Setting up myTarget ads: step by step instructions

myTarget is an advertising platform. With its help, you will be able to launch targeted and contextual advertising on Mail.Ru Group sites – on the social networks Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and [email protected], in services and mobile applications. Advertising in myTarget will fulfill any task – it will increase the demand for goods and services, attract traffic to the site, and increase the number of downloads of mobile applications. Both advertisers and site owners who want to monetize their resources or mobile applications can register with the service.

MyTarget has several advantages. Among them:

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  • No blocks. The limits work as if you were doing it all manually.
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  1. Saving time. You do not have to launch advertising campaigns in several services, constantly switch between windows, compare reports on active advertising campaigns for a long time – all this can be done in one tab.
  2. Precise targeting. The myTarget platform allows you to accurately select audiences based on ten criteria. You can easily launch an ad by setting up the display for women between the ages of 18 and 24 who live in Samara, have given birth to several children, smoke and are not going to quit the addiction.
  3. Variety of formats. In myTarget, you can run banner ads or teaser ads, create multi-format ads, show users a video ad, and more.
  4. Convenient interface. It will take you no more than an hour to learn the platform tools. All sections in the interface are provided with tips.
  5. Detailed statistics. You can track statistics on the RK in your personal account or upload it as a file.
  6. Protection against clicks and bots. You don’t have to spend your budget on competitors and bots. Only serve ads to your target audience.
  7. Flexible pricing for advertising. Set the optimal bid so that your ad is as effective as possible within one budget.

These are just some of the benefits of the myTarget platform.

With this tutorial, you will learn how to set up ads in myTarget. Take some time to learn the tools, and the platform will become an effective tool for generating leads.

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How to set up advertising in May Target

To start advertising in myTarget, register in the system. Go to the platform website and create a personal account.

Personal account registration

Click on the “Get Started” button to register in the myTarget system, or click on the “Login” link in the upper right corner of the interface. For quick registration in the system, use one of the accounts in social networks – FB, OK, VK or Twitter, – mail in the system or a Google+ account. You can also go through standard registration using email or phone number.

Indicate in the form the country, interface language, account type – advertiser, partner, agency or DMP platform, – interface currency, your legal status. Confirm the terms of agreement with the offer and indicate which notifications you want to receive by mail or private messages.

How to create a personal account in Maytarget

When all the form fields are filled in, click on the “Complete registration” button and familiarize yourself with the tools in your personal account.

Creation of an advertising campaign

To create your first advertising campaign in myTarget, go to the “Campaigns” section and click on the “Create a campaign” link.

Creation of mytarget advertising campaign

The service will offer you to choose the goal of the ad – conversion or recognition. Choose from seven conversion goals if you want to increase the number of sales or app downloads, increase user engagement on social media, or invite leads to offline points of sale.

Purpose of advertising

If you need to increase brand awareness – drive traffic to your website, increase the number of video or article views, advertise your brand with audio ads – select your goal from the right column.

After selecting the target, enter the website address or a link to the application in the Play Store or App Store, give the name of the new advertising campaign.

the name of the new ad campaign

Move on to setting up targeting and audiences.

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Setting up targeting and audiences

Below the field with the name of the campaign, you will see a section with targeting settings. Specify who you want to show your ad to – gender, age, and location of potential customers or users.

Setting up targeting and audiences

Targeted advertising in myTarget can be shown both in Russia and in the CIS countries, around the world.

If you need more precise targeting, click on “Detailed audience settings” and configure the desired settings.

Setting up an audience in May target

In the detailed targeting settings, you can specify the behavioral and social characteristics of users, their short-term and long-term interests, age restrictions for displaying ads, and even the weather in the region.

User characteristics

You don’t have to click on any buttons in the interface to save your targeting settings. The system will remember the targeting conditions automatically.

Ad run time

Specify in the settings when you want to show ads to users. Set up a round-the-clock display if your product or service is available for order 24/7. Choose to show on weekdays or weekends, during business hours, if you want to attract users who are active during this time.

