Setting up and designing a Facebook group

Today Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. Here you can create your own group, which can be used for various purposes. This can be: communication, advertising, sales, etc. But what to do after creation, how to properly set up and design a group on Facebook? This article will be devoted to this – we will consider all the points in detail.

And if you don’t have your own group yet, then our article “How to create a Facebook group”Will help to do this.

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Setting up and designing a group on Facebook

Before we go through each step of setting up and styling a group step by step, let’s consider the need for such gestures. Why is it still necessary to correctly configure and interestingly arrange the group? In reality, everything is determined by the goal. As a rule, these can be different types of activities, organizations, after all, these are different goals. But regardless of what it is created for, you need to approach the design with all responsibility. The success of further promotion largely depends on the design. People should want to visit your group, and not only the correct promotion, but also the design can help with this.

You should also pay attention to the settings – they determine the course of the group’s development and the available functionality for the members. To do this, you initially need to clearly understand what you want to see from the group.

Setting up

Competent settings begin at the stage of creation… For example, the initial choice of the type of group determines its characteristics, development goals and the ability of people to be in it. There are three types of groups:

  • Secret. They are invisible to the search engine, and you can become a member only by receiving an invitation.
  • Closed. Visible in the search, but you can join by submitting an application that will be approved by the administrator.
  • Open. Anyone can join this type of group.

The chosen type depends on what goals you are pursuing. Having decided on them, you can proceed to creating a group, while choosing the level of its privacy. Of course, this will determine in the future its ability to be an island for “friends” or accessibility for everyone.

Next – setting up publications… Here you can highlight such features as: accessibility for everyone, publication only by the group administrator, approval of publications by the group moderator. But you can change them at any time in the settings menu.

Setting up publications in the FB group

Also possible group membership setting new members. In this case, you can choose to automatically approve users who want to join on their own or have been invited by someone who has already joined, or leave the administrator the right to approve candidates to join the group.

setting up new members to join the group

It is possible to add a site address to go to it from the group page or mail as an additional contact.

A powerful tool in promoting a page is linking it to a business page. To do this, you initially need create a business page on Facebook – one that will be entirely devoted to a certain business activity (and, possibly, several). Personal pages are not suitable for this. In this case, it is better to create a new one, aimed specifically at a specific area. Next, attach the selected group from the business page through the settings of the latter.

Linking a group to a business page

Often, large groups with a large number of members, active activity and broad functionality are managed by several administrators at once. To do this, the creator of the group can assign someone from the members to this role by selecting them from the list in the menu section Page roles… It is also worth noting that, in addition to the administrative staff, you can select moderators and other “positions”. You can do it all in the same section.

Assigning group administrators

We have covered the main points of setting up the created group. After that, you can proceed to cosmetic procedures.


Having decided on the type of group, its settings and further development strategy, you should arrange it according to the chosen topic. Visualization plays an important role because it influences the desire to be a member of the group, to be interested in its content and actively participate (if possible) in her life.

At the initial stage, you will be asked to choose group icon… It is desirable that it correspond to its thematic focus, and not be chosen at random. Such disagreements can cause confusion in the eyes of the participants.

Choosing the Facebook group icon

As they say, they are greeted by clothes. The cover of the band is just such clothes. As a cover, you can choose a photo and video that will be played on its background. This can be done using the standard Facebook settings:

Group cover in FB

So, using specialized services. For example, it could be Canva, which can be used after registering a profile on Facebook or Google. In the Social Graphics section, you can select Facebook Backgrounds, which will allow you to customize your cover image as you want:

Cover creation

In details: How to make a beautiful Facebook cover

Do not forget about the description by which users can understand why the group was created and what it does. It can be written immediately when creating a group, or you can change (or write) after – in the settings. An important point when writing it is the absence of “water” in this information. Try to be concise, competent and as informative as possible create description

Group description

In order for your group not to get lost on the endless expanses of the Internet, you should attach to it tags (maximum five). This will help the search engine to determine its focus and issue it when the user searches for it. For example, this is what the search gives when you enter the query “social media”:

Facebook group tags

It is the presence of well-chosen tags that will allow the Facebook user to find your group.

Also you can choose geotag… This will be especially useful if the group really has a certain attachment to an address or city (various shops, organizations, associations, etc.).

Group geotag

As an additional feature, it is possible to change the background color of the group cover. This requires:

  • open a group;
  • in the “More” tab, select “Edit group settings”;
  • in the “Color” section find “Choose a color”;
  • choose the background color of interest;
  • click the “Apply” button.

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So, we covered the main points of creating, setting up and designing a group on Facebook. This will allow novice administrators to get the necessary answers to their questions and achieve the desired result.

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