Setting up advertising in myTarget: method

Advertising on popular social networks and Runet resources can become even more accurate and profitable. What tools are needed for this, and how to set up ads in myTarget with their help, read the article.

How to launch cost-effective targeted advertising

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Advertising in myTarget is the coverage of such sites as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Moi Mir, Yula, and other projects of Mail.Ru Group. And also dozens of formats and targeting to find and “hook” your audience, wherever it is.

Free automation service allows you to make advertising more accurate and profitable. By running ads through it, you can:

  • to find communities with their target audience In contact with
  • to create audience segment from subscribers of the desired groups
  • save your advertising budget thanks to the affiliate program

To figure out how to do this, let’s go through the process of setting up a new campaign step by step. This simple instruction is useful for all advertisers – especially those who have not worked with the myTarget and platforms before.

Account connection

If you don’t have a myTarget account yet, create one link

Registration in myTarget

You can use the traditional method via email / phone number – or take the data of one of the social networks that you have already entered. When the account is created, register with on the same principle.

Registration in

After logging in, you will find yourself on the master account page, where all users under your control will be displayed. Here you can also see the data on the received remuneration for the affiliate program.

If you are running ads in myTarget for yourself, just click “Go” next to User # 1.

Master account “Go”

Click on “Create Account”.

Account management system

Select myTarget as your ad system and give your account a name. Click “Create Account”.

Create an account

You will again find yourself on the previous page, where next to the new account you need to click the link “Get access”.

Get access

In the window that opens, enter the login from the myTarget account and click “Send”.

Send a request to add an account to the manager

Done! You have linked your account to your myTarget account. Now you can run ads in myTarget and take advantage of – professional tools for setting up and managing ads and a profitable affiliate program.

Account linking

Let’s continue setting up advertising in the myTarget account.

Campaign creation

In myTarget you will see a list of clients consisting of one line – the account we just created.

Client list in myTarget

Open it and select “Create an ad campaign” from the prompts that appear.

Create an ad campaign in myTarget

Advertising in myTarget starts with targeting. You can choose from 7 options aimed at targeted actions, or one of 5 aimed at reaching an audience. For example, let’s take the Traffic goal that brings users to the site.

Choose an ad campaign target

At the bottom of the screen, a field will appear in which you need to enter a link to the site being promoted.

Site link input line

For other purposes, you will need a different type of link. For example, App Engagement would require a deep link to the app, and Social Media Actions would require a post or community URL. You can find out the correct format of the link by hovering over the question mark next to the target or input field.

If the link is entered correctly, the campaign settings will appear on the screen. Give it a meaningful name, and then include the gender and age of your target audience.

Demographic targeting

Click on “Detailed Audience Settings” to jump to the highlights.

Detailed audience setting

Here you can set such user parameters for launching ads in myTarget as:

  • behavioral and social characteristics: work, income, habits, family composition, etc.
Behavioral and social characteristics
  • birthday next week
Setting up birthday targeting
  • interests: everything that people have been interested in for the last 3 months, from business and finance to music and cooking
Setting up interest targeting
  • long-term interests: the same, only for a period of 3-12 months
  • location: points with a radius of 1 km
Local targeting
  • weather: precipitation, wind strength, temperature, pressure
Weather Targeting

If age restrictions apply to advertising your product in myTarget, they must also be specified in this block of settings. Finally, here you can connect audience segments created in

Advanced setting segments

Setting up audience segments

Targeted ads in myTarget can be shown not only to users who meet certain parameters. It can be shown to specific users in person. To do this, they should be combined into a list with a size of 2,000 or more and loaded into myTarget.

It is difficult to create such lists manually, and special services – audience parsers – help to automate this process. They collect the id of users of social networks, focusing on the specified conditions. Their capabilities go far beyond the targeting settings of ad platforms.

Simple yet powerful parsers VKontakte is in the system. You can find them in the top toolbar.

VKontakte parsers in the interface menu

It is convenient to use them sequentially: first, a community parser to find publics with the desired audience, and then a user parser, which will compose a ready-made list of their members.

