SMM trends in 2017

The end of the year is not only the time when it is necessary to take stock, but also to think about what SMM tools in the coming year will be of decisive importance. So, today we are talking about SMM trends in 2017.

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1. Hyper targeting

While one can only dream about the era of embedding the retargeting pixel in the dreams of target audiences, we need to talk about hyper targeting. The more accurately in 2017 you can target a specific audience, the higher your indicators will be.

The number of companies that advertise on social networks is growing every year. As a result, the cost of this advertisement increases due to the open auction. The system itself is becoming more and more complicated and at the same time gives more opportunities and scope for action.

What to do about it? For instance, VKontakte – parse target audience by ID and show ads to these users. Now, if you go in and set up VKontakte targeting simply by setting the city, age and gender, then most likely you should expect only a drained budget.

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2. Video

Instagram allows its users to record videos and post them immediately in the form of short stories. In Periscope, you can broadcast broadcast literally to the whole world. Facebook is also not far behind and people can stream to their subscribers in real time using Facebook Live. Social networks are changing and it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with all the new products, but they also need to be implemented.

Working with video is by far one of the strongest and most powerful tools in SMM promotion next year, because thanks to the video, you do not need to read the text or view the infographics, you can turn it on to watch or even listen. In the wake of the fact that it is more and more difficult to capture the user’s attention – short videos are exactly the tool that solves this problem.

3. Chatbots

If the user found your page in social. networks, most likely he will not call, but write to direct or to community messages, in extreme cases he will leave a comment. And since social media continues to be popular, the flow of such messages could turn into a tsunami. Here, chat bots come to the rescue of a person, the purpose of which is to replace a living person at the first stages of communication with a client.

In the event that a client wants to clarify the price, whether the product he is interested in is in stock, to find out about the status of the parcel, chat bots can handle any standard question today. You no longer need to perform unnecessary actions, neither for you, nor for your client.

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4. Social payment systems. networks

Odnoklassniki and VKontakte have already implemented their own payment systems, and VKontakte has already managed to launch the function of adding goods for users, modestly glancing towards Avito.

Nobody bothers today, to take and upload all the products from your website to the VKontakte platform, which, by the way, promises to add the Buy button to the users’ products.

Plus, social media allows you to send money transfers to your friends directly from messages. And people are no longer afraid to link their cards to social. networks and more and more transactions are made there, because social. networks are always at hand.

5. Content

Promotion, sign up, buy, visit the site and other words that are very often used in posts are ignored by the user’s perception and no longer work like “High quality at low prices.” Therefore, it is enough to add such posts every day. If you are posting a selling post, specify the specifics – the price, what the client will receive and how long it will take.

After all, after Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte were introduced one by one showing posts based on user interests, it became more difficult to get into the user’s feed. From now on, posts that get more likes go there, and here we smoothly move on to points 6 and 7.

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6. Native advertising

Native advertisingworks like nowhere better in social media. Ads are gaining popularity and displacing targeted advertising… One of the main advantages of this type of advertising is that it works in mobile applications as well. In addition, it embeds in the news feed, so the user is immersed in the publication as much as possible and does not always perceive it as an advertising one.

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Personal brand

7. Personal brand

Social networks are oversaturated with goods and offers, and the constant information bombardment from various brands is no longer as effective as the marketer Anya, who in her free time can help her subscribers understand marketing issues, and on weekends she posts photos from her next shopping or hiking trip.

We tend to trust people, not faceless pictures.

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