SMM trends 2020. How to promote your business on social networks in the New Year

On social media, trends change very quickly. Largely thanks to the developers introducing all the new features. For example, there were no stories on Instagram until 2016, but now it is one of the most powerful promotion tools. You need to constantly monitor trends, adopt new chips and keep up with competitors.

In this article, we will break down the main SMM trends of 2020. Some have been working for more than a year, others are only gaining popularity.

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SMM trends in 2020

1. AR, VR, 360 ° video, 3D photo

Augmented and virtual reality technology was first used in games and movies. Now she has appeared on social networks. A striking example is masks on Instagram. Companies have already adopted this tool and are actively using it in their advertising.

Pancake mask from Teremok restaurant chain:

ar and vr to smm in 2020

Brand masks are available only to its subscribers.

360 ° video Are panoramic videos. You can rent your office or warehouse with goods and conduct a virtual tour.

360 ° video

3D photo – a new Facebook technology that allows you to create three-dimensional photos.

3D photo

While these technologies are used by large companies. But, perhaps, over time, they will become more affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

How to use for promotion: Create content using new technologies. Design your own masks for Instagram, upload panoramic videos and 3D photos to Facebook.

2. Interactive content

Users love interactive content for its novelty and originality. An example of such content is polls, tests and sliders on Instagram stories, an opinion sticker on VK. This format is expected to continue its popularity in 2020.

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How to use for promotion: add interactivity to posts and stories to keep the attention of subscribers on your account.

Social media content in 2020

3. Development of the Tik Tok application

TikTok is a social network with Chinese roots where you can upload short music videos, exchange messages and broadcast live. It’s like Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, but in the same app.

In Russia, TikTok is only gaining popularity, and many bloggers are already moving there. And behind them are brands. While there are few ways to monetize and promote, the social network is actively developing. There will be new services and methods for promoting an account on TikTok. Most likely, they will be similar to promotion on Instagram – a set of subscribers, mass following and massliking.

How to use for promotion: create an account on TikTok, create content separately for this social network.

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4. Development of sales in social networks

The developers have listened to the desire of users to make purchases on social networks without going to external sites. This is how product cards appeared on Instagram and Facebook, the VKontakte online store, and shopping tags. In VK, it has long been possible to pay for goods in several ways: from a card, mobile balance, from an electronic wallet, through a terminal or Sberbank. Facebook is not far behind and has already launched its payment service Facebook Pay. While it is being tested in the United States. You cannot make purchases on Instagram yet – you still need to go to the store’s website to order. But the emergence of new features suggests that the platform is interested in the development of e-commerce. The trend will continue in 2020, with new sales features likely to appear on social media.

How to use for promotion: Follow new features and create mini-copies of your stores on social media.

5. Development of social media ecosystems

Social networks are actively fighting for user retention, so their development will be even larger. There will be many new interesting features. For instance:

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  • Brands on Instagram will be able to add a CTA button that allows them to send notifications when a new product is released. So far, this feature is being tested in the United States and is available to only a few companies.
  • It will be possible to communicate via direct in the web version of the application.
  • Most likely, Instagram will repeat some of TikTok’s functions, as it once copied a story from Snapchat.

In contact with

  • Dislikes and thematic feeds in recommendations will appear on the VK social network. The feed will be formed based on the assessments of “experts” from among the active users of the social network.
  • There will be even more VK Mini Apps. You can already order a taxi, food or tickets without leaving the mobile version of VK. In 2020, the number of mini services will increase.


  • Facebook will launch its own cryptocurrency Libra.
  • There will be more options for managing your Instagram page from a Facebook business page.
  • The design will change in the desktop version from blue and white to plain white. It is currently available in the US. You can also switch to the dark version of the design.
  • The “Groups” will be completely changed from appearance to functionality.

How to use for promotion: monitor the release of new features and use in your accounts.

6. Fighting social networks with fake accounts and bots

Social networks fight bots, cheats and fake accounts every year. And, I must admit, their algorithms are becoming more and more perfect. For example, the use of third-party applications for boosting likes and subscribers is already easily tracked. Some accounts are deleted even before someone complains about them.

What methods are already available to combat cheating:

  • Tracking fake likes and subscriptions from fake accounts. Now such likes simply disappear, and the account is warned and asked to change the password.
  • Instagram and VK have made it easier to verify your account and receive blue checkmarks – there will be more verified accounts and fewer fakes. You will have to confirm the authenticity of your VK account every year.
  • Facebook, if it suspects that the profile is not real, asks to guess friends from the photo. If your friends have a lot of bots, you won’t be able to guess.
    VKontakte no longer allows changing first and last names to pseudonyms. It is necessary to indicate real data in Russian.
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2020 will not be an exception in terms of fighting fake accounts. To avoid financial and reputation losses, it is better to give up all kinds of dishonest promotion right now.

You can also forget about the race for likes – Facebook is already actively testing the function of disabling them in FB and Instagram. If a decision is made, only the account owner can see the number of likes. This is done in order to combat unhealthy competition and to protect user self-esteem.

How to use for promotion: forget about all the cheats. Focus on creating quality content and analyzing user engagement.

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What will SMM promotion on social networks be like in 2020

In 2020, companies will move away from aggressive, intrusive ads. It loses its effectiveness every year. Now it is much more important to gain the trust of a potential client, to establish contact with him. And show in an unobtrusive way that it is your product or service that can solve his problem. Also, you should completely abandon markups – the quality of the content, its benefits and attractiveness, and not the number of likes and subscribers, come first. Fakes will be banned even harder.

Another trend is the development of technology. Neural networks will become more perfect, more and more companies will use virtual and augmented reality to promote their brand. Social networks will focus on the development of their own ecosystems – more useful functions will appear. It is also possible that in 2020 it will be possible to create full-fledged stores not only on Odnoklassniki and VKontakte, but also on other social networks.

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