Songs for Flex from Tik Tok in 2021


Almost all young people and teenagers know what flex is in Tik Tok. TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world. The principle of its operation attracted with its simplicity, uniqueness, colorfulness and modernity – you shoot, edit and publish videos. Due to the large number of viewers, it is easy to get into the top in terms of the number of views and likes. All this popularity is added and maintained by keeping up with trends. Flex is considered to be one of the novelties of several seasons. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then this review article will help you understand its basics.

What is flex?

Let’s start with understanding the terminology, because the name of this trend is not familiar to everyone. Translated from English, the term “flexible” means “flexible”. The term first appeared in America, where teenagers interpreted it a little differently – “to shine in public, to fake, to show off.” Having reached Russia, this phenomenon was slightly transformed. Modern teenagers and young people regard it as rhythmic movements and dances to cool music. There is no basic style here, so you can combine different directions, genres and approaches.

music for flex tik tok

How to flex correctly to music in Tik Tok

Half of your video’s success is the soundtrack. If you are doing something active and fun, then it is better to choose the thematic accompaniment. Then your clip will want to review, repost and like. Rules for selecting music for flex from Tik Tok:

  • use modern compositions from popular artists;
  • be guided by the content of the “Trending” tab, top charts and recommendations from the application;
  • focus on copyright – don’t plagiarize;
  • Create a clip so that it blends harmoniously with the beats and the movements hit the notes.
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In 2021 we offer you the following compositions:

  • Face – “My Kalashnikov”;best songs for flex tik tok
  • Artik and Asti – Girl, dance;
  • Gone.Fludd – “Ice Cube”;
  • Sievert – Yatl;
  • The Floss – “The Floss”;
  • Bahh Tee Feat. Hammali & Navai – Live Without Thinking About You;
  • LSP – “Coin”;
  • Artik and Asti – Feelings;
  • Pharaon – “Smart”;
  • Nastya Kamenskikh – Lollipop;
  • Big Baby Tape – “Gimme the Loot”;
  • Oleg Kenzov – On a high;
  • LIL MARS – “Bandana”;
  • Hudson – Let’s go by car;
  • VEZAR – “Cold from within”;
  • Mavl – Patamushka;
  • Lil Morty – “Chuckie’s Doll”;
  • Ryze – Coquette Girl;

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