Services and programs for massliking and mass following in Tik-Tok

Massliking and mass following in Tik-Tok is an alternative to labor-intensive natural promotion and expensive advertising. It allows you to quickly and relatively safely increase the number of subscribers, likes and views. This will help you get into the “Recommendations” and make your Tik-Tok account even more popular.

In today’s article, you will find an overview of the 10 best programs and services for mass following / massliking in TikTok.

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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What is mass following / massliking in Tik-Tok and how it works

Massliking – automated process of putting likes on videos. Its task is to draw attention to the page and exit to “Recommendations”.

Massfollowing is a massive subscription to other people’s profiles to draw their attention to your account. For example, you subscribe to 300 people, of which 150 will study your page, and 70 will become subscribers.

Bulk subscriptions and likes can be handled manually and automatically. But doing it manually is long and inconvenient – this option has no advantages, except for saving money. For high-quality and fast massliking and mass following, it is better to use special online services and programs. They will be discussed further.

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Note that mass following / mass liking are gray methods of promotion. They must be used carefully. So, when adding a large number of likes, subscribers in a short period of time, social networks temporarily or permanently ban accounts, pessimize the pages in the feed. Although at the time of this writing, there are no such cases in Tik-Tok, we recommend using mass-liking and mass following carefully.

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The best programs and services for massliking and mass following in TikTok

Let’s consider a software with which you can set up and launch massliking and automatic subscription to users by hashtags and competitors.

TikTok Tool

A program for automating TikTok promotion.

TikTok Tool features:

  • Massafollowing – mass subscription for a given list of users.
  • Scrap the target audience for hashtags or competitors.
  • Massliking – on your behalf, the service puts likes on the posts of users, drawing their attention to your profile.
  • Unsubscribing from non-reciprocal subscriptions.


  • you can add an unlimited number of accounts without additional payments;
  • you can set up arbitrary breaks between actions;
  • detailing of all tasks, autosaving settings in projects;
  • possibility of multi-threaded audience collection;
  • filtering users on the fly

The cost licenses for a month – 1410 rubles. Register and download TikTok Tool >>>


tokker - service for automatic promotion in Tik-Tok

The site positions itself as the world’s first service for automatic promotion in Tik-Tok.

Tokker features:

  • Bulk Auto Subscription – Subscribing users for mutual subscription.
  • The audience can be selected by hashtags or competitors.
  • Mass autoliking – on your behalf, the service likes the posts of users, drawing their attention to your profile.
  • Liking comments – like users who match your parameters. They’ll see a notification, go to your profile, and get more views and new subscribers.
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  • automatic actions in a couple of clicks – quick and easy;
  • target audience selection by competitors (other profiles) and hashtags;
  • filtering users by avatar, activity, number of publications and subscribers;
  • the ability to manage the service from a mobile device.

Price monthly use of Tokker – 990 rubles. Try Tokker for 3 days for free >>>


The service is focused on the automatic promotion of the Tik-Tok account using mass-liking and mass-following. It will help you get more likes, followers and views without bots and markups. A live audience will interact with your page, which is interested in your publications. Thanks to a unique algorithm, TikTokHelper auto-selects and filters users who are most likely to show mutual activity.


  • wide functionality (mass-liking by comments and publications, mass-following, automatic unsubscriptions);
  • profile statistics in the form of growth in views, likes, comments, subscribers;
  • rating of bloggers in Tik-Tok for searching and auditing bloggers;
  • low cost of use, 30% discount for a one-time payment for several months;


test period – only a week.

The cost – 590 rubles per month.


The service allows you to automatically put likes, leave comments based on ready-made templates and automatically subscribe to target audience profiles. For promotion, you can use hashtags, donor accounts, geolocation and user lists.

The following people filters are provided:

  • according to the age;
  • by gender;
  • by the number of subscribers;
  • by the number of subscriptions.

It is possible to set daily and hourly limits, skip private pages and 10% random accounts.


the presence of massliking, mass following, mass commenting and auto-unsubscribing;
full automation;
more than 50 settings and filters for promotion;
account statistics.

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  • short trial period (3 days) for 50 rubles.

The cost using the service – 799 rubles per month for one account.

The list of services will continue to grow …

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How to set up and start mass following / massliking in Tik-Tok

The action plan is as follows.

  1. Gather your audience by setting the filters you need. This will eliminate non-targeted users, bots, and commercial pages.
  2. Choose a service from our selection.
  3. Add a task (for example, mass following or mass liking) with appropriate settings.
  4. Track the result using the internal statistics of the selected service.

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