Open up parser for VKontakte communities and enter the link to the group that your target audience belongs to.

Parser for VKontakte communities

This can be a group of your company, a competing brand, or a similar public. After analyzing the content, the tool will find communities with an audience of similar interests. To refine your search, add a list of keywords and negative keywords that will be used in your search.

You can limit the number of subscribers in the selected groups, as well as the number of their intersections with the original audience.

Parser setup

Click “Match Groups” – a new task will appear in the list at the bottom of the screen. After a while, it will be completed, and you can view the resulting list of communities online or download in TXT and XLSX format. Upload it to XLSX to continue working on launching ads in myTarget.

Parser communities – task completed

Open the user parser and load the saved XLSX file into it. Specify communities whose members do not need to be added to the list – for example, your company group.

Parser for users

You can also specify other criteria for selecting subscribers – activity in likes and comments for a given period and the number of entries in the selected communities.

User parser – further settings

By clicking “Start Selection”, you will also see a new task in the list. After its completion, the list of users can be downloaded in the same formats. Now you need TXT.

User parser – task completed

Let’s open myTarget again to import the resulting segment. In the “Segments” section of the additional audience settings, follow the link.

Segments block of additional settings

In the left menu select “User lists”, on the right – “List of user ids – Vkontakte” and load the saved TXT file.

Loading a list into myTarget

Go to the “List of segments” on the left and click on the second link.

List of segments – click on the second link

Click Add Audience Segments.

Add audience segments

Find the created list, mark it with a tick, and click “Add segment”.

Find the downloaded list, check the box

For a summary segment, you can add or cross multiple user lists. If this is not necessary, just click “Create Segment”.

The segment will now appear in the campaign settings, where you can select it for targeting.

The segment appeared in the settings

Further customization of the campaign

After setting up your audience, set up your display schedule. In order not to “waste” your advertising budget in myTarget, do not spin it around the clock. It is recommended that you limit your ads to hours of activity for your audience or to call center hours if you are targeting calls. In this block, you can also set the date for the start and end of the campaign.

Campaign schedule and hours

Next, you need to choose a bidding strategy. Specify whether you want to pay for clicks or impressions and choose one of three strategies: maximum clicks / impressions, flat rate, or minimum expense.

Price and audience coverage

Depending on the selected ad target in myTarget, you can assign other optimization objects – for example, video views or app installs. Among the payment models are also available CPI (payment for installations), CPA (payment for the event) and oCPM (payment for impressions optimized for app installs). Read more about myTarget betting strategies link

Below you will find the settings for limiting and distributing the budget. Here you can set daily and total limits, as well as choose a strategy for spending funds. With fast distribution, you will get maximum impressions in a minimum of time, with uniform distribution – the optimal frequency, stretched over the entire period of advertising.

Limiting and allocating the budget

Finally, specify the areas for displaying ads in myTarget – mobile or desktop. Here you can also select the type and manufacturer of your mobile device, as well as your cellular provider.


The general campaign setup is complete, let’s proceed to creating the first ad.

Create ad

You can read more about all available ad formats in myTarget in Help… The following are currently available to us:

Ad formats

For example, let’s take a multi-format ad that can appear on all Mail.Ru Group sites. Upload a promotional image customized according to requirements platforms.

Load creatives from disk

Enter your ad title and text, and select a call to action button.

Title and other ad settings

Below you can upload images in other formats and add legal information if necessary. On the right side of the screen there is a preview area, in the bottom – the CPC setting with the coverage forecast.

When the ad is ready, click “Add Ad”. After creating the required number of ads, click “Create Campaign”.

Create a campaign


After creating creatives and setting all parameters, you need to wait until ads are moderated. You can find out about this in the “Status” column on their page.


Balance replenishment will also become available only after moderation.

Balance replenishment

As soon as the creatives are approved and the funds are credited to the account, ads in myTarget will start automatically. You can pause it with a switch:

Campaign started – switch


So, you’ve just created an advertisement in myTarget using detailed audience segments and joined the affiliate program, which will significantly save your advertising budget. Read more about the conditions of the program in FAQ

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