Square and vertical video ads appear on YouTube

YouTube launches vertical ads. You can use vertical video ads in TrueView and Universal App campaigns.

According to Google, more than 70% of users watch YouTube videos from mobile devices. To effectively engage these viewers, you need to show them an easy-to-view ad format – square or vertical.

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What will change

When the viewer sees the ad, the video player adjusts itself to its size. Vertical videos when shown can cover 75% of the screen, and when deployed – 100% of the screen, clarified in YouTube.

One of the first companies to test the format was Hyundai: vertical advertising helped the automaker increase brand awareness by 33% and sales by 12%.

YouTube vertical video ad formats

If you want your video ads to display optimally on different devices and for different users, we recommend using different videos for your ad campaigns:

  • Landscape 16: 9 for horizontal viewing.
  • 9:16 portrait or 1: 1 square for vertical viewing.
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Text on vertical video

YouTube automatically resizes videos, regardless of whether the video is square, vertical, or landscape.

Therefore, if you will be placing text on a video, do not place it in the top 10% and bottom 25% of the screen, as these areas are most often cropped.

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What the different YouTube video ad formats will look like

Vertical video

The image below shows how vertical video appears in different modes.

Vertical video

  • Left: How a video ad appears when an ad is displayed.
  • Center: Portion of a 9:16 vertical video cropped for the initial ad display.
  • Right: How vertical video appears when the viewer enters full screen mode.

Square video

The following illustration shows how square video is displayed in different modes.

Square video

  • Left: How a video ad appears when an ad is displayed.
  • Center: Cropping.
  • Right: How a square video appears when the user enters full screen mode.


For both square and vertical videos, when the user interacts with the YouTube app, such as scrolling content below the video, the video player can compress up to 16: 9. This will crop the displayed video at the bottom and top and allow the user to interact with the content.


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