now methods are used that do not contradict the rules of search engines. These include:

  • Publishing content that is interesting to users, which they will share and build you a mass of links on the Internet.
  • Registration in various directories. It is necessary to choose not spammed thematic sites.
  • Placing in web 2.0 media. This term refers to a resource where users can publish their own content, most of which is created by them (Wikipedia, Ya.Zen,, YouTube and others).
  • Activity on forums and blogs.


Along with this you can analyze the promotion works of your competitors. We recommend doing it at least once a month.

Search engine SEO and its types

There are the following types of optimization methods – white, gray and black. Such a division is arbitrary, since the abuse of any of the white methods of optimization may be equated to black methods, which are punished by the search networks.

Since any such manipulations are prohibited “white” SEO and marketers are trying to listen to the recommendations of search engines to create a “correct and good sites. That way they do not break the rules.

White optimization

Provides work on the convenience of the site, its design, filling with quality content. This also includes promotion of the site through mentions in any reviews or press releases.

Another essential factor of white optimization is the availability of an adaptive mobile version of the site. This is due to an active increase in the percentage of searches using mobile devices.

These actions do not affect the search algorithms and are not detected by the average user. The average user sees only a convenient site, quality content. He does not feel rejection when visiting the site.

Gray Optimization.

This is adding in a certain way to the pages of the site exactly those keywords that your customers can search for. It does not look so natural, so the task of the SEO – copywriter is to write the most folded text, which will be interesting to the living reader. There are strict requirements for the percentage of keywords to the total amount of text.

Apply keywords in the title, meta description, h1, alt and others. This method, although it is undesirable for search engines, but penalties for these methods are so rare that they should not be feared. As long as you do not abuse it.

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What recommendations can be given to those who want to, or who already use this method?

  • Competently define your keywords and queries.  Make sure that they fit in the framework of low and medium-frequency (up to 10 000 per month).
  • Control the process of writing texts by your copywriter and watch the percentage of keywords, percentage of originality and academic nausea (we will talk about these and other terms later).
  • Don’t let your expert turn your text into “buttery oil.” Such texts are immediately detected by search engine robots. Inserted the phrase “ask a question, for the sake of the question” sounds very clumsy and immediately gives a signal to the search engine that something is not clear.

Black promotion

Completely illegal seo site and not only, which is severely penalized by search engines. This includes: creating a network of doorways (site optimized for a specific query to get to the top of extradition), a technique called cloaking – when a search robot shows one site, and a live user is completely different with the true content.

Particularly dangerous and destructive is the hacking of a popular site in order to put it a lot of links to the promoted resource. Another black method is the creation of sites – satellites. This is a large number of small sites that contain links to the promoted resource.

From theory to practice

It is time to talk about the practical part. In this section we will cover issues such as: who order a seo site, how to monitor the work, what tricks and tricks is stored in a search seo.

How to choose a performer

This question is often enough covered in our articles and will be covered until the right ideas about the market of services in the digital of our entrepreneurs will be formed. For such a job, you need a good specialist or a team.

There are two ways to go. The first is to hire a specialist in the staff. So think managers, managers who do not see the whole picture of the company and think only from the position “Well, if we employ a SEO specialist and he will work only on our project.

Let me get this straight:

  • In Moscow a SEO specialist on the staff has an average salary of 100 thousand rubles. In other cities it is less. But, then you have no guarantee that your specialist will not leave for Moscow or move to a remote job. This is the kind of position that allows you to work from anywhere.
  • Contributions to the pension fund, insurance fund and other. Add another 30% of your expenses.
  • Equipment, workspace, food, gym are all costs that are hard to calculate.
  • Spending on sick leave and vacations.

All of the above suggests that hiring a specialist in the staff only makes sense if you are a large company and can easily afford such costs.

For everyone else, we recommend paying attention to the following options.

Freelancers are great if your task is simple and easy to perform. Collecting queries that fit the frequency, writing texts using keywords – all this can be once or systematically delegated to your freelancer.

