Split, change order and speed – new tools in Reels Editor


Instagram unveiled new video editing tools in the app. The Reels editor will have features that will allow you to slice videos, change the order of the resulting parts, speed up and slow down videos, as well as replace them with other media.

Here’s a more detailed overview of the changes, and we’ll show you where the new features are and how to use them.

New Reels Editor Features

To enter the Reels Editor load a clip, go next and click “Edit Clip.

Split. Now you can add any video from your phone and split it into parts, for example to remove unwanted moments. Highlight the video, check the box where you want it, and click the “Split” button at the bottom.

Change the order. Once you’ve divided the video into parts, you can swap them out. Highlight the video and click the “Change Order” button.

Next, simply drag and drop the resulting episodes.

Swap. You can also add another clip or a picture from your phone instead of any segment of the video. To do this, highlight the part you want to replace and click the “Replace” button.

Speed. Another useful innovation, is to adjust the playback speed. Again, highlight the desired part of the video, click the “Speed” button and speed up or slow down the video.

These new features will be useful when you don’t need to make major changes to the video you shot. But they’re unlikely to be a full-fledged replacement for mobile editing apps like CapCut.

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