Social media content: 30 hot ideas

Do you want to create your own community on Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram or even Telegram, but don’t know where to start? Think about filling first. Content on social networks today is practically depreciated – some copy from others, others take from sites, or set the task of writing content to people incompetent in this matter. Therefore, those who will make interesting, author’s content are simply doomed to success.

In addition, social networks are different from other information platforms. The main features are informal approach, the ability to combine several types of content in one publication and brevity. The simpler and brighter your posts are, the faster they will be noticed in the feed. Users browse the news very quickly, so every headline, every statement and every picture should immediately grab attention. This rule applies to all communities, regardless of subject matter. If you follow it, your project will be successful.

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30 social media content ideas for every day

Now let’s talk about the types of content. You need to decide on the direction right now, without scattering your attention to everything at once. To facilitate your task, we have made a selection of fiery ideas, conventionally dividing them into three categories. After reading it, you will get a feel for what you want to do at the moment.


1. Life hacks. People are constantly looking for guides on any issue. Provide them with the information they need. After all, you can certainly give a lot of advice based on your life experience.

2. Recipes. If you have a special culinary ability, why not share it with your readers? Most internet users cook every day. For them, a good public about food is just a godsend.

Good visualization enhances the effect

3. Makeup lessons. It seems that this niche will never be 100% occupied. No matter how many beauty bloggers appear, there will be subscribers and admirers for all. Therefore, if you paint well and understand the intricacies of cosmetics, do not hide your skills.

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4. Sports notes. There are many visitors to gyms and each of them wants to know how to exercise correctly, how to develop certain muscles, how to build a diet, etc. If you give sensible recommendations, sooner or later you will have an audience.

5. Articles about health and medical advice. We say right away: this is the way for people with education, who, moreover, know when to stop and do not make diagnoses on the Internet. Many doctors open communities on social networks on behalf of themselves or their clinic and gain tens of thousands of subscribers, because the topic of illness and physical well-being is always relevant.

6. Psychological assistance. Thousands of people suffer from low self-esteem, family problems, insomnia, depression, etc. They need concise and helpful materials about it. But keep in mind: the words of amateurs look unconvincing. You must be either a psychologist or someone with experience in receiving psychological help.

7. He and she. Many men and women fail in relationships. And, sadly, there is a lot of nonsense written on the Internet about this topic. Provide useful information in an intelligible form – thousands of readers will thank you.

8. Motivational posts. People need content that encourages development. Pictures, quotes, videos – it doesn’t matter. If you generate it in large quantities, you will gain hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

9. News. Many people refuse this venture, as news publics are a dime a dozen. But in vain. A good resource will be read. Especially if the author has an unusual presentation.

10. Product reviews. Marketing research shows that today’s consumer trusts honest reviews rather than advertisements. You can take advantage of this trend. Write a detailed opinion on purchases, take high-quality photos, shoot videos. Subscribers will find you themselves.

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Entertainment content

1. Quotes from great people. There are a lot of such communities and you are stepping on a clearly competitive path, but if you select well-aimed statements, make beautiful design and do not spare money on advertising, this will bring your public to the TOP.

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2. Stunning photos. Beautiful still lifes, city views, and animal photographs can be published separately or as an addition to other content.

3. Memes. They are made literally from everything and everything. They do not require much effort, but they go online instantly. Do friends and acquaintances celebrate your great sense of humor? Create humorous pictures and feel free to enter the annals of Internet folklore!

4. Images from films and serials. People are constantly looking for something to look at. If you love movies and know how to notice touching, funny and impressive moments, screen them. You can also add small reviews about what you watched.

5. Excerpts from books. Do you read a lot? Share your favorite passages. They will attract true bibliophiles, as well as those who like to show off their erudition in public.

6. Personal reflections. Thoughts on burning topics resonate in the hearts of readers. If you have something to say – say it.

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7. Musical selections. There are thousands of musical genres in the world. If you are well versed in at least a couple of dozen, you can already share a lot.

8. Polls. Practice shows that people are much more active in polls than they like. Show your subscribers that you are interested in their opinion, and at the same time attract attention. In addition, more recently polls can be done on Instagram

9. Provocation for a dispute. There are a number of topics that cause heated debate in Internet circles. You see that the activity of the public has dropped – do an offtopic about gender relations or politics. But it is desirable that it be somehow connected with the idea of ​​the community.

10. “Like it if …”. Paradoxically, this manipulation is still underway. Moreover, the topic can be anything – from height 155 to nostalgic love for Ivanushki International. The main thing is not to forget to add a suitable picture to the cherished line.

Educational content

1. Popular science articles. Modern young people are interested in science, especially when it is presented in an understandable way. If you can convey dry facts in a human way, you are guaranteed to have readers.

2. Learning the language. At first glance, this niche seems crammed to capacity, but in fact, a good public, even in English, will be useful. But in order for the number of your subscribers to exceed 50 thousand, you need to work well on the content. Make it unique and different.

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3. Blog about science. Don’t hide your knowledge of microbiology, matrix algebra, or ancient Chinese history in a nook. Share them with the people. And if you also present them in a humorous way, you will not have a price.

4. Translations of foreign articles. To practice your English, you can translate small texts and post them in your community. You probably have a favorite topic about which a sea of ​​rare English-language literature has been written.

5. Mini-library. Just trust me: it’s great to have a resource where you can download books on your specialty or Marquez’s novels.

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6. Recommendations for business. There are a lot of young startups sitting on social networks who like the air need knowledge of market intricacies. If you have experience, why not share it?

7. Notes about the profession. No matter what you do, there are many colleagues on social media who want to discuss their work and learn more about it. Feel free to be an expert. By helping others, you will develop yourself.

8. Video tutorials. Do you know how to do something with your own hands? Demonstrate it visually! Of course, video blogs are more about YouTube, but in parallel with the channel, you can also maintain a public VKontakte. Many YouTubers do this, and it brings them additional subscribers.

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9. Reviews of books and films. Good art criticism is immensely popular. Having your own unique style, as well as combining an entertaining and educational format, you will surely win an army of fans.

10. Fight against myths and pseudoscience. Now the defeat of untrue concepts and pseudo-scientists-freaks is gaining momentum. You can remember at least five large public pages of this kind. If something outrages you, talk about it. You have 100% supporters.

It doesn’t matter what topic you devote yourself to, the main thing to remember is that the key to success is high-quality content for social networks. If you create your own content and try hard on each post, success will not be long in coming.

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