An option for those who need professional and comprehensive help is a marketing agency. Most marketing agencies provide a range of services seo promotion and their work comes out many times cheaper than hiring an in-house specialist. In Moscow, high-quality seo costs from 45-50 thousand rubles for a month of work. This is a small point of entry in comparison with the traditional tools of marketing.

We recommend that you take advantage of the last two options. The first if the tasks are small, and the second if you need a range of services.

Supervising Activities

Once you’ve decided on the scope of work and selected a contractor, then it’s important to make it clear that you intend to monitor the progress of the work. Ask for weekly or monthly reports on the work on your site seo and take time to analyze them.

If your report shows the optimization of a dozen titles, twenty pictures with prescribed violas and a couple of articles – congratulations! You’re being cheated! Take immediate action and read our recommendations for monitoring the work of seo – specialists.

  • Changing the positions of pages on your site for queries from your semantic core. The output in the top may not occur immediately, but the growth of positions should be noticeable.
  • The growth of the role of traffic from organic output.
  • Control the recruitment of link mass. It is better to have access to the Cabinet on the exchanger, where the purchased links. Log in to your account and verify that purchased links were present and were constant
  • Monitor the visibility of the site in search engines – the total number of queries for which it appears in the output (use Serpstat or Rush Analytics).
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You can request reports on these parameters from the freelancer who was commissioned to run the campaign. An adequate and responsible person will provide everything and you will have no questions. The provision of control data by the agency is included in your contract, which you will sign. And the agency specialists will tell you in simple words what the result means and what can be improved.

We promised to explain some of the terms. These basics will come in handy when monitoring your contractors’ performance. We recommended to keep an eye on the percentage of keywords, the percentage of originality and academic nonsense. All of these parameters relate to text work (as the most popular seo – service).  Now let’s elaborate on what these metrics are:

  • Percentage of keywords. It is important that the most frequently used words do not exceed the set value (maximum 4-5%). The parameter is determined by the formula: F = (Number of repeated words / total number of words in the text) * 100%.
  • Percentage of originality. Indicates how unique the text you get. The optimal value of originality – from 90% and above. This is an indicator of the quality work of the copywriter.
  • Academic nausea. Text nausea is the saturation of the text with keywords. According to the nausea of the text you can judge the naturalness of the text and its optimization for search queries. The optimal level is no higher than 9%. You can check these parameters on the website

Be sure to check the text for grammar, spelling and semantic errors. If you trust a specialist, it’s commendable, but a precaution is not superfluous. You can do this with the tools at

Tricks and tricks

Now is the time to tell you about the tricks of seo and getting to the top. These techniques are not known to everyone and not used by everyone, so you have the opportunity to take advantage of them with little competition:

  • Content islands. If you Yandex or Google do not manage to promote your site – do not despair! Promotion of the site is not the only way to get to the top of extradition. Try to promote your group in VK or YouTube channel. They are indexed as well as website pages and often reach the top, because search engines try to give out at least one – two links to social networks by key request. Just give people useful information, materials and quality products or services. And you will provide yourself not only high positions in search results, but also satisfied customers.
  • Domain renewal for 3 years. Such an action greatly increases the confidence of search engines to your site.
  • Mark your organization on the map. Why? Search engines are actively promoting their map services – it is stupid not to use it. Warning. The display of your card is influenced by users’ ratings. You can and should ask them to give a positive evaluation. Offer them a bonus.
  • Include the target request in the URL. Ideally, the site address should be your main target query.
  • Privacy Policy. Having such a section on your site indicates that you care about the rights of your visitors.

There are quite a few such tricks. Something can have a decisive impact and something can be ineffective. Keep an eye out for updates on promotion recommendations from search engines and order consultations from your experts.


SEO site promotion as a marketing tool has a place. Despite the postponement of its action, year after year it shows the effectiveness. The tool develops and becomes more and more useful to webmasters and businesses. The search engine and seo are related. As long as one lives, the other lives.

We think we’ve managed to tell you what seo is and do it in simple words. If you need seo, you know where to go. Bye-bye!

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