Check the box next to “Respect local time” if you plan to show promo materials to residents from regions with different time zones.

Mytarget ad run time

In the Campaign Hours section, specify the duration of the promotion. Select the date to start and pause the campaign from the calendar.

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Price and coverage

Scroll through the settings page below and find the “Price and audience coverage” section.

Price and coverage

Specify your payment model and strategy type so that the system can automatically optimize your campaign. In myTarget you can choose CPM and CPC model – payment per 1000 impressions or per 1 click, respectively.

Price per click in May target

Choose a display strategy. To get the most clicks or impressions within a single budget, choose the “Max Clicks / Impressions” strategy. If you want to keep the CPC at the optimal level, then choose the “Fixed Rate” strategy. To optimize CPC or impressions without increasing reach, select “Lowest Cost”. The system will automatically raise or lower the rate depending on the competitive environment.

Pay for impressions or for clicks

If you want to spend a certain amount on displaying ads, enter the value in the “Budget limit” section. Set a daily and general budget for an advertising campaign, its distribution throughout the day – even or fast.

Advertising budget in May target

After that, proceed to the selection of sites on which your ad will be displayed.

Selection of advertising sites

You can only serve ads on mobile devices, only on desktops, or both. Check the boxes next to the corresponding items in the Sites section.

Selection of advertising sites mytarget

There are additional settings for displaying ads on mobile devices. You can choose the type of devices – phones or tablets, – brand and Internet access channel.

type of devices - phones or tablets

Move on to the choice of formats when you figure out the settings for advertising platforms.

Choice of formats

Depending on the selected goals and type of payment, the system will offer a list of available ad formats.

Choosing mytarget formats

When you hover over the ad format, myTarget will show the template for the promo material and a list of sites where the ad will be placed.

Where may target ads appear

If you have configured inappropriate settings, “Not available” appears next to the ad format.

Click on the required format and find out what needs to be fixed to make it available.

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Create ads

Let’s consider the process of creating ads using a teaser as an example. Load the image into the system by clicking on the “Load from disk …” button.

Generating mytarget declarations

The downloaded image will be displayed in the list. Drag and drop it into the ad template by holding the left mouse button.

If the image does not fit the size of the teaser image, the system will offer to select the visible area. Save your settings.

Mytarget teaser

Add a title and ad text, a link to the advertised site.

title and ad text

Click on the “Add ad” button to add it to your campaign. If you need to create several similar ads, click on the icons in the lower right corner of the form.

If you click on the first icon, the system will copy the entire form. You can change the elements of the ad in order to further understand which of the promotional materials evokes the best response from the target audience.

If you click on the second icon, the system will create another empty ad template.

Setting the rate

The system will show you how much this or that advertisement will cost you, what coverage it will have. Both indicators – rate and coverage – are displayed on the indicator at the bottom of the screen and are duplicated on the left side of the interface. A very handy tool for those who are interested in spending the advertising budget and not going beyond it.

Setting up mytarget bet

If you’re ready to increase your ad spend to reach a larger audience, click the button next to the bid indicator.

Setting up mytarget coverage

Set your optimal bid and see how your coverage changes.

Price per click in May target

To save the changes, click on the “Save bet” button.

Checklist (instead of conclusion)

To run ads in myTarget, you need:

  1. Create a new ad campaign.
  2. Set the AC settings.
  3. Upload images and create creatives.
  4. Wait for creatives to be moderated.
  5. Top up your personal account.
  6. Launch an advertising campaign.
  7. Assess the effectiveness of an ad using built-in statistics tools.

Please note that you cannot fund your account before ad moderation. Learn about creative content requirements in advance at this page Help. If your ads do not meet the platform’s requirements, the administration will reject them or advise you to make changes.

myTarget is a universal platform for advertisers and those who want to monetize their resource. Master the platform’s tools and measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

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