SMM trends in 2019

In the fight for the attention of users of VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook, all is fair. Want to beat the competition by increasing conversion and subscriber engagement in the new year? Then this article is for you. Today we are talking about SMM trends in 2019.

Through careful study of the latest innovations, we have compiled a selection of unconditional trends. Take them into account when drawing up a new strategy – and 2019 will be a successful year for your business!

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More Trends:

SMM Trends 2019

Take advantage of our tips and tailor them to suit your niche.

Cross-promotion on social media

Modern users prefer to create accounts on different sites. Because of this, a young but promising trend has emerged – cross-engagement. It implies the simultaneous launch of ads on all fronts to maximize audience reach. The main thing is to adapt the content for each social network. The key to success also lies in the correct segmentation of potential customers and quick communication with them. And for this it is better not to exclude any social network from the strategy, so as not to miss important feedback.

On the other hand, with a limited budget, it makes sense to concentrate efforts on the most effective channels, where your target audience is most often. After all, SMM is becoming more and more competitive every year, and your presence at all sites without active, thoughtful actions will not be enough.

Advice: Soberly assess your capabilities, investing most of your time and effort in social networks with maximum efficiency and high concentration of target audience. With minor differences, give preference to advertising on VKontakte and Instagram – now these are the main locomotives of social media development with 70 and 33 million users.

Example: The Russian branch of McDonalds is promoted on Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook.

Collections and longreads

Two years ago, marketers recommended that community and business administrators make laconic posts. Of course, the meaning of compressed information that can be read on the go has not been canceled. However, simplicity quickly becomes boring, so be sure to dilute short publications with longreads that are relevant to users. Content that is engaging and useful is good for engaging your audience. It is important that it is of high quality, without water.

Advice: The most convenient way to place longreads using the service “Articles” VKontakte… If an article has more than 100 words and has at least a hundred views, the author will have access to statistics. Be sure to monitor the reactions of readers and respond to their comments.

Example: The LEROY MERLIN online store regularly publishes longreads on social networks about the selection, use of the offered products and proper care for them.

Collections and longreads

Video bet

Short and long, image and entertainment videos can increase the number of brand fans, their engagement and sales.

Social networks are interested in promoting it: Facebook changed the search algorithm in favor of this particular format, Instagram added IGTV with the ability to load long rollers, and VKontakte – video ad builder in the advertising office.

Experiment with all types of videos, carefully monitoring the reactions of your followers:

  • Small videos with subtitles accessible even to people with disabilities and attractive to those who use mobile devices. This is a winning option for advertising and regular publications.
  • Long videos increase subscriber engagement, but only if they are well thought out and well done. The key to their success is a high semantic load.
  • Vertical Videos on Instagram Stories allow companies to present themselves in a new format. Disappearing posts are getting more attention because users are afraid of missing out on something important.
  • Streams and podcasts are becoming more and more popular every month. Live broadcasts are easy to implement, but require good public speaking skills and, preferably, charisma.

Advice: The video should be novel, useful, and create a positive image of the company.

Example: Check out the inspirational videos from Reebok that motivate people to live their lives and exercise actively.

Video in smm

Native advertising

The best ads in 2019 are those disguised as useful content. If you sell clothes, tell users about choosing the right style or size. If you are promoting a food brand, share the current recipes.

People are tired of aggressive ads, that’s why natural promotion works great now.


  1. Decide on a goal, your main business task.
  2. Explore the needs of the audience your material is targeting.
  3. Based on the results of the first and second paragraphs, choose the social network and the optimal content format.
  4. Create a post that is useful for users, taking into account the specifics of the site, so that it fits in organically and does not cause rejection.
  5. Analyze the effectiveness, work on the mistakes.

Example: NATASHA NAFFY often introduces its followers to new skin care products and decorative cosmetics. Explicitly hidden advertising.

Working with influencers

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Mailings of publics in VKontakte

Newsletters on behalf of communities operate on the principle of automated sending of letters by email, but sending is carried out through private messages. Surprisingly, the open rate in this case is 90%, which is one and a half times more efficient than using email. And some users even respond to such messages, which allows them to enter into an open dialogue with them. This is a great opportunity to break through the information noise to potential clients!

Advice: In the newsletters, you can announce new contests, promotions, articles and online events. They are also suitable for sending assignments to participants in training or training programs.

Example: The administrator of the Yulia Pervushina School of Design and Illustration group divided the mailings into six groups. This segmentation increases the concentration of usefulness for readers and increases the chances of their subscribing.

Mailings of publics in VKontakte

Interactive content

Another trend aimed at user interaction. Users love games and entertainment, and social media never ceases to add new opportunities for audience engagement.

Anyone who regularly uses Instagram or Facebook is probably fed up with quotes, pictures and standard videos. Offer content in which the visitor has an active role: quiz, puzzle, survey, and test. An interesting post is guaranteed a viral effect!

Advice: Combine interactivity with your brand. For example, if this is a test, then let the user know the perfect taste for the candy you make.

Example: SMMplanner on Instagram has a whole section of saved Stories with questions from users on the topic of social networks and answers from experts. This is a great way to demonstrate competence and build trust.

Interactive content

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Review your content plan taking into account the announced trends, not forgetting about the features of the product and the target audience. We wish you success in the new year!

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